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Okay, so let's see if MetaCreator's math is right. The effect is Creo Ignem, base 5 ("Create light as bright as direct sunlight on a clear day"), with a R: Personal (since the light creating is coming out of the ring), D: Concentration +1, T: Individual, for a final Effect Level of 10.

It's going to be a Lesser Device, made of a single piece of jade (or multiple pieces melded together) with a lamp design engraved where the stone would be. Semi-precious stone, Tiny size, for a capacity of 12 pawns of vis total, if we were going to open it for investment.

The enchantment is going to be usable six times a day (+3), with no other modifiers, for a final Enchantment Level of 13.

Her Lab Total is Int 1 + Cr 10 + Ig 17 + MT (Ignem) 4 + Aura 5 + S&M Bonus for the lamp of 7 + Lab Bonus 2 = 46. If her LT were 52, then she could make two of the rings in a single season. Erm...I had mis-remembered the Experimentation rules (must be from playing too many magi with Inventive Genius). Getting a 6+ on a simple die roll is kinda chancy. So...she's going to go bonkers with it, and add a +3 Risk Modifier. That gets her LT to 49 + a simple die roll. Here's hoping Invisible Castle likes me today. Got a die roll of 8, for a final Lab Total of 57. Booyah!

Now, the Extraordinary Result for Ring #1. Risk Modifier 3 + die roll of 2 = 5. Side effect: "Your magical creation acquires a side effect. Roll a simple die, and work out the specifics with the storyguide." Die roll is 10, which will be either absolutely horrid or totally awesome. "The spell has a fatal flaw. For example, an invisibility spell makes you glow.", absolutely horrid it is, then. Perhaps it produces the light, but it also feels as though it were on fire?

Extraordinary Result for Ring #2. 3 + (die roll of 0, followed by a confirmed botch on the normal Botch Die for experimenting, but none due to her Exceptional Risk). So...Disaster. Disaster roll is Risk Modifier 3 – Per 0 + die roll of 3 = 6: "Explosion! Your lab equipment is ruined, and you must roll a simple die for each valuble possession you keep in your lab. On a 0, it is destroyed. You take an amount of damage equal to a simple die + the level of the spell or effect you were working on." Oh, man, this is going to suck big-time.

And they said Vulcanus had hubris.

Not that it ended up mattering, but the S&M bonus is capped by her effective MT, so her lab total is actually 43.

Wow. Does that mean she has to redo her lab from scratch? And does Vibria have any possessions that aren't valuable?

Pretty much. And, no, she doesn't. :frowning:

Item needs to maintain concentration (+5). otherwise the user will need to be the one maintaining concentration, and that can be bothersome. So she was looking at a total of 18 for each ring. She was looking at a total of 36*2=72 to be able to craft 2 rings in a season. Given that important difference I would redo the whole process since it is unlikely that she would be willing to try to pull that off.

Still, an explosion is always funky :laughing:


Also, range personnal is not very useful in this case. In fact, it's suicidal: Your guards wear bright rings, while everything else is in shadow. Better range Voice or Sight, to allow the guards to remain in shadow yet illuminate a specific spot. If you have some points left, you can even add magnitudes for size, to illuminate a greater area.
So yeah, better start again from scratch.

:open_mouth: Oh yes!!! Just great!!!

Please survive the explosion first!

Marko, did you change the season on the Ka-Boom thread? I could have sworn that it originally said Summer because I was going to have Acutus respond, but realized that was the same season as the Princess adventure.

No, I'm pretty sure I put it as Spring 1235, since that's the first of the two "free" seasons Vibria has that year. (Although it now looks like she'll be spending at least a part of summer in the infirmary.)

We have a casting tablet for Incantation of the Body Made Whole, so she'll be good as new in a few hours if anyone can cast it.

Yeah, but does PB and someone else who is casting it want to risk the botch?

If that's a heavy wound, isn't Vibria basically out of commission for a season? No lab work, halved study totals, all that?

Pretty much. No lab work for the Summer, and any study totals are halved. Same thing with fall, since even if she makes her Improvement roll, she'll be at -3 for the first month of Fall...which means she probably shouldn't travel.

Note: JL, this is not specifically targeted towards you. It's more something that I have noticed for a while...

You know, I've been playing roleplaying games for over 25 years and what I have learned in the last 2 years or so that I've been playing Ars Magica is that Ars Magica players are the most risk averse gamers I have ever seen (although obviously PB has proven that's not always true :stuck_out_tongue: ). It just amazes me how many threads and discussions I have seen discussing how to alleviate botches, how concerned people are of botching, and how nobody ever wants to be the one casting Aegis of the Hearth for fear of botching. I have to admit, I just don't get it.

With Vibria, it's not so much the botch potential as the "I'm not spending MY vis to sort this out." (Same reason she never had her boobs fixed after the incident at Baltrum.)

If the Council decided to use Covenant vis to pay for her healing, she'd be fine with that.

(That reminds me...I should track down and figure out how much vis she actually has. I still have her as just with the one pawn she started with, but don't remember where the Stipend vis would have been. nevermind...just checked the charter page on the Wiki, she gets 3p of Vim a year, which may be traded for other Forms on a 1:2 basis. So, as near as I can tell, she should have 12 or 15 pawns of Vim, depending on if she got a salary the season after she joined in 1230.)

The Charter sticky thread disagrees with that. According to the Privileges of Masters, all Masters receive 3p Vim every spring and all Officers receive 3p Vim every Autumn. It also states those pawns can be taken in any Form, not just Vim, but Technique vis requires a 1:2 exchange. Assuming the thread is the correct version (and I hope it is, because I've been using it for Vocis), by spring 1235 Vibria should have received 27p from the Forms of her choice, plus 3p additional for any season spent performing her job of Marshal.

So, the question is, where will the vis come from?

The girl didn't have to go and do something for the covenant. Yet, she did try to reach out unduly whereas this wasn't necessary, and wasted covenant vis unduly.
We should take both these fact into account. I say she should pay one half, the covenant providing for the rest. We do have a healer, do we?

(IMO, Vibria is Judged Unfairly, but the spider has a sweet spot for the young maga. I tried to balance the two. And if no one wants to heal Vibria, she'll swear and grump, but try to do it herself)

What exactly needs healed?

Vocis actually has a sweet spot for Vibria because of Judged Unfairly - he sees her as a naive maga who needs looking after. Consequently, he'll also support using covenant vis to heal her. He's not a good option for casting the spell, though. His casting score is only 29 and it would cost him 10 pawns instead of 8. In fact, Waster of Vis probably precludes him from using casting tablets altogether.

It is covenant policy to pay for the healing of member magi. Free healing for the life threatening and crippling injuries of our grogs and companions as well.
Both Carmen and Roberto know the Gentle Caresse of Aesclepius. That will take Vibria from Medium to Light. Fleur can take it from there and cast a healing spell that insures you are fully recovered in short order.
This season is trashed because of the explosion (roll to see if the first completed item survived). But otherwise study and such is not penalized. However, it will take at least two seasons to rebuild her lab. We have craftsmen and specialists that can do that, building a basic lab, while Vibria does something else. But we will have to put it in another location for now. The tower she occupied needs to be demolished and rebuilt. Demolition will take a season, mundane rebuilding will take a year (or overnight if a ritual spell is used).