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This is a good point. I try to keep all currently relevant and important information here on the Forum, mainly in the "Announcements Section" at the top. The Character Sheet links in the membership list go to the Character Sheets here on the Forum (with one or two exceptions that will be corrected).
Think of the wiki as a giant archive, where all players can contribute as many minute details as the want and place a stake in the creativity process. My work is only like 10% of what is there, mainly copied and pasted from something I posted here.
I have indeed found the wiki very useful though, but I treat it as the tool rather than the project.

So, my magus is (mostly) done, save for maybe a tweak here and there, and fleshing out the rest of his background. So with that done, and considering Ars Magica is troupe-style play...

Do I need to create any grogs or companions? Anything in particular that you'll need me to work on/create/update for the time being while we wait on getting the chapterhouse started? Any jokes you want me to tell? Crazy stories about my past you'd like to hear?

Dance! Dance like a monkey!!!!

Create a Companion and two Grogs :smiley:

Same rules for the Companion/Grogs as for the Magus? Mind if I use Templates for the Grogs? Ages for the above, considering XP amounts given for creating them? Any particular thread you want them in?

Mostly. Native Language 5, Native Area Lore 2, 45xp Childhood, 20xp/year Later Life. Just do it all in one lump sum.

Post them in the thread with development for your magus character, For now. Companions each will get their own separate thread along with each magus, eventually, and I have a thread around here for all of the grogs. I will dig it up or recreate it.

In the Resolutions of Charter, I have amended the section on membership.

Cool. I'll get on this tonight/tomorrow, and get them posted as soon as I have them done. I'm probably going to just use some of the base templates for the 2 grogs, but the Companion I've got an idea for...

The Resolutions state that a Master must renounce his oaths to all other covenants, but do not require a journeyman to do so. Is that intentional, in the sense that 'dual membership' is permitted?

Originally that was intentional, since Journeyman status was then intended to be short lived and temporary. I will change it, snipping that clause from Master and affixing it to Journeyman. A Pledge, who is legally a type of Protected Guest, can be a member of another covenant until they are accepted as Journeyman members and take the Oath of Covenant.
Also, I think that any Apprentice of a Master who was trained and gauntleted here should be automatically accepted as a Journeyman, or gets an immediate vote on their petition without having to be a pledge for seven seasons.

What say each of you?

Makes sense to me. After all, if he's been here for 15 years (or however long as the Master was here), the Council should have a decent grasp of what kind of person he is and don't have to spend two years getting to know him.

Yep, makes sense to me.

Also makes sense to me.

Yup, apprentice from journeyman totally makes sense... But only if he's allowed to stay.
Mostly irrelevant, but, for story and background purposes, the "my old covenant had no place for me" thingie is good.

Also, what if you know the guy, but he's such a burden you want him to leave?

Language to the effect of: "Upon the recommendation of his master who is also a a Master of the Covenant may seek an immediate vote to be accepted as a member of the Covenant, with the rank of journeyman." The first requires the master vouching for his apprentice. If the master doesn't, there's a reason, he thinks the apprentice needs to spread his wings a bit or thinks he's lousy. But it does give the master some say in whether the apprentice stays or goes, which I think is important.

Ok, warning: work beginning to catch up with me. And my boss coming to ask things and work together. So my presence may become random :-/

Excellent idea. I shall keep that wording in mind :slight_smile:

The idea of this border, existing (I'm presuming it's underwater or sometimes underwater) along with the possibility that I might make a Bjornaer with an Orca heartbeast makes me think of Free Willy.

Sorry, but I keep picturing the whale falling through sky from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

Get ready for fat jokes.

Pretty much heard 'em all in real life. I'm still trying to figure it out in my head, if I want to do this. I could see any Bjornaer with an aquatic heartbeast also being a second class Bjornaer, in some ways. Certainly sharks can't stay in their heartbeast form without some magic to move themselves about AND help them breathe. And my Orca character idea wouldn't be able to do much, either. In fact, at the beginning of the Gathering of ten years, others will keep well away from him, because he might crush others as he transformed.