Feng Shui: The Innocence Project

Greetings, Secret Warriors!

Jim Crocker, owner of Modern Mythsin Northampton, MA and author of the 'E Ticket Ride' scenario from In Your Face Again, here. Michelle was nice enough to invite me to try a PBP game, so here it is:

The Innocence Project will be a PBP game using Atlas' Feng Shui system for 4-6 players.

I'm shooting for 3-5 posts per week, with weekends optional.

Combat and dice will be handled using the dice rolling software at Invisible Castle.

Here's a sample of a few rolls.

There may be times when the GM rolls for players to move things along, but players will generally be allowed to roll thier own if they wish, as long as they link to the IC results page.

ALL rules, advancement, etc, will be using the standard Feng Shui rules as published in the rule books. All the sourcebooks are fair game, though the GM reserves the right to modify or deny any outrageous, game-breaking combos.

At the outset, we won't be using any house rules, but as we play, we may come across situations where the online forum requires them.

I'd love to get started in 2 weeks, but it'll depend on response. Please try to have your characters in by the 20th of Octber to assure consideration. If there's overflow, I reserve the right to choose those players who submit the most interesting descriptions by the October 20 deadline.

Please see the next post for a fancy-pants write-up of the high concept.

There are millions of stories in the Secret War.

Stories of injustice, of tyranny, of the common man broken on the wheel of history.

Many accept thier fate, not knowing a way out. Some few fight the tide of destiny, and are drowned under its pull.

But scattered across the penitentiaries, gulags, dungeons, death camps, and re-education centers of the Secret War are a very few who are skilled enough, determind enough, and just plain lucky enough to slip thier bonds, even if just for a moment, and strike back.

In The Innocence Project, you'll be playing one of the condemned. Choose any character archetype from any juncture, using the standard starting stats and schticks. All the offical Atlas sourcebooks are fair game, with the caveat that I reserve full right to nix any game-breaking combos.

In your character write-up, you must describe the crime you have been condemned to die for, and how you came to be charged for it even though you're innocent.

Briefly describe the place where you are imprisoned and the probable means of your execution. Describe at least one other prisoner who will share your fate, and finally, two people from your past, one of whom believes you to be guilty, and one of whom believes in your innocence.

E-MAIL your charcter idea to modernmyths AT gmail DOT com with 'Innocence Project' in the title, and I'll look them over. Assuming I approve, we'll set you up with a folder in the game.

Deadline for the first batch of character submissions will be October 20th, after which time I'll announce the starting lineup, assuming we get enough interest.

Thanks, and good luck.

Sounds good!

How are "exploding" dice going to be handled?

Hey, Sorester-

Exploding dice will be handled as they are in the book... if you get a 6 or a 1, you keep rolling, and then tally the result from the first roll.

I can certainly roll dice for anyone who wants me to...



Is the game going to happen, or is there just not enough interest?

(I'm the player who submitted the ex-Special Forces character, btw)


Um... Did this ever run? I was, and still am interested in playing.