As it is possible to improve on the magic theory in Ars5 i am thinking about a new technique...
Some people here already talked about a Tempus technique, but to broaden the concept i am tempering with the idea of a Fatum technique, let me explain whet i intend to do.
I would like something related to the Dream method from Rop:F and the hedge art of the Learned Magicians Fortunam.
Fatum would be the capacity to change the course of some events, to forsee those events, to provoke them too, to change the past (maybe), and to controle randomness.
It would affect only mortals, not creatures from the four realms.
I am thinking along those lines :

Creo Fatum (augment luck/destiny): give some rerolls, diminish the number of botch dice.
Perdo Fatum (dimish luck/destiny): force the rerolls of the x next rolls in an ability/caracteristic, increase the number of botch dice.
Muto Fatum (modify luck/destiny): transforms success into failures, 0 in 1 and the other way.
Rego Fatum (control luck/destiny): provoke lucky or unlucky events on the spot.
Intelego Fatum (forsee luck/destiny): forsee the futur or read the past, read omens.

I am not asking if you would allow it in your saga, that's up to each SG, but do you have moore ideas of whet could be integrated in those ideas ?
is it completly wrong regarding the medieval paradigm and mythic europe ?

You are talking about a form not a technique.
Techniques are Cr, in, mu, pe, re.

It might work (it does work in Whitewolf's Mage, the Awakening - which is another road of development that Ars Magica took in different hands).

It would be hard insert it into ArM5 as it is in the rules though, because several big breakthroughs would be needed. Those rules are safety mechansims: once you start messing with fate, the possibilites for munchkinism multiply - because it is less tangible tan terram or corpus. But if you and your troupe want to have it that way - do: you pay for the game, so it is yours, to play, to abuse, or to burn.

Look at Hedge Magic. The Natural Magicians can affect luck. They use the form of Forunam,. that is basically what you are going after, I would say :slight_smile: Their magic is not a spowerful as that of Hermetics in masot areas, but they are an example of a magic tradition that does something that falls outside the capacity of Hermetic Magic :slight_smile:


I would totally not allow that part.

Not wrong at all.

I think it has great potential.

Not Fortunam?

In an old campaign from the early 90's I ran I had a PC that wanted to do a breakthrough (long before there were rules for such things) regarding time. What I ended up having him do as part of his research is to set up mobile labs for seasons to do study in locations where events of great significance took place influencing the fate of others. The bigger the event and the more people it affected the better his research. Of course, eventually, as he got closer to figuring it out, I had set it up so that as a breakthrough he could 'extract' Vis of this technique. Over the course of working with the vis in his lab, it snowballs from there. Naturally, being the Magus who learns how to control this technique first, his own lab becomes a place of great significance and he wound up being able to harvest the vis without leaving his lab (although he never really did catch on to the reasons why). Just about the time in the campaign when I was going to be able to reward him, the player moves to CA for a while. So we had his big climax adventure without him. Big lab botch with breakthrough puts him in a coma and the rest of the PCs (along with his unconscious body in twilight) to a future 20th century suburb in NY state. There were bad thing(tm) going on there and 'fate' put them there to stop it. The mage was a Criamon and when the PCs try to discover if they could contact the OOH, they learn that the story of this PC mage has made it into the legends of the house and that one such legend was that he would 'return'. The NPC Criamon they met were thrilled and in awe, much to the disgust of the other PCs. :slight_smile: Of course they track down the diabolists and stop them and get returned to their own time in the process. Told the absent player about it over the phone. He was thrilled/pissed. :wink:

Also, I thought it was properly "Fatam". Anyone that could correct/confirm the latin?

I love the idea of travelling to places of big historical significance to collect Fatum Vis, i will totally do that.
But time travel will be out of the question, maybe remonving oneself from the flow of time for a moment (after all it happens in Twilight) aka travelling forward in time but never backward.

No time travel? It was the 90's. We were young. :wink: Also, 2nd and 3rd edition cannon seemed more 'wild'.

It was pretty funny when the PC tried to set up some equipment for a few weeks on the steps to the roman senate. :wink: