First Council Meeting

Many days have passed since the vigil that was held in the hope of that the founder would come back from his Twilight and many more people have left the caravan since. Only a handful of the caravaneers now remains in the encampment, which now feels empty. The few magi and a select people that decided to try their fortune in Malta are gathered in the great tent that once served as the founder's laboratory. Maps of Malta marked with detailled anotations resulting from the preliminary scouting of the island haved been strewn across a large table in the center.

"-So Master Paphos, I think you had a few suggestions about the next course of action. I think we should also write the charter for the covenant we wish to establish."

Master Paphos stands before the gathered magi.

"Yes, thank you for inviting me to this council. As I understand it, my voice here will by necessity be a small one. I think it would better to let other, wiser voices speak before mine."

Those of you who know Paphos know he sees very few people as more wise than he. But he really is trying to be polite.

"We are not bound by the old charter anymore, Master Paphos. I am of the opinion that anyone who wish to express themselve can do so now. We magi were granted a powerful gift by God, an so we would be well advised to not be blinded by the sin of Pride and ignore wise counsels, from whomever they might come."

Antonius, takes pause and quickly judge the reaction of his sodales before continuing:

"This however, brings the subject of the status of ours grogs. This covenant will need competent people that can care of mundanes matters for us, people that our servants trust and that we trust as well. In other words, my fellow sodales, we will need to elect a turb captain and a steward sooner rather than later. I think we need to think of a way for them to bring serious grievances before this council. Any appropriate candidates comes to mind ?"

(Maybe we can design them as some of the remaining grogs or use grogs already designed if you think they could fit the roles)

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Master Paphos waited for replies from the other magi, but no one had immediate comments to make, so he addresses Antonius.

"Seems the other are a tad quiet this night." Shrugs. " I admit to being a little at a loss for who might make a good turb captain or steward. Garcin seems to be the strongest leader out of the remaining grogs, but seems a bit flighty and too easily distracted for such a weighty post. As for steward, I have great respect for David and Penko, but David's duties keep him away much of the time and Penko likely will have his hands busy with building for the next several years. Not to mention that he's not very good with paper. I think we will have to keep an eye out for a good administrator."

"With the caravan dissolving, we find ourselves with a veritable fortune and few people to safeguard it. As I mentioned a few days ago, I think finding an out of the way place to call our own is a crucial next step. I suggested choosing one of three course of action. First, a systematic survey of the islands, taking a season or more. Second, a quick survey focusing on dramatic geography and local tales. Third, seeking an accommodation with the Redcap network if they have information that could save us time and effort. This last is a possibility for vis sources, as well."

"I would phrase the question slightly differently. We are all familiar with the usual charter terms that are easily confirmed by the larger community. What special terms do we need? Since we have no idea how much Vis or resource income we will have, what can we say about division so as to ensure that the covenant itself has the resources it needs, on the assumption that we find them."

"My own inclination would be to write the resource part by declaring that the council determines the covenants needs, and appropriate reserves, and then all covenant members get an equal share. I have probably forgotten some other important and non-standard procedures."

After a a five long hours of heated debate, with numerous motions and amendments, the final draft of the future covenant`s charter is read aloud to the assembled magi.

As the reading concludes, the council is adjourned for a few minutes. Many attendees go outside to breath fresh air and clear their mind before the last amendments are made, while others continue to discuss specific clauses in small groups. And then after the council resume, Antonius speak again:

"Is this chart agreeable to everyone ?"

(Disclaimer: The charter is Altas Games copyrighted material. (You can find it at the end of the book Covenants. I think the the permission to use it for personnal uses apply in this case, if not I will delete this part of the post).

Master Paphos seems uncomfortable as the debate moves towards a standard covenant document.

"The standard document seems to address Tomas' concerns, to wit, that the council determines needs, then distributes excess in accordance to shares." He pauses, then continues.

"Under this document, however, I am neither fish nor fowl, nor good red meat. Am I correct in my understanding that if I am not a council member, any vis source I locate is mine, and mine alone? Seems somewhat greedy of me, if that is to be the case. May I suggest a codicil that grants limited council membership, perhaps with a voice at the table but only half of a vote, balanced by a lesser share of covenant excess? I ask this because I intend someday to be able to afford a longevity ritual, and am confident I could sell my magics to the Jerbiton to afford it, but I would much rather stay here earning my keep. This same codicil could perhaps be used in the future for others of magical stature, but not of Hermetic Oath?"

"I know this is an unusual request from a non-magi, but I do not want my desire to earn a Ritual to conflict with the needs of the covenant. It would be easier to draw a share commensurate with my admittedly smaller gift."

Tomas responds as folks return from the brief break: "Thank you Antonius for pulling that together from our discussions. It seems to meet the needs very nicely."

"Indeed, Paphos, this is a grey area that needs to be clarified. Your services to the covenants are invaluable. I do agree with you, that exceptional individuals and even representatives of the covenfolk need to have a say in the management of the covenant."

"As for the vis, you would be able to gain by performing some duties for the covenants, which you do already, in addition to your share. Advisory members would also be considered members for the purpose of ressources owned by the covenant section. What do you think of this suggestion?"

"Thank you, that allays my fears quite well. I think anything along those lines will be quite suitable. Whenever you are able to write up something, I'd be happy to sign. I even brought my lucky quill!"

Indeed he pulls out a somewhat bedraggled quill and proudly displays it for all to see.

After a few last minutes addedda, the covenant's charter is finally recopied on a rare piece of vellum, read alloud again and adopted unanimously. The attendees congratulates themselves and shakes hands as one after affix his or her name on the parchment after swearing the Oath of Covenant.

"Now that the Charter is adopted, we can now turn our attention to the subject of acquiring land and sources of vis, as Paphos previously mentionned. Our craft of course requires vis, a consequential magical aura and tranquility, which is usually granted by having some forms of protections again threats, be they mundanes or magical. As of now, we have neither. I am of the opinion that our first priority is to find a suitable location with a mystical aura enabling us to settle for good and cast an Aegis of the Hearth."

Antonius, pause, and sigh, beore continuing.

"Unfortunately, people tend to distrust me and I will not be able to assist the covenants in dealings with the local nobles or populace. I am however well versed in the art of Vim and volunteer to look for auras and source of vis. I am willing to leaving as soon as an expedition is put together."

"None of you have the Gentle Gift, then? I suppose I can handle that end, until a trusted Steward can be found. A shifty lot, thieves and vagabonds all, even the ones with money and a home." Paphos chuckles at the effect the Gift has, even upon himself. Okay, you go run off and do your magic thing, and I'll mingle with the natives. Find us a place with strong bedrock!"

It seems the time has come for action. To build a home, we must first find a suitable aura located in a suitable location. If that location is controlled by a noble, we must obtain permission to settle. I propose a division of labor. First, it is my understanding that only magic can see an aura, thus Antonius and Tomas must fulfill this task. Second, we have a unique collection of individuals to collect information. David can query the redcap network which may already have the information we seek. I shall meet with artists and patrons I know, setting the groundwork for permission to settle. Lastly, Nicolae can seek the hidden knowledge of the creatures that inhabit these fair islands.

Perhaps we all seek an overview of the islands from our unique perspectives and skills, then meet back in a week to narrow our focus?

(OOC, we split up. Tomas and Antonius seek auras using InVi (perhaps separately), Nicolae uses Animal Ken, David communes with Redcaps, and Paphos uses Social Contacts (potential patrons) to initiate contact with local gentry and nobility).

Silveroak - I am currently assuming that we only have the people and resources from JoelHallpern, and JeanPatrick, and I. Also, does the fact we have been living here for a year help narrow our search?

Thomas nods at the description of what needs to be done. Wandering around trying to tell if I am in a magical Aura (Sense of Magical Power, InVi 2) is not fun, but is something I can do. If we can narrow down some candidates, that would help. I never did have time to study Magical Lore.

The redcap network has no information about magical sites on Malta. While you have been living here for the past year however you have heard rumors of multiple lost temples of days before, depending on who tells the story, the Roman, the Greeks, or the Egyptians. From the descriptions they sound like fertility cults and were likely what the caravan was here to investigate. You have also heard about a number of places of wondrous beauty, most of them coastal.

Thomas will talk to the others to figure out better roughly where these are, and then go (with a grog or two) look at the locations and test repeatedly whether he is in a magical aura.

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Also just a reminder, the only guy we have statted who can swing a sword is Garcin. So if you want a bodyguard, you may need to work that out with Antonius, who will likely also want a bodyguard.