Gardaitis of Flambeau (development)

Around 1184, a small group of Flambeau and Tytalus magi belonging to the Ash Guild was returning from an expedition to the Norse lands. They docked at Kuressaare, on the island of Saaremaa, to replenish provisions. While the ship was being loaded, one of the magi -- Axior of Flambeau -- noticed something odd on the waterfront. A teenaged boy was walking along the docks, minding his own business... and every animal he passed would react to something unseen. Dogs would growl and back away, a cat hissed and took off for the nearest tree, a carter's pony shied and almost upset his cart.

Knowing very well what this could mean, Axior decided to investigate further. The boy, Gardaitis, turned out to be Gifted. Axior took the boy as an apprentice, brought him back to the covenant of Terschelling, opened his Arts... and the very next Season, perished in a magical accident, an explosion in the lab. Gardaitis survived the explosion, but it damaged his Gift and left him deaf in one ear.

One of the deceased magus' covenant mates, Decima of Flambeau, took over Gardaitis' training. Decima didn't have an easy time with young Gardaitis. The damage to his Gift left him unsuited to the traditional Flambeau approach. After several false starts, Decima determined that School of Ramius would be a good fit for him, and proceeded to train him accordingly. He was also inducted into the Ash guild, spending several seasons of study at Durenmar under Philippus Niger.

Gardaitis' Gauntlet came about almost by accident. A Redcap passing through Terschelling related how he had had his pouch stolen some months previously, and one part of the tale -- the fact that the pouch strings were burned through rather than cut -- caught Gardaitis' attention. He thought the theft might be the work of a "tail of fire", a minor faerie/magical spirit from the area he was familiar with. He asked Decima for permission, travelled to the area where the theft took place, tracked the fire-tail to its lair, weakened it with cups of water lined across the threshold, fought it and recovered the pouch. After he returned to Terschelling and related the tale of his adventures, Decima retroactively declared that to have been his Gauntlet.

Gardaitis of Flambeau as of 1199, just post-apprenticeship

Characteristics: Int +3, Per 0, Pre 0, Com 0, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 29 (29), Height: 5'9'', Weight: 210 lbs, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (3)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues: Gild Trained, Independent Study, Improved Characteristics (×2), Unbound Tongue, School of Ramius (Warrior), Mythic Blood: Neris the Sea Witch [Magic Feat: I'm Just Like You, Neither Speak nor Gesture: 15, Technique: Muto, Form: Corpus], Minor Magical Focus (self transformation) (part of Mythic Blood), Subtle Magic, Quiet Magic.

Flaws: Short Ranged Magic, Weak Magic, Missing Ear, Pagan (minor Personality flaw), Secretive (part of Mythic Blood), Overconfident, Study Requirement

Personality Traits: Pagan Belief +3, Brave +2, Sociable -2, Patient +2

Abilities: Estonian 5, Area Lore: Estonia 2, Latin 4, Artes Liberales 2, Philosophiae 1, Magic Theory 3, Magic Lore 2, Parma Magica 1, Finesse 2, Awareness 2, Low German 3, Brawl 3, Chirurgy 2, Climb 1, Concentration 1, Hunt 2, Scribe 1, Order of Hermes Lore 3, Single Weapon 4, Survival 2, Swim 2, Penetration 1
Arts: Cr 5, In 5, Mu 8, Pe 5, Re 8, An 7, Aq 3, Au 0, Co 10, He 5, Ig 3, Im 0, Me 2, Te 5, Vi 5

Spells Known:
Wizard's Communion (MuVi 10) +8
Bind Wound (CrCo 10) +17
The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch (CrCo 20) +20
Gift of the Bear's Fortitude (MuCo 25) +28
Eyes of the Cat (MuCo(An) 5) +24
Soothe the Ferocious Bear (ReAn 10) +9
Disguise of the New Visage (MuCo 15) +28
Shape of the Woodland Prowler (MuCo(An) 20) +24
Invisible Sling of Vilano (ReTe 10) +15
Shriek of the Impending Shafts (InHe 15) +12
Endurance of the Berserkers (ReCo 15) +28
Wings of the Harbinger (MuCo(An) 30) +24
(Wings of the Harbinger is equivalent to Cloak of Black Feathers, except instead of a raven the bird form is a large black-and-grey shearwater. Shearwaters are called "буревестник" in Russian, which literally translates to "Harbinger of the Storm".)

"I'm Just Like You" is a MuCo 15 power (R:Per, D:Sun, T:Ind), requiring neither speech nor gesture. Gardaitis used it heavily before becoming an apprentice, without ever realizing that he was doing magic.
The power subtly alters Gardaitis' facial features towards an appearance that humans unconsciously deem trustworthy (wide eyes, high eyebrows, a strong chin, high cheekbones). It also subtly alters the pitch and timbre of his voice, making it deeper and more sonorous. The overall effect is to grant Gardaitis a small bonus towards social interactions where being trustworthy, or "fitting in" with an in-group, is of importance.
(Design: Base 2, +2 Sun, +3 for extreme level of subtlety and detail. The power operates similarly to "Aura of Ennobled Presence", except it alters the speaker himself rather than the species the speaker generates... and MuCo fits better thematically.)

Mini-cycle 1: 1199-1202. "OK, I'm a magus. Now what?"
Gardaitis spent most of his time during this period half-heartedly working towards improving himself and improving the Covenant. The total population of Terschelling was (counting him) 3 magi at that point: it was still a struggling Spring covenant. In 1200, two new magi (Hygwald Veritas of Tremere and Eric Ribecus of Tytalus) joined the covenant... and in 1201, due to personality conflicts with the two newcomers, Decima left the covenant and the Tribunal, moving to Hibernia.

Gardaitis escorted his Mater to her new place of residence, bid her goodbye, and returned... only to be greeted with the news of the Brothers of the Sword, and the massacre in Riga.
(12 Seasons total. 1 Season lost to "senioritis". 2 Seasons spent escorting Decima to Hibernia and coming back: treated as Advancement with the XP going primarily towards skills. 4 Seasons spent in the lab, either inventing spells or improving the covenant. 1 season spent on "Vis Wages": hunt for a magical beastie. 4 Seasons spent on Art advancement.)
(Since this is shorter than a normal cycle, I'm going to take 10 pawns of vis salary rather than 21, and forgo the "Independent study"-based XP for this Cycle.)
(Warping points gained: 1.)

Cycle 2: 1202-1209. "The fight begins."
During this time, Gardaitis travelled to Riga to see the destruction for himself, and then spent some time traveling around the northern covenants trying to drum up support for his idea of interfering with the crusade. This came to naught -- his home covenant of Terschelling had other fish to fry, and Oculus Septentrionalis (controlled by the Apfelgild) was completely against the idea. In Crintera, the Harmonist viewpoint prevailed, although Gardaitis did get some sympathy from the Wilderist faction. (I have this image of him and Urgen of Bjornaer sharing a beer and discussing -- in very oblique, theoretical terms, of course -- just how a magus might go about a task like this without falling afoul of the Code. Not sure if it ever happened, but it's an amusing image.)
Gardaitis next headed to Durenmar, to seek help from Philippus Niger, the head of his Gild -- surely a Flambeau Archmage would jump at the chance. And Philippus Niger -- who IS a Flambeau Archmage -- sat him down and explained to him in mortifying, excruciating detail the political realities, and just how much of an idiot Gardaitis was being. The terms "wet behind the ears whippersnapper" were probably the mildest ones used.
Gardaitis gave up on the idea, rebased himself to Crintera as a peregrinatore to be closer to the action, and took the fight to the enemy. He did not attend the 1207 Tribunal, finding out only later that the other original Terschelling magus had also left the covenant and the newcomers had renamed the covenant to Waddenzee. The news gave him a bit of a pang, but... not that much.
(28 Seasons total. 1 Season lost to miscellaneous crap. 7 Seasons spent politicking. 4 Seasons spent working for Crintera to maintain his status as a peregrinatore: I derive no benefit from those Seasons. 1 Season spent purchasing a Longevity potion from J. Random Corpus Mage, and assisting said mage in the lab. 6 Seasons spent in the lab, preparing. 9 Seasons spent "in the field".)
( Warping points gained: 2. Warping score goes up to 1, with 1 point left over.)

Cycle 3: 1210-1216. "The fight continues".
Most of this Cycle was again spent in the field -- teaching the Estonians fighting techniques, arranging for purchases of arms and armor, sabotaging the Crusaders' supplies, men, and materiel, etcetera.
According to legend, the giant Sur Toll sleeps beneath the earth of Saaremaa, waking if the island is threatened. Early on in the Cycle, Gardaitis decided to follow up on the legend: a giant, if it could be woken, would be a terrific ally. He prepared himself, and descended into the depths of the Kaali Crater, looking for Sur Toll. He didn't find the giant. What he found was an underground river that spoke to him as he journeyed along it, whispering in many tongues that all somehow sounded the same...[A mystical experience that deepened his connection with his mythic ancestor, giving him the Virtue "Gift of Tongues". It gave him 4 Warping points, too].
Towards the end of the Cycle, he'd taken a hard blow on the head from a Crusader mace. The wound healed, eventually, but the concussion left him with occasional nausea and inner-ear problems. The events of the past 10 years had been slowly grinding away at his image of himself as "hot shit on a silver platter", and the wound finished the job.
His time at Crintera came to an end -- peregrinatores have time limits -- so he moved to Oculus Septentrionalis.
(28 total Seasons. 1 Season lost to wound recovery. 6 Seasons spent "paying his dues" as a peregrinatore to Crintera and Oculus Septentrionalis, again with no benefit. 8 Seasons, mostly Winters, spent in the lab. 13 Seasons spent "in the field".)
(Total Warping points gained: 12. Warping score goes up to 2, with 3 points left over.)
[Flaw lost: Overconfident. Flaw gained: Motion Sickness. Not all that much of a flaw, since he mostly flew everywhere anyway, but still.]

Cycle 4: 1216-1221. "Legal Beagles".
Early in this Cycle, Gardaitis encountered another Magus on the field, this one aiding the Crusaders -- Rutilus of Jerbiton. Heated words were exchanged, but the two magi eventually came to an agreement: Certamen, with the loser removing himself from the theater of operations for a period of 3 years.
Gardaitis lost.
He slunk back to Oculus Septentrionalis, tail between his legs, already planning how he was going to spend those years -- what spells he was going to invent, what new dirty tricks he was going to come up with to play on the Crusaders. He'd managed to get through most of this program before word came from Durenmar. A case had been laid against him, for the high crime of interfering with mundanes, and he had two choices: show up at Durenmar NOW and try to settle the case out of court, or show up at Durenmar during Tribunal and try to defend himself in a private/public hearing.
Gardaitis, not being a stupid man, chose option 'A' and traveled to Durenmar immediately. To his surprise, his accuser was a Jerbiton he hadn't ever met before, from one of the southern covenants. There was quite a bit of evidence against him, ameliorated by the fact that he WAS subtle and careful and his magic wasn't flashy. After a bit of wrangling, the two parties and the mediating Quaesitor agreed on a punishment: a year of working for the Quaesitori, and an agreement to stay the hell away from the Crusade for a period of ANOTHER 3 years.
Gardaitis returned to Oculus Septentrionalis, but his troubles weren't over. Rumors began to spread about him -- that he'd broken the law, that he'd bribed the Quaesitori, that he'd done this and that and the other thing. After about a year, Oculus Septentrionalis politely but firmly informed him that he had overstayed his welcome. Accordingly, he'd packed his stuff and moved as a Peregrinatore to the newly-founded covenant of Heorot, serving out the rest of his time there.
(28 total Seasons. 1 Season lost to legal wrangling and associated travel. 7 Seasons spent "paying his dues", with no benefit. 4 Seasons spent working for the Quaesitori, with no benefit except Exposure XP. 7 Seasons spent in the lab, 8 Seasons in study.)
(Warping points gained: 9. Warping Score is at 2, with 12 points left over.)
(Flaw gained: Infamous, or a similar "bad reputation" flaw.)

Cycle 5: 1222-1226. "Finita la Commedia".
More of the same. More and more and more of the same. Gardaitis was getting more and more tired.
He finally experienced his first major Twilight, caused by a magical botch while building a makeshift abatis. Luckily, he managed to comprehend it, gaining a total of 8 Warping points, a Twilight scar (a smell of fresh-cut pine that hovers around him for a short time after casting), and increased understanding in Magic Theory/mastery of the spell involved (Tree Falling in the Forest).
And in the winter of 1226-1227, the Brothers of the Sword crossed the ice to Saaremaa, and the fight was over.
He'd spent a quarter of a century trying to single-handedly stop a crusade. Trying something all-but-impossible, with no help from anyone, getting slowly ground down. Self-imposed labor of Sysiphus. Sacrificed everything for the cause -- bled for it, had his good name dragged through the mud, saw younger magi catch up to him and FAR surpass him in magical power... didn't have time to so much as bind a familiar, let alone train an apprentice... everything he had, he gave to the cause.

Thing is, if he'd succeeded -- if his mundane allies were willing to keep fighting -- it would all have been worth it. But when Saaremaa fell, and his mundane allies surrendered and accepted Christianity, he KNEW he'd failed, and he knew that all of his time, his effort, his sacrifice was for NOTHING. That was the breaking point. The fight was over, and it cannot be picked up again.

(20 Seasons. 1 Season lost to miscellaneous crap. 5 Seasons spent "paying dues" to Heorot. 5 Seasons spent in the lab/study, 9 Seasons spent "in the field".)
(13 Warping points gained. Warping score is at 3, with 10 points left over.)

Mini-Cycle 6: 1227-present. "Exeunt Idiot, stage left."
Gardaitis was at loose ends after Saaremaa fell, and in pretty bad shape. He headed south, with no particular destination in mind. Not even flying -- walking. He wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere, he needed time to think, and if he got tired or his feet hurt... well, so what?
He thought a lot as he walked. Tried to figure out what went wrong, and then gave up trying to figure it out. He came to the reluctant conclusion that he couldn't even blame the Elders for choosing to surrender and accept Christianity. If they'd wanted to save their families, they didn't have a choice in the matter. Yes, being a martyr to one's principles would have been a grand and heroic thing to do -- but if there was one thing he'd learned in his years of fighting, it was that there are very few people who are true heroes. He couldn't even count himself among that number -- and what was that the Christians said? "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?"
So the entire thing, looked at in retrospect, just seemed predetermined and foreordained and completely pointless. Blind as puppies, all of them, himself included -- smashing into walls, whining in pain, picking themselves up and smashing into the same walls all over again.
He did promise himself one thing. He would never get involved in a religious war again. Ever.

He'd spent the winter and spring of 1228 holed up at a Mercer house, somewhere in Normandy. Caught up with the latest news of the Order... finally dispatched some letters to Decima and Philippus Niger and a few other folks, telling them he was alive and not to worry... and found out about the Covenant of Andorra, who were looking for new blood. He'd been going south anyway... Andorra seemed like as good a destination as any.

So he headed south.
Towards Andorra.
From Central Normandy.
Right through... yep, you guessed it. Languedoc, and the heart of the Albigensian crusade. Welcome to Irony. Population: 1 shell-shocked Flambeau.

Winter of 1228-1229 found him near Vareilles. Correction: IN Vareilles, surrounded by a Crusader army. He tarried in the besieged town for a few weeks, and to this day he doesn't know why. He could have flown out, teleported out, escaped in a dozen different ways... but he didn't. Something was telling him to stay just one more day. One day too long, as it turned out. On his last night in the town, the Crusader army stormed the walls.

He was going to stay out of it. Really, he was. He'd learned his lesson. He promised himself -- remember that promise? -- that he wouldn't raise a weapon in a religious war ever again. Unfortunately, that promise proved rather hard to keep. He could not sit idly by and watch the slaughter.
But he wouldn't try to play the hero either. No more Mighty Mythic-Blooded Magus, trying to hold back the tide. Go find yourself someone else to play King Canute. No. He'd do what another man would do in his place. No more, and no less.

So he took the first group of panicked civilians he ran across -- two young women, and a handful of children -- and got them out of the besieged town and through the Crusader lines. He did keep part of his promise, though -- never did raise a weapon...

Of course, the question that arose the next morning was, what exactly was he supposed to do now? Two young women and a handful of children in the middle of a war zone are tasty prey for the kind of scum that follows armies around. He couldn't very well just leave them. Did they have any relatives he could drop them off with? Oh, all the way in Limoges? Nothing closer? And it's the middle of winter... and the kids are sniveling...

So Gardaitis ventured a suggestion that they follow him to where he's going. They could probably find a place to stay for a few months near Andorra, until the weather turns better, until the Crusade moves somewhere else. It won't be for very long. Really.

(12 Seasons total. 4 Seasons lost just wandering around in a daze. 2 Seasons spent in study at a Mercer house. 6 Seasons spent "in the field" -- i.e. wandering around with something that resembles purpose in a dim light.)
[ Flaw acquired: Dependents. :unamused: ]
[4 Warping Points acquired. Warping Score 3 + 14]

Marko, I'd like your comments on this before I actually go ahead and do all the math for the cycles of development, spend XP, do the vis mustering-out thing, etcetera.

Why would Philipius Niger help you? It seems that with his ant-hedgie stance and history of hunting pagan hedge wizards in Germany, you two would not like each other much.

Lineage of Axior, Schooled by Decima in the Ramius style.
What was the lineage of Axior? That should be your free House Virtue. Decima trained you to be a Warrior, not Ramius. :laughing:
Axior, I suspect, was of non-Latin lineage. And most likely also Pagan, teaching you a pagan style of magic that worked in harmony with your Mythic Blood. Then after the magical accident, Decima taught you how to the best you can with what you still had. She was probably more traditional Latin style.

Ah. I made a mistake. I was under the impression opening Arts only took a Season. Axior didn't have a chance to teach me much -- he was only my master for about 2-3 Seasons total, otherwise the timing doesn't work. (Axior, and the covenant of Terschelling, is covered in GotF p. 66.)

I don't think Axior was pagan. I'm tempted to say he was School of Apromor or Vilano, just to have the free House virtue be of some use to me down the line.

That's kind of the point. He DIDN'T help me.

Opening the Arts does only take one season. Your timing should work.

Starting stats change: Puissant Perdo as free House virtue. Warrior is no longer a free virtue. Lost "Unbound Tongue" to make room for it.

Mini-cycle 1: 1199-1202.
12 Seasons total. 1 Season lost to "senioritis". 1 season spent on "Vis Wages": hunt for a magical beastie.

2 Seasons spent escorting Decima to Hibernia and coming back: 5 XP to Awareness, Climb, Parma Magica and Finesse.

4 Seasons spent on Art advancement:
Herbam: 5 --> 6 (4).
Terram: 5 --> 6 (4).
Intellego: 5 --> 6 (4).
Rego: 8 --> 9 (1).

4 Seasons spent in the lab:
Spell invented: The Carpenter's Skilled Fingers (as Carpenter's Keen Eye, except Touch/Diam/Ind).
Spell invented in the same season: Hunt for the Wild Herb.
Spell invented with lab text & experimentation: The Mystical Carpenter. (Minor Flaw from experimentation: furniture created is overly ornate, and the ornate bits tend to break off and splinter.)
Spell learned from lab text: Aegis of Unbreakable Wood.
Magic Theory 3 -> 3 (8) from Exposure experience.

13 (10+3) pawns of vis gained. 1 Warping point gained.

Cycle 2: 1202-1209.
28 Seasons total. 1 Season lost to miscellaneous crap. 4 Seasons spent working for Crintera to maintain his status as a peregrinatore: I derive no benefit from those Seasons.
7 Seasons spent politicking:
Code of Hermes 0->2
Intrigue 0-2
Guile 0->1
Latin 4->5
Philosophiae 1->1(5)
Parma Magica 1(5) -> 2.
1 Season spent purchasing a Longevity potion from J. Random Corpus Mage, and assisting said mage in the lab:
Magic Theory 3(8) -> 3(10).
6 Seasons spent in the lab:
Spell invented: "Mistletoe Killing an Oak" (2 Seasons). PeAn(He) 20, Touch/Mom/Room. Spoils An/He based supplies stored in the target Room: food spoils, cloth and leather become mildewed and rot.
Spell invented: "Shape of the Mangy Cur". As "Shape of the Woodland Prowler", except the form is a medium-sized shaggy dog.
Spell invented: "Wizard's Leap".
Spell invented with lab text: "Veil of Invisibility".
Spell invented with lab text: "Ambush on the Deserted Road".
Magic Theory 3(10)->4(2) from Exposure.
9 Seasons spent "in the field":
Single Weapon 4 -> 4(20).
Leadership 0->3.
Stealth 0->3.
Finesse 2->3.
30 XP from Independent Study:
Imaginem 0->4
Perdo 5->6(4).
Corpus 10->10(10).

Warping points gained: 2. Warping score goes up to 1, with 1 point left over. 21 pawns "Vis Salary" gained.

Cycle 3: 1210-1216.
28 total Seasons. 1 Season lost to wound recovery. 6 Seasons spent "paying his dues" as a peregrinatore to Crintera and Oculus Septentrionalis, again with no benefit.
13 Seasons spent "in the field":
Virtues "Gift of Tongues" and "Unbound Tongue" gained, flaw "Overconfident" lost: 30 XP.
Flaw "Motion Sickness" gained: 0 XP.
Awareness 2->3
Chirurgy 2->3
Single Weapon to 5.
Magic Lore 2->3.
Parma Magica 2->3.
Leadership 3->3(10).
Herbam 6->8(4).
Terram 6->7(7).
Perdo 6->7(2)

30 XP from Independent Study:
Perdo 7(2)->9
Herbam 8->9
Magic Theory 4 (2)->4 (12).
8 Seasons spent in the lab:
Attempt to invent spell with experimentation: "Warrior from the Depths" (MuCo 30, changes caster into a large freshwater pike).
Season 1: Discovery (enough XP to bring Muto to next level).
Season 2: Complete failure.
2nd attempt to invent "Warrior from the Depths", not experimenting this time. Spell invented in 3 Seasons.
Spell learned from lab text: "Purification of the Festering Wounds".
Spell learned from lab text: "Repel the Wooden Shafts".
Spell invented: "Roar of the Descending Blade" (InTe 15, as "Shriek of the Impending Shafts" except for metal weapons.)
Magic Theory increases to 5 (3) with Exposure.

Total Warping points gained: 12. Warping score goes up to 2, with 3 points left over.
21 Vis gained.

(More later)

Cycle 4: 1216-1221.
28 total Seasons. 1 Season lost to legal wrangling and associated travel. 7 Seasons spent "paying his dues", with no benefit.
4 Seasons spent working for the Quaesitori.
Magic Theory increased to 5 (11) with Exposure XP.
8 Seasons spent in study:
Auram 0 -> 4.
Corpus 10(10) -> 12 (7)
Creo 5 -> 7 (2)
Herbam to 11.
Terram 7 (7) -> 9(4)
Independent Study bonus:
Perdo 9->10
Herbam 11->12
Terram 9(4) -> 10(2)
7 Seasons spent in the lab:
Spell invented: Touch-range version of "Tree Falling in the Forest" (3 Seasons).
Spell invented: "Incantation of Spare Lumber" (PeTe 20, Touch/Mom/Structure) (2 Seasons)
"Incantation of Spare Lumber" instantly and thoroughly rusts every single nail in the targeted Structure. The spell was designed to be used against Crusader ships: once the nails are rusted, the action of the waves would pound the ship apart within a few hours. Spell didn't see much use -- the Crusaders had figured out in fairly short order that shearwaters are Bad Luck (tm) and got into the habit of greeting every bird that'd try to alight on the rigging with a storm of arrows.
Spell nvented with experimentation: "Stance of the Patient Tree" (2 Seasons). Minor side effect: the tree thus created has a bark formation that strongly resembles a face. Major side benefit: the caster is more aware of his surroundings than with the default version of the spell.
Magic Theory increased to 5 (25) with Exposure.[/list]

Warping points gained: 9. Warping Score is at 2, with 12 points left over.
21 Vis gained.
Flaw gained: Infamous, or a similar "bad reputation" flaw.

Cycle 5: 1222-1226.
Twilight effects: 5 XP towards mastery of "Tree Falling in the Forest", 3 XP towards Magic theory, raising it to 5 (28).

20 Seasons. 1 Season lost to miscellaneous crap. 5 Seasons spent "paying dues" to Heorot.

5 Seasons spent in study:
Theology 0->2 (on the "Know Your Enemy" principle)
Magic Theory 5 (28) -> 6 (18)
Corpus 12 (7) -> 13 (9)

9 Seasons spent "in the field":
Parma Magica 3->4
Concentration 1->2
Single Weapon 5 -> 5(15)
Finesse 3->4
Guile 1->2
Awareness 3->3(15)

Independent Study bonus:
Imaginem 4->6(4)
Ignem 3->6

(13 Warping points gained. Warping score is at 3, with 10 points left over.)
21 Vis gained.

Mini-Cycle 6: 1227-present.

12 Seasons total. 4 Seasons lost just wandering around in a daze.
2 Seasons spent in study at a Mercer house.
Intellego up to 7 (7)
Mentem to 4 (3).

6 Seasons spent "in the field" -- i.e. wandering around with something that resembles purpose in a dim light.
Area Lore (Languedoc) 0->3
Hunt 2->3
Survival 2->3

10 Vis gained. Not taking Independent Study XP, since it's a short Cycle.
Flaw acquired: Dependents.
4 Warping Points acquired. Warping Score 3 + 14

Total Vis 107 - 32 = 75 pawns of vis, or 300 BP.

Longevity Ritual (level 50): 75 BP.
Invested Device (Ever-Full Pouch): A large (1.5 foot by 3 foot) bag of fine chainmail sandwiched between 2 layers of cloth. 108 BP
Shrink the Unwieldy Item (MuTe(He,An) 30) (R: Touch, D: Conc, T:Ind) (50 times a day, item maintains concentration)
Any He/Te/An based object that can fit through the mouth of the bag is shrunk to 1/16th in size and weight and drops to the bottom of the bag. Sticking a hand wearing a ring or bracelet inside the bag is NOT recommended. The bag can be rolled up around what's inside it, and carried by one of Gardaitis' animal forms.
Gardaitis' Armor: a suit of full chain with small built-in metal plates. 3 of the plates are Invested Devices, each one with a single effect that is permanent (2/day with a Sun trigger) and affects the rest of the armor (total 78 BP):
Hardness of Adamantite (MuTe 30) (36 BP)
Hauberk of Sublime Lightness (MuTe 35) (42 BP)
Blessing of Taarapitta (MuIm 20) (On command, masks the sound the armor makes, and changes the appearance of it to be a somewhat-generic suit of peasant clothes. Finesse rolls from the wielder allow more detail in the clothes' appearance.) (24 BP)

4 Pawns of random vis, probably Corpus: 16 BP.

Be careful that you empty that bag before each sunset/sunrise so it doesn't burst.

Looks like the bag is D: Concentration, not D: Sun. And I would be right annoyed if the "flicker" effect (which I, personally, don't care for that much) makes the item grow back to full size, even if momentarily.

Yep. That'd make the item pretty useless, IMO.

This is part of canon. Look at the familiar bond maintaining concentration on a spell. The magus/familiar must handle the concentration through sunrise/sunset. There are alternatives. For example, perhaps a clever use of Ring could work? Or maybe D: Moon and a second effect that dispels this one as an item is removed?

Hunh. I could have sworn that it said that effects in items with a Duration of Concentration "flickered" at sunrise or sunset. This makes no sense. If the effect basically ends at Sunrise or Sunset, why have Concentration and not Sun, since you have to reactivate the effect anyway? (I know it says "concentrate...for a few moments to perpetuate it until the next sunrise or sunset," but that might as well be reactivating the effect.)

shrugs Or I'd have to concentrate at sunrise/sunset. Whichever. There are half a dozen ways to make it work, and TBH the exact way that particular item operates is not real high on my list of concerns.

Peanut Gallery:

Just need to instill an Environment Trigger into the device...

Because with D: Concentration you can cancel it, too. That would seem to be what is desired here. And by some interpretations it will let you control things (see Maintaining the Demanding Spell for the basic idea many hold).

I don't recommend this. Imagine the difficulty of concentrating on a dozen different items at the same time. The environmental trigger idea is a good one, though T: Individual would be problematic with that. Anyway, lots of alternatives, but I recommend against concentrating yourself.

Exactly what I was thinking also :slight_smile:

There is precedent in the RAW for spells that drop when a physical component is removed (e.g. "Cloak of Black Feathers"). If we can say that the item is enchanted similarly -- i.e. the spell on an object drops when the object is removed from the bag -- I have no problem changing it to Sun duration with an environmental trigger. If I need to build in a second effect to dispel the spell instead, I'm not going to be able to do that -- not enough build points.

I'm going to detail the small gaggle of refugees Gardaitis has as dependents, but since they're a Story flaw I'm going to leave a lot of room for SG meddling. :slight_smile:

Marko, is there a spare lab that Gardaitis can use, or will I need to spend 2 Seasons setting one up? If I need to spend 2 Seasons setting one up, is it OK for him to have arrived in the summer of 1229, so that the lab is done?

I think that effect is limited to MuCo spells as a holdover from previous editions. I'd support opening it up for enchantment applications, but it seems like it should require some kind of addition to the effect's level.

That shouldn't be an issue: I've got enough build points for that modification. And yes, I fully agree that it should require an addition to the effect level at the very least.

Also, found a decent picture of what Gardaitis looks like (one that matches the image in my head).

(Might bind a bat familiar at some point to match the picture. :slight_smile: )