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This is a thread for general conversations.

should we have threads to discuss character development, or just keep the latest version updated in the character threads? Also what are the expectations with regards to companions and grogs?

It's probably best to each have a thread for development of characters so that the Magi of Atlantis thread doesn't get bloated. I was going to make that an announcement topic if I can ever get the right permissions to do that.

As for companions, I was thinking that, to start, everyone should make up one companion.

As for grogs, feel free to have a shield grog and a servant grog, and one or two others to fill things up. We'll expand as needed.

You have the permissions, it's about clicking n the options in the bottom right hand corner of the message thread.

The only options I have are:

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They updated my permissions and I'm good now.

Just a warning: I'm moving house right now, and have my hands full, so will be a bit behind with chargen. I'm still in though.

FYI, I'm in meetings all day today and won't be able to respond to any questions until evening EST.

I'm afraid I'm in the hospital with heart issues and will be until at least Wednesday. My posts may be very spotty.

I'm so sorry to hear that! We're all rooting for you and are willing to donate vis for the CrCo ritual.

Here's to a quick recovery!

Welcome to the game, Jesse!


As I noted on the recruiting thread, I am considering a few different ideas. Here they are in order of preference. I want to mesh well with the group, so please let me know what you guys think.

  1. Tremere magus, specializing in Rego, Terram, and Vim, who has some experience as a soldier (as is the norm for Tremere), and is also a skilled architect (including Hermetic Geometry & Hermetic Architecture). Knowing that everyone would be playing "spy games" with the assumption that such a magus is spying but lying about it, the magus instead openly admits to sending regular reports back to House Tremere about the progress of the Atlantis project. This magus sees Atlantis as a means to create a defensible "wizard haven" that is free from the constraints of the mundane world or the attacks of the Dominion or Infernal, if it is managed properly.

  2. Jerbiton magus who acts as a social and cultural lynchpin. This character believes that most covenants are too insular and culturally stagnant, and that the same fate will befall an Atlantis project if it is managed just like any other covenant. This character is somewhat radical by Jerbiton standards in believing that the time of Constantinople is over but forging a new "shining city" is possible by combining the magical power of mythology with the skills of the Order and a carefully-managed melange of cultural influx among the unGifted. Gentle Gift, and an extraordinary Communication score (5) make this character excellent at dealing with outside groups/covenants and at writing books for trade or study. This character would likely be a generalist wizard with slightly better skills in Creo, Mentem, Vim, Imagonem, and Intellego than in other areas. In some ways this character might be a better fit than the Tremere, above, although in an unusual twist this character would likely be spending study seasons away from the covenant, engaging in diplomacy abroad.

  3. Criamon magus who believes that Atlantis was destroyed because it was a civilization that had the potential to break the cycle of time. This magus thinks that the spiritual roots of Atlantis form a spiral pattern that allows it to accumulate knowledge with each cycle of its creation and destruction, and that if it can be brought to a peak it can answer the riddle of how to escape time. Obviously the character is something of an eccentric. Probably an Intellego specialist, doing bizarre research into the Hermetic Limit of Time. While I find this character concept interesting, it is my least favorite because the Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults information about the Criamon establishes that they are objectively wrong in the setting, so it feels kind of pointless to play one.

Of the three I like the first the best, I just hope that the mage will be significantly contributing to growing the Atlantis Covenant instead of just watching and looking to exploit it... it will also make an interesting counterpoint to Meliai who is going to be looking to regrow ancient magical forests on the island.

I like the first two better than the third, but I am biased against Criamon for exactly the reason given. You may notice that the covenant is already strong in Rego and Terram, but with as many magi as we have this may be less of an issue.

I agree that any Tremere who openly admits to "spying" for the House is going to need a greater commitment than an average magus. If the House is getting intel, perhaps they can compensate for that with a greater initial investment of resources, whatever that form may take? Regardless, I agree that the Tremere would be VERY interested in supporting an Atlantis for magi project.

It's kind of a matter of perspective. Other magi would consider it spying. The Tremere would consider it a practical matter of keeping the House informed about major magical developments. House Tremere would probably say that they are just gathering useful information and keeping records in case of any danger or useful discoveries. Other magicians would say that the House is spying on the magi involved in the project. House Tremere would scoff at the notion that they should "compensate" anyone for simply taking common-sense notes and safety precautions, while other Houses would say that if House Tremere wants to benefit from the research, they should back the project with tangible resources. As usual it's a political matter and it might wind up resolved by debate or certamen or even tribunal.

Under normal conditions I would agree with you, but in this case it's a small group of magi going far beyond the bounds of civilization or hermetic influence on a personal project.

So magi who want to work on this project need to be personally accepted by the other magi on a voluntary basis. Generally I do not think this is ever an issue, but a character who is clear that the covenant and their sodales are not their first loyalty will need to provide some other assurance that their priorities will align with the covenant.

In this case the stakes are even higher because the end result could easily be either one or more new tribunals, or even a kingdom ruled by magi.

This line right here is exactly why House Tremere would be extremely keen to have eyes on the project.

Now, if anyone thinks this will cause too much conflict, that's why I have alternatives, like the much more soothing Jerbiton!

Basically this is your chance to decide whether you have a member of House Tremere on your side, or whether every time the covenant does something world shaking, House Tremere calls for a Tribunal to review it and then settles the matter via certamen against you. :wink:

How are they going to call a tribunal when we aren't in a tribunal?

Considering my character will be the "local" Quaesitor, the Tremere will not have free reign to use their normal shenanigans. By all means play one. My character is seeking to establish a new way for Magi, not copy the Tremere. We are not bound by a tribunal but we are by the Order.
So it's all about how you intend that house focus to play out.