Gardaitis of Flambeau (development)

I think I remember reading somewhere that Cloak of Black Feathers is a throwback to old Mutantum Harnessed/Tethered casting. Can't find it though.

I would be vary wary of extending that to other spells. There is a specific rule written in the MuCo guidelines. But to generalize this to other spells essentially gives everyone a Hermetic Virtue for free, and without its drawback. And we have a magus in this game who has taken this Virtue. So I would consider this generalization very unfair.

This is precisely one of the things D: Concentration is for, but if you want D: Concentration you have to deal with the problems it brings about. Or you might work off D: Ring, in which case removing it from the ring will also end the effect. Or you could try for something different.

Really don't think D: Ring will work here. The intent of D: Ring seems fairly clear -- 2-dimensional horizontal circle, and the spell breaks when the target is outside that circle on the horizontal plane. You're talking about extending it to 3 dimensions -- the spell breaks when the target passes through the circle for the second time. Plus, there's the problem that the "ring" itself -- the mouth of the bag -- can be scrunched up, folded, etc.

I wouldn't allow it in one of my games, that's all I'm saying. YMMV.

EDIT: I think the easiest way to deal with this item would be to say that it was created by a Mercere, or someone with access to Mutantum magic, and the effect is Harnessed. That, or I can scrap the item altogether. It's convenient, and makes sense for the character to have, but hardly central to the concept.

The MuCo bit you mention is a specific breakthrough for sha[eshifting spells. A Bjornaer development I think.
Harnessed magic won't apply, because this is an enchantment and not a spell.
Really, honest, all you need is to add 3 levels for Environmental Trigger. the Trigger being Sunrise and Sunset. Then the concentration does not get disrupted at those times, for instead the effect is reactivated.
How many uses per day does this bag of holding have?
Unlimited Use, Item Concentration, and Environmental Trigger. With that design, you are all good to go.
And what's this talk about refuges? The Dependents Flaw should represent children or some such, not full grown adult refuges. They are quite able to fend for themselves. And remember, you are headed for Espana bro. One or a few pagans who are magi can slide. A gaggle of mundane pagans is gonna bring a gaggle of trouble.

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone interpreting it that way. Usually I hear either cylindrical or spherical or hemispherical or oblong hemispherical. But I have always heard 3-D. For example, let's say your bat familiar with you inside a circular ward flies up from the ground to land on your knee, wouldn't it remain in the protective circle? Arguments against the cylindrical approach usually arise when people point out problems with it an rings drawn on non-horizontal surfaces. Arguments against the hemispherical approach usually arise when people point out the problems with approach the edge of the ring. These seem to be what gave rise to the oblong hemispherical approach, avoiding the edge issues of the hemisphere and the infinite length problem of the cylinder.

Why? This wasn't what I was thinking at all. Why must the mouth be the ring? I was thinking of a hardened section of leather or something like that as a base/side of the bag. That's where the circle is. Then the mouth of the bag gets opened to give access to things within. Things within cannot leave the circle due to the sides of the bag blocking them. But they could leave through the mouth of the bag.

I believe D: Concentration in an item is effectively Harnessed by ArM5 rules, after all the item creates the effect and the user concentrates. And you don't want Tethered since that would destroy the item. You might add a second effect, that being a T: Group (probably with multipliers) ReVi spell to maintain the Concentration duration effects within it for D: Sun triggered 2/day environmentally. This keeps the advantages of D: Concentration but also gets you past the disadvantage (losing it as sunrise/sunset). Now the item shrinks things and maintains concentration for you until sunrise/sunset. After that the effect is maintained by the second effect until you choose to end it. As each item is under a sustained concentration, you can end individual effects as desired.

This does bring up the question then that I had worried about. Are we allowing unlimited triggering of an item within a single round? I had figured we wanted to avoid that issue which is why I'd been looking for similar solutions after deciding I like the basic idea of adding the environmental trigger.

The refugees aren't pagan. They are a pair of young women (little more than teenagers) and a handful of kids from the town of Vareilles in the Languedoc, which was destroyed by the Albigensian crusade. They may be Cathars, or Catholics who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, but pagan they aren't.

OK. I will modify the item & redo the math once my Serf's Parma drops.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Cathars would be thematic :slight_smile:

If you look too closely, you will always see pixels.
But say you designed an item where one effect delivers input to an item that can trigger another effect (such as InMe for silent mental command). That's already two effects going off in the same round. Or say an item has six effects that all have the same trigger, such as an environmental one for sunrise. The six effects are simualtaneous. You cannot design an item to be Fast Cast or Muticast (maybe if you were a straight up Verditius cult master, I might negotiate something such as a breakthrough and/or inner mystery.

I think you missed my point. That's fine. You have multiple effects here. That's not the issue. We're talking about a single effect with a single trigger that can fire off many times with a single use of that trigger. So, for example, I could have a wand with Ball of Abysmal Flame with unlimited uses on the command word "burn." I then wield it and say "burn" once, firing off 20 Balls of Abysmal Flame. I doubt we're OK with that. But that's where things are headed with the individual effect being fired off many times by the one trigger.

Edit: For clarification, you're suggestion is that this T: Individual effect gets triggered by sunrise/sunset to affect all the items currently shrunk means you're suggesting that this effect gets multicast while stating "you cannot design an item to be... Muticast." I hope that's clear.

The Environmental Trigger maitains the concentration, much as it does with Sun Duration to create a seemless constant effect.
As for your wand, I dare you to go ahead and enchant a wand with BoAF twenty-times. You would certainly need for it to be a Talisman in order to open that much space, and a queen of vis or more would be needed for the project. Maybe two or three. If you can pull it off, design it with enough Penetration and other bells & whistles, you will be a legend.
As for a single effect being triggered multiple times, I don't think this has anything to do with that. And I can imagine a shield with an environmental trigger that turns all swords that strike it into roses. Three swords hit you in a round, the effects triggers three times that round. And don't try to say Burn twenty times in a round. Only the first one will count, the serious one. That is simple activation, not an environment trigger.

Edit: Your example is still off. We're talking about a single effect (one T: Individual effect) and a single trigger (sunrise or sunset) making that single effect happen multiple times. This isn't one trigger activating multiple effects (your prior example). This isn't one effect being activated by multiple triggers (your sword defense example).

I'm fine with you ruling that way. But I would still prefer consistency to make sure this result is clear:

The Environmental Trigger maintains the concentration, much as it does with Sun Duration to create multiple seemless constant effects.

That is what we're talking about, after all.

Messed up the math on BPs. I actually have about 20 pawns of vis.

I presume the second Gardaitius thread is the one youy want stikied. I will let other players review and comment first.

Yep, that was the idea.

I suggest you drop Motion Sickness. You already have a hearing handicap. Take Oversensative instead (as it seems to fit your history and how you developed)
Just a suggestion :slight_smile:
You forgot to pick specializations for your abilities.
Otherwise evrything is fine by me.

I did actually put specializations into my Abilities. MetaCreator ate them. :stuck_out_tongue:
Will do.

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