General Table Talk

Hmm. I'm against one specific part of it, at least - the removal of zeros from a botch pool. Botching is already a pretty rare occurrence; only 1 in 100 stressed rolls is a botch, assuming one botch die. If we allow players to spend story rewards to cancel them, then they will probably never happen. Now, obviously, one's character never wants a botch, but I'm pretty sure they usually make good stories.

Arachné will heartily support this.

She wanted us to establish one or more hidden safehouses in which the survivors could retreat, should Andorra fall again. This was one of the reasons she was interested in Sa Dragonera, although, with Barcelona in the know, it's probably out of the question.

This has merit, yes.

I'd say keep these slightly inferior as confidence, and more as a vis analog.
Like vis, they must be spend before the action.
Like vis, they can be spend in multiples
Like vis, each point spend gives +2 to a roll
Like vis, they can be spend to power a ritual spell or artifact: This is extra vis you had forgotten/miscounted, extra magical energy that pours from the aura, whatever (I like the later because, in-character, this makes magic a little random and impredictable, but for the best)
Unlike vis, they can remove botch dices (not zeroes), to no less than 1.

Just been updating Antoine's planned activities on the Magi Planner. He's occupied up to and including Summer 1236 (including making the lose-training ring for Arachné).

At the end of Autumn 1236, he will officially be eligible for Journeyman status; at which stage, he's going to start trying to arrange his wedding to Isolde, in-covenant. If anyone wants to use that as a story hook, please just shout (I don't really feel confident enough to SG anything yet; but I'll happily consult with you by PM).

Otherwise, he's going to start reading in earnest. Again, I lack experience - would you recommend a crafting mage read up on Arts? Or magic abilities, like MT, Philo, AL, Penetration?

I also have inklings that Antoine might want to start looking for a familiar in the next few years...

There's a lot of library talk in Meeting with Master Vocis thread, so I need to ask: when it comes to writing, are any of the rules in Covenants being used? Or is writing done strictly by the core book?

MT is useful in crafting work. It also lets you claim a higher shape bonus. Although it can make for some weirdly shape composite items. "I attached this chair to a closet."

I should make some companions/grogs.

So some random ideas I've had:
Some sort of Scribe/Learned Type. Copies and writes for the covenant while sounding all learned.
Some sort of Faerie Wizard type or Hedgie Type. For when the covenant wants a mystical boost, but is too cheap to use a magus.
A mad scientist. A.K.A. A Natural Philosopher in medieval speak. Works best if Art and Acedeme is in play.
Some sort of craftswoman with mystical aspirations. Probably a mason so she can help found the Masons. Even though that is horribly historically inaccurate. Inspired by Silveroaks idea of the crafts mystery cult.
Dragon! We have dragons right. I bet one would have all sorts of fun at the covenant adventuring with magi. Plus she might learn something with access to good books.
Some sort of explorer or ruins and such. Probably a redcap just to give an excuse to travel and be attached to the covenant. Only partially inspired by the recent tomb raider.

Any comments, suggestions or probably most usefully vetoes to help me narrow it down? Okay most of those just work for companions. :frowning:

A copy of our library can be found here. The simplified stats only version is here. Not sure if they match 100%.

We use some of the rules from Covenants, but not all. It is presumed every book has all three of the "Well (somethingwhatever)" features. So Quality is a simple matter of 6+ Communication, as adjusted by Virtues of the author and/or lowering the level of a summa. Some books have/had damage that reduces quality. Clarification and Gloss and Commentaries still apply.

I beg you, please, I do not want to get into the micro management of additional professionals and their skills. Just write the book and presume everything is fine.

The Scribe/Scholar would be functional, but it sounds boring.
Mad Scientist is best as a Bonisagus magus. I do not have A&A, and I am not keen on lessers stealing the show from magi
Mystical craftswoman, maybe. But women cannot be Masons. And I just so happen to be a Free Mason (proof we don't control $#!+ :laughing:), and it is our belief that we are likely descended from the Knights Templar.
Yes we have Dragons. Three firedrakes are in the region and are cousins of a maga. There is also an elder dragon who poses as a magus.
Redcap adventurers are cool! We need more Redcaps.

Frederika feels like the sort of person who'd relish the chance to be important. So in a vacuum, I'm leaning toward picking Sa Dragonera.

But two things:

  1. I have no idea what serving duty will entail. Or if it's actually a good idea to pick Sa Dragonera in the first place!
  2. I do want to get involved with Silveroak on the library stuff. Will going to the islands interfere with that at all?

Silveroak is also in the Balearic islands. Which include Majorica, Minorica, Fontenera, Ibiza, and Sa Dragonera.

I have so many questions. I feel kind of bad about it @ . @

Anyway! The boons & hooks rules in the Chapter House of Sa Dragonera sticky: how do they interact with the Laboratory stuff in the House Rules sticky? Do I use both, or just the things in the Sa Dragonera thread?

And while I'm here, in the Meeting with Master Vocis thread, I was thinking of wrapping up the dinner and hashing out the letters and, after that, making a move to Dragonera. Are there any more plans or plot to go through there before I move things forward?

First Vocis will need to introduce you to the Council and they interview you. They will put you to the Interragatory and ask that you voluntarilly submit to an Intellego lie detector spell. Then they vote and it must be unanimous.
Metagame, so far everyone passes because the players here are cool like that, but role play like it is a serious interview.

As for Sa Dragonera, allow me some time to reread what whe set up. That was written a while ago for what we had going then and plans that kinda floated nowhere yet are still there.
The idea is kind of like setting up your own "mini covenant", and your lab would be part of that and use Refinement rules as normal. There are some automatics, for instance everyone must take Regio. Every quarter of the chapter is linked together by a Regio network.

Just a heads-up. I'll be moving next weekend (the 20th-22nd or so), and I don't know what my internet situation is going to be yet. So I may be incommunicado for a few days. Don't send the rescue dogs for me until it's been a week. :laughing:

Good luck and God bless!
If needed, I will send rescue dragons.

Are you sure you're not meaning Bargain instead? :laughing:

For a verditius, MT is great, as it adds to all your lab totals. Your Craft Ability is a good choice too, as well as philosophiaie.

I've been wanting to do one of these for ages, but have not really the time to play one. I'd like Andorra to have one, this seems to me like the kind of minor practicionner a covenant could use. Arachné would love a Natural Philosopher.

Been wanting to run something there for ages T-T

Sush, it was late when I wrote that, ok! :wink:

Happy to oblige!

I'm sure there are 50 Ways to Leave the Levant.


You, sir, win.

Ok, so I've got around to looking at books. Craft's out, as your craft books are on Blacksmithing. I was going to opt for Magic Theory, but I see Lucas already has Corpus Hermeticum checked out for the next few seasons. However, Lucas's player ain't here. Should I nick it off him, or go for something else? There's a Philosophiae summa that would leave me one point short of advancing (which, obviously, I could get from exposure).

Edit: Although Philosophiae isn't that useful until I do raise MT, since my Shape, Material and Philo bonus is still bounded by my MT, and I can usually find S&M to give +4. So... maybe look again.

Don't worry about Lucas. He either dies off or fades away as an NPC. I'll figure it out at the Oasis. The book reservation is open for you.

Got (mostly) moved today. It went surprisingly well, with one small glitch. My computer has now decided not to turn on anymore.

Luckily, I still have my laptop (which has a tendency to freeze up sometimes), but it's still an annoyance. I'm hoping it's something simple, like it needs a thorough cleaning or just a new power switch.


Oh, and I was able to get internet hooked up the same day, so no internet outage! Yay!