Fabricus Diabolicus

Here is where I shall propose my Verditius. Before going into mechanics, I'd like to maybe propose the skills and classes he'd teach.

Enchanting in a laboratory
Finesse (with regards to Craft magic)
The effects of magic on a local economy
Getting the best value for your magical wares
Basic Lab and Sanctum construction

His motivations tie to a vanity that at times he's a bit ashamed of. He wants to become an Arch Magus. He feels that not enough of his House has claimed that mantle and often feels that his House is too enamored with getting acclaim as well as bragging rights of their own, and neglect the role and status of the Order at large. Teaching in the school he feels would contribute to the great service he'd require to later make a claim for being an Acrh Magus.

More to come.

Dear Fabrica,

I write again, though apparently it is folly at this point. Folly for me to try and dissuade you from the folly you are about to engage in. But one last time. Fabrica, do not go to this...school, this ministry, acedemy, whatever you care to call it. Do not water down the Art like so much artisan work and sewing women. For that is what this school will become; a place where the arts come without strife, without sacrifice and without Mystery. The greatest works of the Founders, disseminated to a classroom. Ludicrous! As if such greatness could be distributed as one would a lecture or sermon. Such magesty does not easily go through a sieve and you should know this! I know you have promised to keep safe our Mysteries, and I doubt there are any in the Order that could compel you. But this is not the work you should take up.

I know your reasons. You want this to be the great service to the Order to help boost your esteem and application to the rank of Arch Magus. We all posses vanity in our House Fabrica, but you drink from the pond of Narcissus too deeply I fear. Is it not enough that you are regarded as one of the most gifted craftsman of our House in an age? Is not two victories of the Contest enough? Is it not mete that your entire House loves, hates, fears and respects you in equal measure? You must have the Order do so as well?

I am your Pater, but not your keeper and the Primus in his wisdom has not sought to stop you. But, think of what this could mean for our House as well as the Order Fabrica. This is a creation not of your design and will quickly spiral from your grasp. Reign in your hubris before it destroys more than yourself. I don't need to wish you good fortune, for that is always been in abundance with you. My fear is not your failure, but that will succeed all too well.

Please listen to these poor words my filius and decline this position.

Ever yours, Nicoforus

Mr Dearest Pater,

It is not enough, it is not enough, and again, it is not enough.

Do you know what I heard after I won the contest the second time? A sneering Tytalus joked with a preening Bonisagi, that; 'I was the greatest tinker in a guild of tinkers.'. That is how the gifts of Verditius are perceived in the Order. If this were the Order of Verdi, it could be enough, but we are in the Order of Hermes, and are in danger of being demoted to a service group like the Redcaps. I do not look down my nose upon the loyal Redcaps, but I will not be looked over by other Houses. Will not!

I will not be the handsomest, smartest, most talented, hardest working slave in the slave's quarters. Not I. I will enter this school and I will let the greatness and pride of our Founder be seen, marvelled at, and envied. When the next generation of magi is received into the Order, they will know that it was Verditius and his House that established the foundation of enchanting and that with our crafts we can, we will, change the Order.

Do not write to me again Pater if it is to seek to put me back in the slave's quarters. I have grander ambitions. I am already of the greatest in our House, soon I will be known as one of the greatest in the Order. I will stride from the Halls of Verdi to dine at the table of the Arch Magi, and my works will be known throughout.


I see the following as part of Magic Theory, or Advanced Magic Theory, if you prefer: Enchanting a lab, lab and sanctum construction.
Philosophaie is one of those classes that Verditius will want, but the demand for this class will be on the low side (but not 0). Mercurians and anyone interested in casting a ritual will be interested. That being said, I do have an NPC who can teach a lot of these mundane skills.
The getting the best value for magical wares class is kind of a waste, isn't it, prices for items sold by House Verditius are controlled by the House, so you're teaching everyone else how to compete with your own House...
What ability does the class on effects of a magic on a local economy teach?
What Arts is he going to be able/interested in teaching?

With the whole economy thing, I'd see him struggling with going by the party line that the Order has imposed (1 item to a mundane per year, sold through an intermediary) and his years of experience as well as not wanting to compromise the Verdi. So likely it wouldn't be an actual course, maybe a lecture he has once or twice. Effectively that would be Code of Hermes then. The same would apply for the local economy and might be a class that the budding Seneschals of Covenants might want to attend. So for that perhaps either Artes Liberales or maybe Profession: Seneschal (along with Code of Hermes). It would not be beneath him to know how to handle the economics of a covenant and be willing to teach it.

For Arts, Vim would be a Form he'd want and any/all of the Techniques. He's a generalist for the most part, but those would be of interest primarily.

Touching more on the topic of teaching Magic Theory (and other Abilities), it's really unlikely that any character is going to get close to what the NPC can teach. The idea is that he's freeing up magi to teach things he couldn't possibly teach.

As a generalist, he'd probably be called on to fill in for a class if another teacher isn't available for some reason, at least during the first few years. Based on the hints of personality I'm seeing from her, she wouldn't object to this...

Fabrica Diabolica at Gauntlet

Age: 25
Size: 0
Confidence: 2/5
Decrepitude: -/-
Warping: -/-

Birth Name: Gunther Rudiger
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: German
Birth Place: Mains
Religion: Christian
Title: Magus
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 155
Hair: Blond (thinning)
Eyes: Blue
Handedness: Right

Int: +4
Per: +1
Str: +1
Sta: +1
Pre: +1
Comm: +1
Dex: +1
Quick: +1

Hermetic Magus
The Gift
Verditius Magic
Inventive Genius
Good Teacher
Improved Characteristics x2
Great Characteristic (Int)
Hermetic Prestige (Verditian Contest winner)
Free Expression

Twilight Prone
Driven (Become Archmagus)
Primogeniture Lineage

Artes Liberales 1 (Ritual Magic)
Awareness 3 (Crafting Flaws)
Charm 2 (Elder magi)
Craft: Stonemason 3 (Sculpting)
Craft: Blacksmith 3 (Weapons)
Craft: Jeweler 2 (Rings)
Latin 4 (Hermetic)
Magic Theory 3 (Inventing Items)
Parma Magica 1 (Corpus)
Speak German 5 (Directing others)

Personality Traits:
Brave +1
Short Tempered +1
Driven to become an Arch Magus +3

Cr 5 An 0 Ig 4
In 5 Aq 4 Im 4
Mu 5 Au 4 Me 0
Pe 5 Co 4 Te 4
Re 5 He 0 Vi 5

Piercing the Magic Curtain (as Faerie Veil, but for Magic) InVi 20 +11 Jeweler’s monocle
Wizard’s Ritual Communion MuVi 20 (Duration Sun) +11 Tuning fork
The Crystal Dart Mu(Re)Te 10 +11 An arrow head
Wizard’s Sidestep ReIm 10 +10 A small carved figure of Fabrica
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 10 +10 A signet ring
Bind Wound CrCo 10 +10 A small caduceus
Piercing the Faerie Veil InVi 20 +11 Jeweler’s monocle
Demon’s Eternal Oblivion PeVi 10 +11 A brass ring
Heat of the Searing Forge CrIg 10 +10 A firestarter of steel
Pit of the gaping Earth PeTe 15 +10 A gardener’s hand shovel
Rock of Viscid Clay MuTe 15 +10 A gardener’s hand shovel

Spell Casting Sigil: Fabrica appears to become more imposing and haughty
Voting Sigil: A jeweler’s hammer

Gunther was the son of an architect in Mains, as a young boy his Gift and prodigious intellect garnered the attention of Nicoforus, who risked the Tribunal’s ire by venturing into the Rhine Valley to get an apprentice. Gunther had learned some of his father’s trade as well as that of local craftsman due to his boundless energy and application, though unfocused. When Nicoforus took him to his Covenant, he excelled, but his pride was sorely tested by the attitudes that many magi or the apprentices showed him and his master. While his master was certainly a gifted member of Verditius, Gunther often saw and heard slights directed their way. He fought back with magical traps that earned his nickname of Fabrica Diabolica. When an Archmagus of House Tytalus visited the covenant, he was finally able to focus his studies and intellect. Their deference towards him and the stories he told entranced him. Initially his parens was happy that he was taking his studies more seriously, but when he found out his goal he became worried. The last thing a prideful House member needed was to strive for such a vaunted position. He tried to reign in some of his ambitions to keep him well grounded, but that only drove him further into his goal. Upon his gauntlet he re-dedicated himself to this goal, feeling he finally escaped the one holding him back. He does not resent Nicoforus, but feels that his ambitions are far too modest. Unbeknownst to Fabrica, Nicoforus feels much the way that Primus Stouritus does; humility must be cultivated into the House or else they could lead to ruin.

edited to include the xp from age 6-10 and also his background story

Some issues with this so far.

I wanted to take Hermetic Prestige, and I figure it'd be for the contest. The next contest is 1234, I figure he might be born in 1195, Gauntlet 1220, enters the contest at 1234 and wins, it'd be Journeyman I'd assume. That being the case, should he take Hermetic Prestige now? I went low on virtues because I didn't want to get a bunch of flaws.

The other problem is I couldn't really take any xp for Crafts or Philosophaie. I don't necessarily want to take an xp virtue though like Educated (but I might). The Free Expression I think is key for how he won the Contest, it gave him an edge over the others. What do you think so far?

The virtues should be the ones you want at the end of development, I don't want to mess with switching virtues and flaws around as one ages...

The reason you couldn't take xp, is you didn't spend very much... By my estimation you spent around 280 of the 360 you should have based on an age of 10 at gauntlet.

OK then we'll keep the Hermetic Prestige.

Too low on XP? Ah ha! I didn't spend xp during his years from 6-10. That could be a good for a few Crafts I figure. So that'd be another 75 xp. Let me adjust

I'll do this in 5 year chunks:

First 5 years (40 xp per year, 200 xp)

1221 Study Philosophaie 3/10
1222 Study Craft Jeweler 3 (15 xp), Study Philosopahie 4 (10 more xp), Study Mentem 5 (15 xp)
1223 Study Herbam 4 (10 xp), Study Animal 4 (10 xp), Study Magic Theory 4 (20 xp)
1224 Study Cult Lore 3/10
1225 Study Cult Lore 4 (10 xp), Study Finesse 3 (30 xp)

I figure after his first five years I'll focus on learning some Mysteries. After that he'll concentrate for a bit on the Verditian contest. I figure that's where he'll pick up his Grudge. With his victory in the contest, I see it as a clever win, not one of raw power, more artistry as well as researching trends and desires of the perspective judges. He hit all the right notes perhaps to get the win, but likely displeased some competitors.

The first mystery I'll have him go for is Elder Runes, but I think I'd have to submit an alternate script, because the first Mystery has to give Hubris, and the one in the book does not. I made one for a game online, I'll get that and submit it and see if it works.

For Elder Runes, here was a Script I used (I believe I have everything). It's designed for a Verditius's first Inner Mystery, so he'll get Hubris.

Spend a season opening the enchantment for the most valuable/largest item you possibly can, that was handcrafted by the Verditius in the first place. Travel to the Mystagogue's home, arriving on the equinox of the season after the enchantment is opened. Explain the virtues of your opened creation and offer it as a gift in payment to the Mystagogue. The Mystagogue then painfully and ruthlessly derides the craftsmanship and enchantment of the item, using the cruelest means available including quite personal attacks, until the applicant must rise up and defend his creation bringing to bear similar means to not only defend his item, but degrade examples of the Mystagogue's craft. When this is done sufficiently the Mystagogue will explain the necessity of pride in one's work and show the final secrets of the Elder Runes.

I believe this formula provides +9-12 for the time spent and the flaw gianed, but I don't have my book with me. I can double check it later. This formula is only for first Inner Mysteries, and by necessaity it is kept secret, the applicant should be caught quite off guard by the sudden attack of the Mystagogue.

Thinking outload. Would Primogeniture Lineage be appropriate to this character? Turning her issues of going to this school up to 11?

(Fabrica is a he...)

I was thinking about that flaw, but I'm not sure I see it for him but maybe. That would mean his Pares is either the Primus now, or perhaps would be the next one, and then Fabrica could be in line next, right?

That would raise the stakes though. I was initially going to say no, but now that I think about it, that might be cool. He'd want to become an Arch Magus even sooner then, before he became Primus, when he'd feel that his application would be perhaps tainted by favoritism. Let me mull that over. Would Stouritos be the Primus at this point? Per the Mysteries he just got the position.

Sorry, whenever I see on the end of a name, I think feminine.

Yeah, Stouritos would be Primus. The flaw says Fabrica would be at least three places removed from being Primus. It certainly doesn't mean that Fabrica would ever become Primus, but it does give any apprentice taught at the school something of a claim to the role of Primus, and would add yet another reason as to why members of the House are against Fabrica teaching at the school, as technically any graduate who becomes a verditius and is gauntleted at the school by you, is in the lineage of becoming Primus.

Yeah, that settles it. The additional intrigue would be too much to resist. Fabrica himself resents the idea that he could or should become Primus by any reason other than merit. He'd never forgive the Primus or his Parens for dying and leaving him in charge before he completed his own ambitions. In his mind though he already feels he should be eligible for Primus, but not because of primogeniture, but because of how great he is. By teaching a class of students he could so muddy the waters that the House (finally) used a more logical method to choose Primus.

I'll grab that flaw, is it major or minor? And then put some virtues for it.

It's a minor story flaw.

I'll Take the flaw and then take the Virtue Self-Confident, it goes well with his personality I think.

Regarding that Mystery script here's the full thing:

The Initiate must spend a season opening most precious item his Magic Theory and Craft skills allow (+3). The Initiate must then travel to the Mystagogue on the Winter Solstice bringing the item with him and over the course of the evening extol upon the Virtues and principles of the item with the Mystagogue and the item's superiority as the Mystagogue denigrates the inferior skill of the Initiate (+3). What the Initiate doesn't realize is this is meant to tempt the Initiate into Pride and Hubris as he defends his craft, gaining the Hubris Personality Trait at +1 when the night is completed (+3)

Would this work?

I think the precious item has to cost 20 pounds of silver, or 2 bps. This is the only way I can think of to make the item precious during development. It's probably more than I would do in play, and instead focus on a story to acquire stuff and have the cost be a bit less.
The travel will probably cause you to lose a season of experience, too, in addition to the experience lost for the season of making the item. So 2 seasons and 2 build points is the cost of the initiation.