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I'm impressed with your ic small-talk capabilities. Nonetheless, the faster you are reunited the easier it gets.

I've tried to move things in that direction in the other thread.

Could the guest quarters could be converted? She'll have to look into that. Of course, then she wouldn't have guest quarters. :frowning: Well, splitting one lab into two smaller ones might work, too. We'll see.

Hmm... How big is that? My guess is it's not really suitable for as important a maga as Adele is. :wink: But maybe it could be made so.

That might work for her, too. The size wouldn't be unreasonable. She's hoping to have one lab space dedicated toward crafting jewelry and the rest for everything else.

Why did the head librarian have to be a woman! Adele's never going to get a book she wants. :cry:

Wouldn't reading be done in the library, at least until we are granted member status?

One thing we might consider, if space is limited, is the notion of a common lab that we could share amongst those magi who are less lab-oriented. I know that Animus, for one, won't be doing much lab work in the first few years. And when he does, it will be limited to learning spells from lab texts. I don't see him needing a lab for more than 5 seasons in the next 5 years.

Well, she can always ask for a hair deposit if she doesn't like your face (a.k.a. envied beauty). Stealing a book is a High Crime, and I'm sure the Order finds plenty of hoplites when they hear the prize is a priceless summa.

Oh you do need a lab, because building one is part of your job description. Labs are also something like the houses in Skyrim: A cool thing to have and personalize.

The limit is there for two reasons.

  • The floor plans seem to imply that too many labs greater than standard size are rather unlikely to fit into the keep/castle.
  • I don't want to have to deal with huge labs - labs refined because of a high MT are a different matter.

Well, that wouldn't prevent a visitor from copying a book without the librarian knowing. And the library might offer a better place for reading until we have our labs set up.

I'm fine with that.

Would the be space in one of the keep's tower to put a lab in? How high are these towers (number of floors)? I'm wondering whether there might be a location where Animus might benefit from the Elevated lab virtue.

There are two towerlike structures apart from the keep.

  • the tower Remi has his lab in even has two empty floors, but if you were remi and had a cool tower lab, would you really share your tower?
  • the gatehouse, upper floor (if you find a new place for the grogs to stay)

I'm thinking roughly Size -2 for the jewelry lab in addition to a regular Size 0 lab. Not going for anything enormous.

Hmm... Maybe someone would go in with me on a tower created magically? Adele doesn't need the top floors specifically.

Menatia would prefer to have her lab in the main keep I think. Unless she can discuss with Remi about getting one of the lower floors there.

I agree.

I would guess we can assume she gets back soon now. I'll start posting in the other thread.

Fairie lore roll: What exactly do myou want? A list of fairies with name and address? It's a good roll, but having a question makes finding an answer easier.

No one has checked the steward for tempering as far as you know.

Please, everyone, roll stress die + int + Order of Hermes Lore (mention your specialisation)

Animus: die roll 1d10=3 + Int 1 + OoH Lore 1 (history) = 5

Animus was asking about knowledge of faeries more to see who would be better equiped to investigate that possibility than for a list a faeries able to impersonate someone.

4 + 4 (roll) = 8 (9 for Rhine Tribunal)

It wasn't clear my bad.

Is there some kind of faeries in the tribunal well aware of the order and Its organisation (maybe because they have a known deal with a covenant concerning a virtus source or any other reason that make them meet magus on a regular basis) and/or that are particularly interested in impersonating Redcaps or any kind of wizards ?


1d10=5 + int 2 +OoH lore (personalities) 1 =8

Menatia's OoH roll: 1d10=10 +1 (Int), no rank in Order of Hermes = 1 or a botch.

None of you know enough about OOHL to get an extra hint.
Bearlord is pretty sure that there is a guy in the order named ponisagus, who is a muto animal expert with a focus on horse shrinking. :mrgreen:

So what are you going to do?

As stated in the IC thread, Animus (and whoever can help him, such as Adele) would probably try to track down Felix's movements since the delivery of the letters by visiting the various covenants of the Tribunal. Of course, since this may end up a fairly long process (probably somw weeks of travel) that may not yield anything useful, he would consult Daria first and brief her on the limited results of their investigation so far. Perhaps, with her greater knowledge of the Order, she might be able to suggest another course of action.

For people with less potent travel magic, maybe we could take the road to Durenmar then try to negociate free passage to Harco using Mercere Portal to check If any friends of Felix could tell us more about his project to regain his gift and what faeries he's dealing with.
I'd like to avoid doing another round of small talk, so If we have to split because some of us are faster at moving, then I would like to do something with the rest of the group, Harco is my proposal but I'll stick with the group if something else is decided.

That sounds like a good plan. I don't mind splitting at all. But if we do, we should have two groups (of whatever size doesn't matter much, though pairing Adele and Animus together makes some sense) going about investigating different angles or places. It would be silly not to take advantage of Adele's and Animus's speeds. But that also means their more suited to errands, racing off to other spots to pick up small bits of information quickly. Meanwhile the rest of the group could be putting pieces together and dealing with bigger issues (like Harco), and when they find something new that requires travel they could send Adele and Animus off to check on things. I expect that would keep everyone involved while still letting people play to their strengths.