General Table Talk

Like I said, I was expecting he would wind up dead, but I'm just considering the idea so if you are opposed I won't go there...

Well~! Playing here has given me the confidence/inclination to run Ars for my fleshy group. This will probably be an exercise in disaster, but to the Theban tribunal, ahoy! :mrgreen:

Good luck! Let us know how that goes.

Yes, good luck with that. I don't think I could convince my group to play Ars.

Silveroak, I noticed in the Magi Planner that Fleur is developing her Vision of the Unborn Babe spell shortly before Vibria has her first child. If she can be convinced that it's safe, Vibria is willing to let Fleur cast it on her for practice and whatnot.

Re: the story thread - Return of the Dragon Bride (Winter, 1238) I'm happy to run companions or grogs as needed. Even just to offset mechanics if that helps. Let me know.

Far as I'm concerned, feel free to jump in.

Excellent. Let the magi selection shakeout then I'll see which of their sidekicks and grunts are taken along.

And I dunno if someone wanted to play Ava, but if someone wants, go for it!

Oh, that's great! Good luck, and have fun! :smiley:

I recommend to you The Book of Memory: A Study of Memory in Medieval Culture, by Mary Carruthers. It's a classic on the subject. She opines that medieval culture was fundamentally memorial to the degree that modern culture in the West is documentary.

I will check it out, but it sounds like a romaticization and/or perhaps a cultural affectation.

Then again, I tend to view "Modern" culture as begining before Ancient Greece. If the whole span of human history were compressed to a minute, the time between the pyramids and now would be a blink of less than a second.

There's been more recent studies done on the subject - as relates to the availability of information on the internet and things like that. The general trend is people remember what they need to remember, but if they don't need to remember something (i.e. it's stored elsewhere) they're more likely to memorise how to efficiently re-find the information (if needed) rather than the totality of the information itself.

I have spotted Quite Possible a Cat active on other threads, so giving this a bump. Are you still keen to be a monkey findin' story guide?

Silveroak - After reading the rules on agents I've been pondering the Rilcheau's involvement in the Book Trades thread. I've a few ideas for slow & small stories which might be use OK to help win over Father Vilanus, but I'd love to know what you had in mind. My thinking is that it wouldn't make sense to find diabolists around every corner. I'm thinking that as Father Vilanus is more of a good guy, a positive story or helping story might also trigger his appreciation. Would assisting in a practical problem facing local abbey? Being involved in the finding of a minor but thematic church widget?
That could be added as an aside to the Book Trades without too much difficulty, and won't introduce a huge scope either.

Those would certainly work. My primary thought was that Catharism in southern France was a particularly thorny problem because local nobility could not be depended upon for help (according to what I have been able to find on the subject) in part because it was so widespread that every noble knew someone they cared about who was a Cathar- plus there were apparently various versions of Catharism being floated by different groups, and I could easily see Rilcheau inserting himself into the situation to try and root out the more dangerous versions while trying to maintain some degree of diplomacy. But I don't see him turning down any opportunity to ingratiate the Father.

...okay, would anyone else like to run my monkey findin' tale?

One of these days I must run something (simple) myself...

Okay. What sort of plan does he have in mind? Chasing down stories? Heading off randomly into the wilderness hoping to find a familiar? What background work has he done for this?

It has been a busy week and I have some catching up to do. Which I shall soon :slight_smile:

Note that some crackpots theorize that there are any number of factors that could improve these odds. Things like warping, special dates, special regios/realms, special rituals, certain virtues or maybe flaws, and such.

Plus adoption. If you gain your apprentice by adopting them, a child does not have to even be a blood relative.