General Table Talk

Already rolled to see if the ring survived in the first post of the other thread – the die roll was an 8.

Looking at the planner, Vibria doesn't have anything that requires a lab for a while, so she can just move into the empty tower on the top right (northwest?) corner of the keep, near Carmen and Kesara. Once the structure is rebuilt she'll move in and refurbish her lab. For now, she'll forego having a lab until the new tower gets rebuilt. She'll just be cold. (As always.)

Lucia, for her part, is shaken that Vibria would be so careless and reckless as to destroy their home and will try to find alternate lodgings for a while. Perhaps she and Epona can find something. Or, if not, wherever the other covenfolk dwell. (But if the two can get their own apartment, they would.)

Bear in mind that that tower may not be empty by Spring 1235; Antoine arrives in Winter, and I guess there's a chance he'll be assigned that as his quarters. Mind you, he will likely be only a pledge.

Fleur would certainly volunteer to take in Lucia and Epona.

I can actually see this whole thing strengthening her Judged Unfairly flaw.

"Vibria tries so very hard to impress us, but (bless her heart*) she's just not very good with magic, and she just bit off more than she could chew with the rings."

  • You can tell I'm from the South – we say things like "bless her heart" right before we insult the heck out of someone, just to make it seem "proper."

Lucia appreciates and accepts the offer. Epona has her vague doubts, but is persuaded by Lucia.

Just an idea, but Vulcanus knows Conjuring the Mystic Tower and has a casting tablet for Laboratory of Bonisagus. He's not likely to balk as casting them either, since Ryu was desperate for someone to take advantage of that casting tablet when we were getting set up. For a fee, of course. :slight_smile:

The real Vulcanus, yes. The doppleganger NPC Vulcanus, maybe not so easy :mrgreen:

A non-game question.

Would one of you happen to be, or know, a lawyer? I've got a friend that's in law school, and she'd like to do a (IIRC) 2-weeks internship next year in the USA.

Marko: Received Faith & Flame, and, although I didn't have time to read it (nor will I for the foreseable future :frowning: ), I skimmed through it with my best friend, and it was great seeing the maps and paragraphs with all these places that we know :smiley: Thanks!

I know a few lawyers, especially in family law (been through a couple of divorces), and corporate law. What sort of speciality is hse looing at and what portion of the US Geography?

I'm back from vacation now. It was a lot of fun with whales, a black bear, sled dog puppies, a porcupine in a tree, and more food than you could shake a stick at. I'm currently digging my desk out today, so I may be a bit slow in posting. But I should be back up to speed soon.

Looks like I missed some fun while I was away ...

I'm an intellectual property attorney. However, I work at a pretty small firm that specializes in IP law. I do have a few contacts at larger IP firms, though. What kind of law is your friend interested in?

Are Epona and Lucia grogs or companions? If grogs who would be interested in playing them for my adventure in regio?

Those two are Peregrine's grogs, so it is up to him. I don't have a good enough feel for the characters to play them right. However, I would be glad to play Carlos :smiley: He could easily be visiting, playing guitar and sharing wine when the event occurs.

Also, having recieved my copy of Faith & Flame, I now am much more informed on how to handle Cathars in Ars Magica. I did not write that section (I wrote Val-Negra and contributed material concerning the Basques and Andorra). So reading it was like fresh information. Heretics are very prolific in this part of the world, and anyone from this area will have had some contact with them and experiences concerning the Albigensian crusade. For many people, it is not a big deal. But it drives the church nuts. The pope sent a legate, and he discovered how decadent and corrupt the church itself had gotten, so he sent two more. One legate was murdered, sparking the crusade. It wound down and by 1220 things were somewhat peaceful. Not sure about 1235. I will look that up.
I highly reccomend the Cathar section of Faith & Flame :smiley:

Okay, let's throw in Carlos. In this case the key point is that falling asleep in the garden gets them into the regio.
Also since it is within Fleur's sanctum, and she didn't arrange anything, it will be strictly grogs and companions.
Actually, come to think of it, Bernat is there as well... we could make the adventure happen while the council is meeting (imagine the Bishops men trying to find him then!)


While I'm happy for Bernat to take part (actually, I think it's a neat idea; if he acquits himself well at... whatever it is... that will surely aid his case with the council), I'd probably rather it didn't interfere with the council meeting itself. I think he should be there for that.

We could make it a day or two before... whatever works best, but yes I think your arrival should have precedence for determining the timing of this. Though if they have to delay the council meeting for the Bishop's men and you are nowhere to be found, even on Mallorca...

By the way, does anyone mind if I ad Felicia and Donna to the seasonal planner?
I just realized- the guideline for Personal Vis Source is 10% of the covenant's income- which Felicia has twice meaning she gets 40 pawns of vis a year!

Lucia and Epona are both Grogs (although I haven't statted out Epona yet...maybe this weekend). However, I do tend to be somewhat possessive of my characters. It's the one thing that I have the hardest time with in Ars Magica, this concept of shared ownership of characters.

I would not mind playing Lucia and Epona in an adventure. I have just as much fun (sometimes more) playing Grogs as I do Companions and Magi. Two of my favorite "Holy s#&t, guys!" moments involve my 1st level D&D wizard (3rd edition) with a 17 strength who had cast all her spells, the Big Bad was walking away, all she had was her she threw it. Critical hit, max damage, guy hit the ground dead. The other was Big Paul (my 4th ed Ars grog, Obese archer, hence the name Big Paul) who was accompanying the magi's party and killed an invisible bandit hiding in the tree up ahead. From a hundred yards away. Upwind. (The store gets a little more incredible every time it gets told).


The two of them are in A Walk in the Garden...

Put up some pictures for Roberto, and boy, does he shine with heroic charisma! :smiley:

Wow. I didn't really expect a reply. Thanks guys.
I don't know very well what she'd be interested with, nor do I know if I'll see her before wednesday, so I can't tell you at the moment. But thanks a lot anyway.

I've began to read it (and it'll probably be the last I read of F&F for some time :frowning: ), but I second that
I even learned we had a cathar bishop! :smiley:

ArachnΓ©'s personnal vis source suddenly becomes a lot more interesting :smiley:

Better create a planner for companions.

Btw, I've pushed lucas planning for 1240 on the appropriate tab.

Not quite. Per the mustering out rules, Vis Source provides 2 pawns Form vis (or 1 Technique) during character creation and double that during play.