Fun with Holographic Communication!

Okay, was just playing around with some divination spells, and decided to get some input.

Using two senses (sight and hearing in this case) at a distance is base 2. So perceiving something that is happening at some place you have an arcane connection to amounts to an InIm 15 spell (+4 Arc, +1 Conc). Creating an image that affects two senses is also base 2, so it's easy enough to throw it in as an requisite - resulting in an In(Cr)Im 20 spell that allows you to project your image and communicate through it with sight and sound. Is that correct so far? (Concentration rolls for communicating are high, but it's still a useful effect for enchantment - or alternatively a diameter duration.)

Riffing off this, I had another thought: A spell that creates an image of what you're seeing through an arcane connection as a hovering sphere in your palm. In(Cr)Im 15: Base 1, +1 Conc, +4 Arc, +1 requisite. What I'm wondering here is if there's any disconnect here given the CrIm effect and the range it's cast at - is it still possible to create an image at Touch range as part of this spell, or would you rule that it creates the image at the site the arcane connection links to (since the spell can only affect one target)?

Aren't you just re-inventing the Haunt of the Living Ghost? (ArM5, p. 144)

checks book ... yes, yes I am indeed. Never noticed that spell. :open_mouth: (And the three bonus magnitues for intricacy et al sure make a difference - forgot about that.)

... nonetheless, the core question of the second part of my initial post is still to be answered. :wink:

Probably. 2 problems though:

  1. possibly you'd need a magnitude or 3 for the movement and stuff - not sure about that.
  2. it's scrying, if you use it on another member of the OoH.

A spell with Arcane Connection Range should be able to also create an image at Touch Range, I see no problem with that. You do need an extra magnitude or two if you want your image to move with what you are viewing, otherwise you just get a holographic snapshot of the instant your spell was cast.