Gauging interest...

Hello all,

Seeing how difficult it is to enter a saga, I am writing to gauge the interest in creating a new. It would be troupe style play with practically even distribution of chapters to each player/Storyteller.

Regarding numbers of players, apart from my self, I was thinking of keeping it low...3 or 4 more. maybe 5.

As I recently just wrote about the Lotharingian Tribunal, it might be interesting to play the formation of this tribunal out, but that is just a suggestion.

Regarding rules: I am by no means a rules lawyer - there are quite a few rules I have only skimmed or do not wholly know. I do believe I have the capacity to tell a good story though; in other words if this saga does start, it would be great to have a player that was very much into the rules and mechanics.

So... shoot with ideas, cries of exultation and criticism.

I would be interested.

Didnt read about that Tribunal, which region does that cover?

I got no problem with storytelling a chapter or two, the only problem is, that im going on vacation soon. Starting august 1st i will be away for 3 weeks. After that, i would be very interested in joining.

The Lotharingian Tribunal used to exist in the early history of the Order, being a slice of land between the Frankish tribes and the Germanic tribes, covering, the low lands, Burgundy, Lorraine down to Arelat (As far as I understand).

This new tentative Lotharingian Tribunal would be smaller and concentrated on the Lowlands, Picardy, Lorraine region.

As people have to make Magi etc. we would not be starting right now any way :slight_smile:

I would be interested in joining, although I have not yet played 5th Ed. (Currently the ASG for a 4th edition saga) I have the core rules, Covenants, and Tales from Mythic Europe. Which books do you plan on using?

I can probably post about every other day.

Sounds great Archimedes :slight_smile:

I don't really wanna restrict any books, though combinations of abilities and powers from both the Faerie, Infernal and Divine (apart from Magic) realms, would probably need to be toned down, if a player so desires (I don't mind optimization, though sheer munchkinism is uncool 8) ). Also as written, I am not Mr. Rules - I definately have always concentrated more on telling a good story, giving it life and atmosphere, than I have concentrated on knowing what was on page 55

Posting would be between 2-4 times a week, depending on whether it's Christmas/Summer holidays IRL, or another holiday season.

If you need I can join as well. A warning though I had to drop out of Light of Andorra due to the fact that it progressed to fast and I had trouble to keep up. I thought that it would be a sad thing if you did not get you saga of the ground.

Mad Max,
What is a steady pace in your opinion? My take is (And I am rather clueless as I have not played online sagas before) that a month of real time, would equate a year in Mythic Europe. So if we have a long chapter of 3 months, with 2 months tying loose ends, then we'd advance the saga about 5 years after that (Unless some advancement took place during the chapter)

I think it is best to run a few paralell stories that end at the same time and after that story is concluded the story guide tells everyone to take a few seasons (I give 0-3 between each chapter). Then you play again. What characters are you looking for. Is there any restrictions? Should they be right out of gauntlet or could we take a few years of study before the game begins?

I like the idea of a fast paced saga, which i think 1 year of gametime every month would mean, since my live saga is rather slow.
Advancement for 5 years should take a few days to complete, thats 20 seasons! But i second the idea.

Regarding troupe style play: As i said, i would be willing to tell a couple of stories, but i think we need an alpha storyguide, at least for the creation of the covenant and the characters! Your willing to do that ROF?

Regarding the mages: A few years out of apprenticeship might be cool to individualize the character, but not much.

The covenant: Does playing the creation of the tribunal mean building a new covenant from scratch? Possibly sponsored by an older covenant from the rhine tribunal or sumthing like that? Im all for not having superiors bossing us around. Or are we talking about older covenants separating themselves from another tribunal?

Mad Max,
I am quite with you, except the length of a story can vary...if a story takes 6 months to complete (or severel parallel stories) and the telling players we now advance 2 seasons that would be too slow. Again, a story over in 2 weeks, would not merit more than a couple seasons max. In all I think that 1 month=1 year approximately and subject to the story in question.

When to tell everything and when to attract players :smiley: I'd say that a lot is up to the players. My tentative proposition would be to have players from fresh out of the gauntlet and up to 10-12 years, maybe with a random factor thrown in. Probably with a new covenant - since there are few covenants willing to become the Lotharingian Tribunal, they need all the manpower they can get! I am all for no superiors...

I wouldn't mind being Alpha, as long as people remember I am not an expert on the if one of you are, then great, if not, then I think we should really advertise for one :slight_smile:

I think I would prefer to start a magus fresh from his gauntlet, as I have not played 5th ed rules yet. One year out might be okay, if someone could give some suggestions about what a 5th ed magus might do during his first year.

I've enjoyed being the SG for my 4th ed saga, and might be willing to tell a story or two here. But, as I said, being new to 5th ed, I am still learning the rules.

If we are starting to talk about characters, I have an idea for a Tytalus or a Verditius.

I am fine with the advancement time. I just suggested what I usually do. If no one objects I start creating a verditius magus with a alchemy interest and a nack for creating laboratory tools, he will be 10 years out of apprenticeship and he has undergone perhaps one mystery initiation. I can aid with some material creation if needed. Rof start up a game forum as soon as possible.One question though... Have our magi lived on the site since forever or have they just moved in? I have some plans on laboratory improvment. :slight_smile:

Regarding covenant, I think it should be freshly created/raised/built/et cetera (What form it will take, I am still speculating). I have a lot of cleaning to due come my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow, but I will start a game forum as soon as feasible :slight_smile:. So a Magus 10 years out of his Gauntlet would have lived at another covenant (maybe in the area, maybe not) before he moved to the site.

So far we have

Zlorfik - not able to play until late August
Archimedes - interested in playing a Tytalus or a Verditius
Mad Max - interested in playing a Verditius
Yours Truly (ROF) - Flexible Maximus

I would like one more, preferably one who has a solid grasp of the rules - so anyone out there, strong in rules, give us a holler :slight_smile:

Ars Magica: The New Tribunal [Maximum 6 players Storyteller included]

The Magi will be from fresh from the Gauntlet to a maximum of 10 years advanced.

We'll handle advancement at the end of a story/chapter depending on the appropriate time passed.

Combat will be handled cinematically (Diceless) for unimportant grogs, minor occurences such as three brigands crossing your path etc. Real danger to your Magi or Companions will be played out with appropriate rules and dice rolling.

Dice rolling: I am very much open for suggestions. A possibility is for me to roll all dice, except for my own magus, which would be rolled by another player. Or I roll ALL dice, or we use a computer programme. Suggestions?

Rules: I would not like to restrict players in their use of rules regarding creation of Magi, Items, Laboratories, Familiars etc. However, I would prefer that the Magi do not seem 'unrealistic'. As I mentioned in a post, having virtues and flaws from all four magical realms might be a little over the top.

I hope for between 2-4 posts/player/week. I understand that Holidays and Summer will slow the Saga. Remember to post abscences in advance.

I hope for creative, witty, in-depth writing. Something that is really enjoying to read. Everybody is not as good at writing as the next fellow, so of course I am lenient, and also expect posts to carry the plot, intrigue, character development etc. forward.

Plotwise, the creation of a new tribunal is huge and will matter a lot, but the re should be ample room for the Magi's own stories and actions to dictate the Saga and influence the overall story arch.

Focus for the campaign will be politics, intrigue and development. The politics for creating the tribunal and for interacting with the Order at large, and intrigue for the many intricate details the Magi have to consider in this Saga. Development comes from the ideas of the Magi in the area. They want change, they want growth, they want to throw off the stiffling yoke of the Rhine and Normandy Tribunals.
The Theme for the Saga, will be rather gothic. It's a dark world, infernalists, demons, dark fey, and even worse dark hearts of men create a world rife with problems. The Magi will see the dreary reality they are in, and may try to comfort themselves with the thought of 'Magic saves all' or 'The New Tribunal will be glorious'. Remember though, that a new tribunal is also a playground for these darkest desires to cavort in.

Regarding the Magi, I hope for a a spread of the Houses with various personality types. A player wishing to be a Quaesitor better have a good grip on the Code.

I think i got all the basic rules covered, but just like Archimedes i dont have access to a lot of 5th edition books.
If its about the basic rulebook and covenants, no problem, but if its about mystery cults, infernal powers and divine virtues i have to pass.
Speaking of covenants, it contains a bunch of rules that i read and dont like, like wealth management and detailed book creation. If someone wants to calculate our whole wealth shemes, great, else i would suggest setting a moderate upkeep limit for our labs and get on with it.

Regarding our saga: do you plan the focus on intrigue and politics to just cover hermetic dealings or mundane connections too?
Depending on that i could imagine playing a guernicus, a jerbiton or a bonisagus mage.
I like the idea of forming that tribunal, i just want you to know that just like Archimedes i dont own Lion & Lilly or the rhine tribunal book and therefor now nothing of that tribunal yet.

Looking for a Bonisagus too?


I could port over Iohannes from Timothy's retired saga. He's 10 years past Gauntlet, and is already in this region. He breaks a rule though, has a cool ship and he's very marine-oriented.



The plot line sounds very interesting. I think I might go with my Tytalus idea for this. I was thinking about his backstory, and he seems to be developing a rather bleak outlook on most of humanity. Throwing off "the stifling yoke" may be right up his alley.

Another PBP game is using

No doubt that the most important book to understand is the rulebook itself :slight_smile: If people want to add divine or infernal stuff to their stories, it can be done with or without the relevant books - more a matter of personal choice I think.

Regarding the bookkeeping, I think that the rules of Covenants about 3 extra Quality from resonance etc. are fairly understandable, but since they are rather expensive to add to a book, it is probably not somethink we will start with. Wealth can be handled strictly or as suited for the story; if we have a covenant that is poor, we need to wealthmanage! Now I do not plan on making a poor covenant, probably just a regular, but even then, we could be tight on money, so there might be some wealth management. If this is not to a given player's liking, I am sure we can find something else he can control and bookkeep :slight_smile:

As the Lotharingian Tribunal wants a looser Peripheral Code when it comes to Mundanes, then yes, politics and intrigue will also include dealing with mundanes. The tribunal's goals are, officially, written as furthering the acceptance of magic via their ecclesiastical allies (and others).

It is not necessary to know anything about the tribunal itself, as I will be writing a little story to cover it :slight_smile: Also I own Guardians of the Forest and a friend of mine owns Lion and the Lily.

Owarva and Yan, you'd be welcome, this also sets us at our maximum number of players. Owarva, exactly what 'rule' does Iohannes break :smiley:

I have every book except The broken covenant and the Fallen Fane and intend to use some of that material, A&A are one of my favourites. Now how will we go about covenant creation? Will you ROF create all the material or shall we make up material together? We should have a forum to discuss this in.