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We could make it a day or two before... whatever works best, but yes I think your arrival should have precedence for determining the timing of this. Though if they have to delay the council meeting for the Bishop's men and you are nowhere to be found, even on Mallorca...

By the way, does anyone mind if I ad Felicia and Donna to the seasonal planner?
I just realized- the guideline for Personal Vis Source is 10% of the covenant's income- which Felicia has twice meaning she gets 40 pawns of vis a year!

Lucia and Epona are both Grogs (although I haven't statted out Epona yet...maybe this weekend). However, I do tend to be somewhat possessive of my characters. It's the one thing that I have the hardest time with in Ars Magica, this concept of shared ownership of characters.

I would not mind playing Lucia and Epona in an adventure. I have just as much fun (sometimes more) playing Grogs as I do Companions and Magi. Two of my favorite "Holy s#&t, guys!" moments involve my 1st level D&D wizard (3rd edition) with a 17 strength who had cast all her spells, the Big Bad was walking away, all she had was her she threw it. Critical hit, max damage, guy hit the ground dead. The other was Big Paul (my 4th ed Ars grog, Obese archer, hence the name Big Paul) who was accompanying the magi's party and killed an invisible bandit hiding in the tree up ahead. From a hundred yards away. Upwind. (The store gets a little more incredible every time it gets told).


The two of them are in A Walk in the Garden...

Put up some pictures for Roberto, and boy, does he shine with heroic charisma! :smiley:

Wow. I didn't really expect a reply. Thanks guys.
I don't know very well what she'd be interested with, nor do I know if I'll see her before wednesday, so I can't tell you at the moment. But thanks a lot anyway.

I've began to read it (and it'll probably be the last I read of F&F for some time :frowning: ), but I second that
I even learned we had a cathar bishop! :smiley:

Arachné's personnal vis source suddenly becomes a lot more interesting :smiley:

Better create a planner for companions.

Btw, I've pushed lucas planning for 1240 on the appropriate tab.

Not quite. Per the mustering out rules, Vis Source provides 2 pawns Form vis (or 1 Technique) during character creation and double that during play.

That is a lot more reasonable... though I was looking forward to Felicia being able to develop very rapidly with that much vis. So he has 8 pawns/yr instead...

So, about Sabrina

She's most interested in Criminal Law, but both Private Law, property law... interest her equally. She's still young (she'll be 19, and in 2nd year), so she's mostly trying to learn things and stiffen up her resume.
And she doesn't care about the place, since she'd be coming from France anyway :smiley:

No, no, this ain't true, I want to swim in vis!!! Evil, evil fightmaster! :wink:

Hey, Vocis has a Vis Source in his lab. You think I want to turn down those 36 pawns per year? :mrgreen:

I don't think we have a standard protocol. For myself, since Vocis brought in several grogs and specialists, I just gave them the same 20 xp per year they received during character development. This is what's recommended in Grogs, scaled up to Andorra's standard xp benchmarks. We also haven't had any full-time teachers and most of my grogs are illiterate, so 20 xp seems reasonable for 2 seasons of xp and 2 seasons of training or practice. And it's easy. :wink:

So he is. I completely missed him. Too many new characters floating around. :slight_smile:

I do have a question though - how does he serve as a lab assistant? Per Marko's recent Big Red Hammer[sup]TM[/sup] ruling, lab assistants must be Gifted, Familiars, or Failed Apprentices. I love the concept and character otherwise, though.

I apologize. I phrased things inelegantly. I realize that, not being gifted or a familiar, Andre can't serve as a 'Lab Assistant[sub]TM[/sub],' adding anything to a lab total. I merely meant that he was Lucas's mundane lab assistant. He keeps the lab clean and orderly, fetches things for Lucas, holds things steady, makes sure that Lucas eats, etc. He doesn't add to any lab totals, but he makes working in the lab a more pleasant experience in general. (In addition to making Lucas's non-lab hours more pleasant as well.) Basically, he's Lucas's Jeeves.

It fits the free lab virtue of "Servant" or "Person(s)".

In fact, I intended for him to fit the free lab virtue of Servant. :slight_smile:

Quick note - I'm away tomorrow and Tuesday and may well not have WiFi.

I'm also away from 19th August until the 31st, but I probably will have WiFi so may be able to post sporadically as time and family allow over that period.

Yes, let us discuss this in the other thread. This one is for table talk and conversations.

On that note, my $#l+ is all up in the air all of a sudden. Put out, locked out, and homeless. I'll get it sorted out, don't worry :slight_smile:

On the brighter side...

I am alive and well, and living in the city of Chicago...

(and the Chicago Public Library)
Tracking down leads, no worries :slight_smile:

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope things start looking better soon.

:slight_smile: you're a cheery soul! Your troubles do sound like they've sucked - hope you get stuff sorted quickly.

Back, addled and ill, but back.

And here I was, hoping things were better :frowning:
Wow, marko, that's some sh*t.

Good luck, and best wishes to you.