New FS Play by Post

Just wanted to point out that Jim Crocker, co-author of In Your Face Again, has a call out for Play by Post players for a new Feng Shui game here on the forums ... check it out at

I'd join up on the Innocence Project except one, I'm going to be tackling Nanowrimo next month, two, I'm already involved in the Section 44 game, and three, I'm unsure as to what the hell I plan to play (I usually play gunslingers, though a martial artist wouldn't be a bad idea this time around) and how he ended up on death row despite being innocent.

Besides, I do believe the guy who posted wanted character ideas to be emailed to him.

I submitted a character, at the last minute, and am hoping to hear back from him soon. I guess that's not entirely fair, so I'd better be patient. :slight_smile: