Flam winter 1202 the Foundling

On the darkest day of winter Nix comes to her lab to find a child has been left on the stoop, well bundled, but without a note or further explanation.

Nix looked around the stoop, her ears twitching as if looking for bandits to spring out, she looks at the child, walks over and picks them up. She's sniffs at the child appraisingly, and sighed softly "aww you are a cute one, how did you end up at my door...Let's get you on before you catch a death of cold... And find something to feed you."

The child, obviously, or maybe not so obviously given your life, does not respond as you talk to it, pick it up and carry it inside. It does however turn it's head to try and nurse when it feels you close picking it up.

"Oh....you are already hungry arent you...well we need to figure something out fast huh?" She would grab a thicker cloak to toss over her shoulder and clip it in place "Alright little adventure today, we will need a wetnurse, and for that we will need the help of the giftless, or we are going to get stoned for some milk arent we." She said making adorable faces at the baby, as she stepped back outside...heading for where she might find the other magi, companions or Grogs.

Nix would see Alva coming back from the sauna, wearing a thick coat over her usual glowing robes. She coughs for a bit, then looks to Nix and the baby. “Oh dear. Is that...?” She rushes towards Nix. “A child? But where are the parents?”

She held the babe close in one arm and waved dramatically back and forth, with all the exuberance she could muster "Umm no idea, i went out to grab, some mice for dinner and well when i came back, this cute widdle thing was swaddled out in front of my door. My first guess is the parent left it, or were eaten by wolves, or something...I have no idea, but but...this little ones hungry and I cant leave them out on a stoop, id be horrible and struck down by lightning for such a thing."

“How kind of you, Nix.” Alva puts a warm hand on Nix’s shoulders, then frowns. “Mice? Anyhow, I think we should keep the child by the hearth, send word for a wet nurse.” She pauses and looks for any sign of the faerie realm on the child.

The child practically glows with glamour.

As Alva tickles the child, do they seem bothered by the gift at all? Could she try faerie lore to see what’s going on?

She noted the frown and tilted her head "Whats wrong with mice, they are really delicious if you mix them with honey and poppyseeds...well cooked for a short while. But I haven't the proper stuff to take care of them...so I will go out around dusk or dawn for a little meal. Get a good stretch of my legs, and enjoy the sheer warmth of the experience."

Int+faerie lore target 6

Got a 10!

Finishing his dinner, a bit away from the other covenfolk, Vallju decides to head out to make sure his reindeer Njeađggádat, is taken care off. He's been here a bit, but still his looks cause and his foreign nature cause some concern with some folk here, but at least these strange magic folk seem to have no problem with him.

Seeing the two ladies magic folk, he heads towards them and asks in halting Norse "Hello Ladies, what do we have here? May I be of some assistance?"

The child seems to be a changeling- normally left behind in exchange for a child the faeries have stolen, it lives only long enough for the humans to form an emotional bond. If the changeling is rejected then the trade may often be reversed, but the oddity here is that generally the changeling is left in the place of the child, in hopes the exchange may not be noticed, for it to be left here is a huge change in the story.

Alva ponders while looking at the child, then turns to Vallju. “Ah, Vallju. Just when we needed help. Could you perhaps ask around the village for a wet nurse, and of missing babies or children? We seem to be in some form of trouble.” She taps her finger against a table, thinking of what to do.

If Vallju does this, he should make a folk ken+com simple roll.

"Certainly that would be most helpful, I don't know how this little one could have ended up at my door, but it would be terrible if they were simply misplaced...And oh so hungry too." the smile sat on every word from her

Not sure the villagers will react well to him, he nods to the two magical people, and heads to try and ask around.

Com -2, Folk Ken +1, Specialty Peasants +1
Explosion, total of 4

Asking around you manage to locate a young woman who recently lost her child and is willing to be a wet nurse if the pay is good.

Vallju will take the young woman back with him to the two magical ladies. "Here, this one here has lost her baby recently."