Gardaitis of Flambeau (development)

I'm getting so tired of it I've been seriously considering coding my own Ars character/covenant tracking software. In my Copious Spare Time (tm).

JL misunderstood the rules there.
In the example he took, the environmental trigger is what allows D: Sun spells with 2 uses per day to essentially become Constant spells.

But allowing it to let D: Concentration effects maintain concentration at Sunrise and Sunset means that these effects essentially become constant, as you yourself notice.

So, for 8 levels (D: Conc +3 env trigger to maintain concentration), you've got something that is, most of the times, as efficient as the 14 levels of Constant duration (D: Sun, +1 for 2 uses per day, +3 for env trigger).
Consider how, for instance, Guillaume's armor could, instead of being Constant, use that rule. What use is there for Constant duration, now?

This is how I'd do it, too.
Maybe he can have it in a separate item, so as to use it outside?

Hum… As it is, the bag contents would stay shrunk as long as the bag maintains concentration, even if they went outside (of course, that’s when the bag drops concentration).
I wonder if a Diameter duration effect cast each round (unlimited uses) at touch range on the bag’s contents (group target, + size) would do the trick? It’d mean that any item removed from the bag would stay shrunk for a diameter, of course, but would bypass the Sunrise/Sunset problem. Of course, this’d only work if we say that a new effect supersedes an existing one, and this could also mean fast warping if the level is high enough, which is nice IMO.
Note that, on an item designed to be Constant (like Guillaume’s armor), this adds 15 levels (+1 Diam, +10 unlimited uses), one more than Constant effect, so this is nice :smiley:

So, say:
Design: MuTe Base 4 (Haven’t checked, this must be the highest applicable base), +1 Diameter, +1 Touch, +2 Group, +1 Size, +1 Animal Requisite, +1 Herbam requisite = lvl 35, +10 unlimited uses = lvl 45.
This keeps up to 100 base individuals shrinked. Can this affect Metal?

Yes, this is great for him.

You know what, I'm just going to scrap the item. It's not important.
Stats adjusted accordingly.

Any other thoughts, comments, suggestions, thrown fish? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I say keep the item. No need to get super complicated the way others are suggesting. And yes, it makes it effectively constant. That's the idea. It also takes nine more levels than a Sun-constant, so the trade off is fair in my mind.
And crossing an Aegis will make it burp. And there are other minor disadvantages.
But if you wanna wave it, so be it. My word is not absolute law. If most of my players nix it, then I gotta go with them even if I disagree.

I don't think it's a problem to have an item made by a Mercurian, especially in a saga where pretty much everybody started out with Items of Quality (tsk tsk... everyone taking business out of Vulcanus' pocket).

Yup. Just take care to note it in the item's description.

(And you don't like my diameter idea? )

Well, it seems more complex than necessary. I still say simple is easier. Unlimited Use, Item Concentrates, Environmental Trigger. Questions on "what about this or what about that?" are irrelevant. This is neither this nor that. Look too closely and you will always see pixles. Magic isn't real. Nor are we playing a computer game that needs to adhere to strict coded logic.
In fact, I am willing to call it just a mysterious Bag of Holding. It does what it does, you don't know how or why, it just does. Not game breaking in the slightest. Just a simple bag.

If no one else objects, we can certainly do that. I was just tired of arguing the ins and outs of an object that's essentially an item of convenience. :slight_smile:

And Fixer, in re your Diameter idea... I started thinking about it, and thought about Warping (which would only come into play if someone is stupid enough to stick, say, a puppy in there)... and then thought "Who needs a Cage of Change -- here, Bag of Instant Familiars!"... and then thought that since the warping is not controlled, you never know WHAT you're going to get out when you stick your hand in there, so it's really a Bag of More Trouble Than It's Worth... and that line of thought led me to both the D&D Bag of Tricks and The Magician's Hat from "Finn Family Moomintroll"... and that made my head hurt so I decided to stop thinking about it. :smiley:

Nice idea, though. :smiley:


Tell the truth, I much prefer this.
Not only do I very much disagree that Environmental Trigger can do this for Concentration, but this would have the same effect of allowing, for a lower level, something that is not only as efficient as Constant Duration, but also more flexible. For purely hermetic magic, I dislike that: Constant is already niche enough as it is.

Another possibility "by the rules" would have been (if it is possible in an item, serf's parma) a faerie bag, using the Glamour mystery so that the inside of the bag is larger than the inside.


Groovy 8)

Okay. I have stickied the character sheet and presume you are otherwise ready to go.
I propose introducing the character in the current Winter Drake Hunt story thread. Gardatius is on his way to the legendary Covenant of Andorra, crossing through the Pyrenees, when he is attacked by a MacGuffin. This will coincide with the other players on their way to fufil the dragon's request (their own MacGuffin), and the meeting of characters can be role played from there.
Good idea?

Works for me.

Marko, Gardaitis doesn't have any Folk Ken. That's partially an oversight -- I noticed it a few days ago -- and partially me saying "Yeah, no problem, he's not that good at reading people."

Problem is, his player is pretty good at reading people, and there's the whole issue of OOC knowledge to consider. So I'm not sure I can actually play that properly.

Gardaitis spent a lot of Seasons without any benefit: 25 more than your guidelines call for. (I took your line about "don't be a munchkin" to heart. :smiley: )You have a problem with me retroactively taking a couple of those Seasons for XP, and giving him around a 2 in Folk Ken?

For the record, for me? Of course!
You can even say you gained them through exposure during these seasons (2 = 15 xp =about 8 seasons exposure).

Are you saying you gimped yourself and now you wanna ungimp yourself? If that is the case, then so be it :slight_smile:

I'm saying I may have gimped myself a tad too far. :slight_smile: