Fleur de Bonsiagus (development)

I've already discussed some of this in the table talk thread, but:
Fleur is from the Canem de Mere Covenant near Marsielle, where she was born, apprenticed early, and has recently gauntleted. She has a certain fixation with sex and reproduction, and hearing tales of the caves which were sacked for vis early in her own covenant's history and hearing a rumor that there might be similar caves near the Covenant of Andorra, as well as the fact that the covenant was outside any tribunal and that this might allow for greater freedom she has headed for this covenant immediately following her gauntlet. The current version of the character as it stands is:

Fleur de Bonisagus
Int 3(6)
Pre 1(1)
Str -2(-3)
Dex -3(-6)
Per 0(0)
Com 5(6)
Sta 3(6)
Quick -2(-3)

covenant upbringing(minor)
weak magic resistance-lying or sitting down(major)
magical animal companion-cat(minor)
small frame(minor)

good teacher(minor)
book learner(minor)
great com(minor)
great com(minor)
affinity with magic theory(minor)
affinity with teaching(minor)
puissant teaching(minor)
gentle gift(major)
puissant magic theory(free)

Occitan 5(0)
Area Lore 2(0)
athletics 1(5)
charm 2(15)
Folk ken: 1(5)
Latin: 4(50)
organization lore 1(5)
artes liberales 1(5)
magic theory 7+2(94)
Philosophae 1(5)
Profession- scribe 1(5)
Parma Magica 1(5)
Magic Lore 1(5)
teaching 3+2(20)

Creo 9(45)
Muto 1(1)
Intelligo 1(1)
Rego 1(1)
Perdo 1(1)
Animal 1(1)
Aquum 1(1)
Aurum 1(1)
Corpus 9(45)
Herbem 1(1)
Ignem (0)
Imaginem 1(1)
mentem 9(45)
Terram 1(1)
Vim 1(1)

Silent Orders of the Unit(CrMe)25
Lamp Without Flame(CrIg)10
Comprehension of the Whispered word(InIm)4
Loves Labors Eased(CrCo)25
Assurace of the Eased Recovery(CrCo)30
Touch of the Barren moon(PeCo)25
Touch of the Moderated Wound(CrCo)20
Armor from hide(ReAn)4
Resupply the Archer’s quiver(CrHe)5

Silent Orders to the Unit: CrMe: transmits the orders (either from the magus or relayed through them) to a unit of grogs directly into their minds. Base 3, range voice (+2), duration sun (+2)

Comprehension of the Whispered word: InMe: allows a magus to understand what the target is saying, even if the words are too quiet to hear. Base 5, target individual, duration sun (+2), range: touch (+1)

Assurance of the Eased Recovery CrCo: gives +15 bonus to recovery from wounds for 1 month. Base 10, range touch (+1), target individual, duration moon (+3)

Touch of the Barren Moon: PeCo: makes a woman barren for one month, during which time she also will not suffer from a menses. Base effect 5, range touch (+1), target individual, duration moon (+3)

Spring for the Encampment: CrAq: Creates a spring with a high rate of flow that lasts for 1 month. Base:5, touch (+1), duration:moon (+3)

Loves Labors Eased: CrCo: Gives a woman +6 for childbearing rolls if she gives birth before the next moon Base:5, range: touch (+1) Duration:moon (+3)

Armor from Hide: ReAn: Takes raw leather or animal hide and crafts it into leather armor. Requires finess roll. Base: 3, range touch (+1)

Touch of the Moderated wound: CrCo: heals a wound 1 level, instantly base 15, range touch (+1)

Resupply the Archer’s quiver: CrHe: creates 10 arrows which last long enough to be fired in combat, requires finesse roll for quality the arrows lack feathers and will be fletched with plant material. It also has a sharpened point in lieu of arrowheads,. Base:2 Duration: diameter (+1), target: group (+2)

Awesome :smiley:
I suggest you fit in at least one instant healing spell just in case of emergency. Barren Moon seems to fit what you were looking for as for suspending fertility. Also, I just read Fertility Magic in Ancient Magic. Have you ever read this? Is this something that might interest you?

Yes, it is kind of what my character is dedicated to pursuing...
Let me see what I can shuffle in terms of spells...

Okay, it looks like I'll replace Spring for the Encampment with these two spells:
Touch of the Moderated wound: CrCo: heals a wound 1 level, instantly base 15, range touch (+1)

Resupply the Archer’s quiver: CrHe: creates 10 arrows which last long enough to be fired in combat, requires finesse roll for quality the arrows lack feathers and will be fletched with plant material. It also has a sharpened point in lieu of arrowheads,. Base:2 Duration: diameter (+1), target: group (+2)

Is her Magic Theory actually 9 or is that including Puissant? Ditto for Teaching. You also have a couple spells that require Finesse rolls, but no Finesse.

That includes Puissant on each, that's how the spreadsheet I use handles it, I'll edit it for a +2

I suppose this is ready for you to post in a clean thread. That thread will be just for this character. Comments are reserved for this thread. Your chracter's individual page is the one that I will create the link to in our main roll call list, and is what someone will eventually copy into the wiki.
Some formatting maybe?
There has been no standard in this saga, I admit. But some tips maybe...
Use capital letters.
Don't make parethetical notes for how many points you spend in each Characteristic. I would prefer you make notes like that for aging points (in the far future). For example, Str +2 (2) would mean two aging points in Strength, and one more the score becomes +1.

I would prefer spells be listed as (example) "CrIg20 Pilium of Fire"; at a glance, I right away know the Technique, Form, Level, and Name. Then Mastery Score, Casting Total (what you regularly add to the die roll), and the rest of the fluff.

And these are just preferences. Magic Theory 7+2 is also preferred, as you have done, when indicating Puissant bonuses. I don't like the dangling xp thing, but it seems to be prefered by several players. I just like to list the score, then the remaining xp towards the next level. But I have other quirks that others find strange, like I obsessively rate Virtues & Flaws by their value (+1 "Minor Virtue, -3 Major Flaw, +2 Minor Virtue taken twice, etc). This is a holdover from my roots in earlier editions, and it makes "at a glance" math easy for me. No one else does it, I am the only one that has this habit.

So, really, none of that matters. The character seems very well crafted and is a work of art :slight_smile:
I know exactly what she is going for and where it could lead, and it excites the imagination.
Are you aware that Basque is the only surviving neolithic language and is unrelated to any other?

Yes, she really lacks finesse.
Worse: you took dump stats in all non-magic related stats, but, since finesse relies on Dex and Per, she'll suck mighty at all these spells.

=> It would probably better to either have a more rounded character, or to take Improved Characteristics.

For your "Resupply the Archer’s quiver", might I suggest taking a spell such as Acorns for Amusement (ToME p55, ReHe 5)?
Sure, your arrows, being magical, will be resisted, but still, this gives her a small combat spell, an arrow shaft doing +4 damage :smiley: And you can use it with non-magical wood against magi and creatures.

I don't have ToME, so I didn't know about the spell. Resupply allows her to rearm an archer whose arrows have run out for about 2 minutes (depending on RoF) instead of attacking herself.

Oh, yeah, I did not notice that bit about Finesse. Fixer has a point. I would not call it munchkin, because it hurts rather than helps. I reccoment you knock a point off of Magic Theory and redistribute a few xp.
As for Affinities & such: Keep Track of half-points :wink:

Actually I keep track of points before applying the affinity. I use spreadsheet so it makes it easy to both rearrange concatenated text and do the heavy calculations quickly.
If I drop magic theory by 1 then Touch of the Barren Moon is too high for me to have developed. I think finesse is something she is going to just have to learn early on- think of it as her being short in real world experience.

If you drop Magic Theory by 1, you can take a Finesse of one or two and increase one of the Arts by 1 point.
But it doesn't bother me much, so if Fixer will let it pass (on my recommendation), no big deal. I kinda like the sheltered inexperienced concept.

Oh, if you want to start without finesse, no problem, but keep in mind that your crappy stats will really hurt you on that front. Rego Craft is really hard, and every point counts.

What you could do, otherwise:

  • Lower MT by 1, increase Perdo by 1. That way, your total stays the same for yur spell :wink:
  • With the XP, take some finesse.
  • Take one less Great Com. Take Puissant Finesse
  • Maybe decrase Int and Sta by 1, increase Dex and Qik by 1. I'd do this, but I ain't you.

I understood your spell's purpose, no problem. Still...
Acorns for amusement: flings any single piece of wood that is within Voice range and that is smaller than a pace long, wide, and deep. The damage a piece wood does when it strikes a target ranges from +1, for small, blunt piece, right up to +10 for logs a yard across. Your arrows would do +4 damage. Arts: ReHe 5; Design: Base 3, +2 Voice

Will Fleur be based at Andorra or on Mallorca with the other journeymen?

Undecided. I suppose it is up to Fluer, as well as where the Masters feel she is most needed. The cannot command, but they can influence :wink:
Roberto is there because he likes Ibiza and is happy with his tower. Pere has a nice set up in his posh townhouse. Actus has his shark cave and his shark mobile and the shark signal and so on :smiley:
We are banishing everyone with the Gentle Gift or a Heartbeast to the islands ! :mrgreen:
Kesara is a Journeman and located in Arans at the main covenant.
Located here or there, a Journeyman has the same rights as a Master. However, here or there, a Master has greater privilege and benefits and is eligible for an office of authority. The chapterhouse magi have a low aura, but have a free regio. They lack coverage of the Aegis, but are paid a little extra for the hardship so they might learn the spell themselves and cast it on their own (that is Roberto's plan anyway).
We can be stern masters, and suggest that acceptance of her pledge (which requires a unanimous vote) might depend on her "volunteering" for the Balearic Islands outpost.
Remember, we have a direct portal link and regio network, so magi of either location can easily be here or there at any time. Or in Barcelona, or in Doisettep.

Right now the question would be beyond her, and me to an extent as well, though I could tart looking through more background far more easily than she. She also expects a certain amount of being directed by higher magi as part of the process of being accepted, so she will basically go as directed at this point. If she is near the caves she will probably invest more effort into her lab...

She has a couple of craft spells, but she really isn't a craft wizard, from her point she was taught them and learned them, and the teacher either assumed she would pick up fines of had signifigantly higher dx than she did (for example a master with a dx of 2 or 3) or possibly both.

I'd say go to Sa Dragonera.
It's a nice place, it's "for junior magi", plus Roberto's leadership should make Fleur feels more comfortable.

And anyway, there's a portal, so you can crop up anywhere :smiley: Especially as a healer, you might be expected to come and go.

But really, do as you please :smiley:

OK for me :slight_smile: A few questions about her and the spells:

  1. Question: What is her age?

  2. What does the spring CrAq spell accomplishes? Sounds weird to me given her other interests. Take in mind that such water DOES NOT PROVIDE NOURISHMENT, so can cause people to dehydrate if they drink for some time from it.

  3. I fail to see a combat spell. It is true that she does not need one, but as suggested by Fixer, a small one might be useful, like the Acorns for Amusement spell he mentions. If she wants less damaging spells, the call of morpheus (Reme) might also be good ideas. or a spell that gives (CrMe) the target the "peace and love hippie tree hugger that abhors violence" personality trait at +3 to +6. Lifting the dangling puppet is also a good combat spell for the violence-challenged magus, even if that does not work on non-human beings.

  4. For format, I would suggest listing the final level of the spells before their description. Makes reading them easier :slight_smile:

  5. If she is trying to go the "leader of men" route for combat, some leadership would be good for her, as well as aura of ennobled presence.

  6. Bargain and etiquette are also useful abilities when dealing with wounded and authorities.

Welcome to the party.


She is 21,

She came from a covenant which, until recently, was in a city which was besieged fairly regularly. Magi couldn't get involvd in mundane wars, but they provided some support, and a lot of her training reflects her master's experience.

As for the spring, with duration moon I would expect most of the water to be through a person before it made much of a difference...
besides which it has been removed from the sheet...

I am fine with her being a bit green in the gills.
As for Sa Dragonera, my actual concern is going through the process of setting up a new quarter using our little experimental rules. But I suppose it is not that big a dea, one of us could set it up or silveroak might get into it.

But still, her best focus is the caves near the main covenant, especially the Caverns of Entropy.