Escort Quests after Death

Hello. This came up a couple of weeks ago while playing with the new set.

If someone dies while in possession of the object of an escort quest, what happens to the object? The suggestion I have, and that a few have agreed with, is if the object had to be searched for, the object is now against lost, and must again be found. However, if an object is one that you acquire by simply going to a site and picking it up (i.e. the caravan escort quest), the object remains in the space where the character/player died and could be picked up there by the next player to enter the space.

Any thoughts?

The Quest is discarded.

There is an optional rule that the token is placed in the space the hero was defeated in, and may be picked up by another player there for a movement point.


Thank you. Just out of curiosity, what do you think of the rule that differentiates between the two types of escort quests? I kinda wonder what your opinion would be.

Well, I think things are complicated enough without differentiating different types of escort Quests.

I have to agree with your interpretation that the object of an escort questions stays where the adventurer falls.

I'm not sure it would make too much more complicated to differentiate between different escort quests. The only difference that would matter between the two types would be how you obtained the object of the quest. If you went to a space and just obtained it there, then if the hero died, the quest card would remain to be picked up. If the object had to be found first, then either discard the quest at the death of the hero, or make the person have to find it again, using the original rules.

Now, if you really wanted to make it extra complicated, you could assign the object of the quest a certain amount of peril, and then have the option of playing monsters on them to kill them before anyone can rescue them. :wink:

Of course, then you'd have to assign them stats, and then, you could even give them treasure if they succeed, making their acquisition even more juicy!

Hmmm, maybe not. The little lost girl could end up winning the game if you took it too far.

Sorry. Humor. It's a disease.

Seems like a lot of room for house rules. Kick the game up a notch or ease it up a bit... your call.