Flam Fall 1202 the hidden seige

In the fall of 1202 the citizens of flam approach the magi- apparently something lurking in the darkness has been attacking citizens caught outside the aegis at night.

Alva taps her finger as she waits for the council she summoned to arrive. She holds a glass vial holding a strand of red hair in her pale hands.

Hugh arrives not long after. "Good evening, Alva." He sits across from her, but after the greeting his eyes lose focus.

(He has asked his familiar to take the form of an owl and look around, and as he sits, he shares its senses.)

[are the others still on their quest for hedge magicians?]

“Good evening Hugh. How goes your studies?” Alva parcels through some parchment and looks at Hugh.
(Seems like they are, but this is in the fall so we may have to wait?)

Those who are on that quest are either still on it or otherwise occupied- perhaps in their labs.

"There is always more to be learned by delving into the nature of magic in its purest form, it's still very informative. But the servant told me people are getting attacked? I've asked my friend to look around and I'm watching what he sees. Do you think it's our foe returning for vengeance?"

“I fear it may be. Hence the reason I bring this here.” She puts the vial on the table. “If this is a arcane connection to the muspelli, we may have to use the arcane connection to our best advantage before investigating on the field.”

Hugh nods. "What do you suggest? I can probably enhance what you do, if we work together."

“If we could use a intellego spell that would be good, since we don’t actually know if this belonged to the muspelli. If it is we could probably dispatch them via arcane connection.” Alva pauses for a moment. “Could you do that?”

Hugh thinks, and goes to the window to look out at the sun. "Intellego isn't my strong suit, but I might be able to manage."

[what time of day is it?]

Whenever you decided to have the meeting.

(I was assuming morning, but it can be whatever time you need Plot!)

(Just wanted to make sure not like 2 hours before sunset - in which case never mind about the owl, Sionnacliste will be with him.)

Hugh rubs his hands together and gets a nasty grin. "Are you ready for an immediate confrontation? I see no reason to wait, if you are ready."

He casts The Tireless Magus on himself; formulaic so hoping for a simple roll, in which case it can't fail or cause fatigue.

simple die in this situation, so you are good.

“Remember the last time we went after the Muspelli without preparation?” Alva gives Hugh a weary laugh. “I think we should make the most of what we have at the moment. Perhaps put a light the person whoever this connection leads to so they cannot hide.”

Hugh shrugs. "It was a bit stressful last time, I'll admit, but we came out alright. I don't really have any prep that I can do, other than fetching one of those wands. I was planning to make an arcane tunnel, take a look, and do something nasty like turn him into a tortoise."

“That sounds fun. But we should confirm if this actually leads to our foe, rather than another victim of their’s.” Alva taps her fingers. “I could try a spell to light them up. I think. Could you open the tunnel for me as well?”

Hugh shakes his head. "It doesn't work like that, it just opens from me to him. But even if I incapacitate him, we'll still have to go find him." He stands up, holding the hair carefully. "Are you going to get the wands? I suppose it's better not to do it actually in the council chamber, just in case. I'll meet you in the courtyard."

Alva will grab Loki’s punishment and join Hugh in the courtyard. She looks quite worried as she taps her feet.

Hugh shows up at about the same time she does. He smiles a greeting at Alva, then sets to work. He casts his first spell, then immediately casts another. He relaxes for a moment, as Sionnacliste comes to rest on his shoulders in squirrel form. Then he casts a third spell.

[Rolls on Discord starting at 10/1/2020 9:37 pm

Leaving the effects of the third spell for @silveroak to confirm

"Using In(Cr)Im to use two senses (sight and hearing) at touch range (through the tunnel) and create an image of it here. Base 2, +1 for changing image, +1 for the Cr req, +1 touch, +1 conc, Ind - but using any extra to expand the Ind size to see more around the target"

Hugh currently down 3 fatigue.]