Flawless Magic / Mastered Spells

What have different people ruled when combining these two virtues. FM indicates that study totals toward mastery are doubled. MS indicates you get 50 xp toward mastery. Does that mean that if you have both, the character should start with (5xp per spell) + (2 * 50 xp for MS)?

I vaguely remember a similar question coming up for some different virtue combination (can't remember). I think people generally interpenetrated that issue similarly to the formula above.


I use that combo quite often. All spells start out with a Mastery Score of 1, and then I spend 100xps to increase the scores.

The 50 XP from spell mastery are flat. 50XP. No more no less. They do NOT depend at all on a study total. So, you would only get 50 XP regardless of your flawless casting virtue.


technically they do depend on your study total just as xp from privileged upbringing, educated, arcane lore or warrior would benefit from an affinity if you applied them to the skill with the affinity.

Mastered spells is 50 xp to represent studying the spells and study totals during apprenticeship and before game begins.

Yes, but the virtue grants 50 flat XP. It does not state how you acquired those. In fact it is totally void how you acquired thosae 50XP in terms of the virtue. Maybe you devoted 50 seasons to get them. Maybe 1. It doesn't matter at all. If you want 100 XP, get the virtue twice.



Check the errata Xavi. It is not your Study Total that is doubled. Any xp's spent in spell mastery are doubled.

I see. I stand corrected then. I am not really happy with that change in the rules, though, since it makes some XP virtues better than other XP virtues for no real reason at character creation.



I agree. I personally would probably cooperate with a house rule that you only get the 50 xp but that is just me and it is not by the RAW.

Awww, it's not so bad. Mastery can eat up an obnoxious amount of xp's. A magus really into spell mastery can wind up spending more points on that then their Arts. I know I do.

Thanks all.

Don't other XP virtues get their XP multiplied by 1.5 for Affinities? Wouldn't that mean they're being treated the same way? Besides, it's not really the XP virtue that is giving the extra points, it's Flawless Magic. Affinity w/ X is minor; Flawless Magic is major. It seems fairly consistent to me as is. It seems it would be inconsistent to not double those points.