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I'm also playing Guiverna ex Miscellanea, a maga of the Cleopatra's Bane tradition (which I didn't realize was on theWiki, but it is now) with a well-deserved bad reputation. She has lived for the past several years at the chapter house on Mallorca.

Re: Hobbies. SCA?

What I'm looking for going forward, at least to start, is to get back into the swing of things and to help keep the covenant from sliding completely into Winter.

(I miss being able to quote in replies. And color texts. I'm used to Vibria being red, and Fédora being blue, and Guiverna being green, maybe?)

At this point, I'm not very comfortable running a story. (Heck, I'm having a hard time even writing stories...I've already missed one deadline for an anthology, and unless I get my act together I'm going to miss another one.)

Oh, I remember Petronius (I think). He was helping to craft, or supplied the stone, for Fiona's big-ass stone pegasus, right?

Welp, should have read the whole post before replying. Anyway, I still wish we could have finished enchanting the Pegasaurus, because it would have been...Awesome!

And I vote for the Bjornaer ram. Just because I think Bjornaer are awesome.

Rogue Bjornaer? Don't know what you're talking about. Lord Featherbottom was dead when we got there. And since he obviously didn't need his stuff anymore...:smiley:

But seriously, I'd have to back and reread that thread to give a good answer.



Vocis and Vibria were searching for Vis (and maybe a new Vis source) a few years back (Summer of 1232) when we came across a Bjornaer hermit a few days over that-a-way. We were discussing his being in Andorra's demesnes. It came up that he was having trouble with a drake or two, and we decided to help him out, thinking that it would help in negotiating with him later. Lord Featherbottom led us to the drake's cave and teleported into combat as soon as the drake appeared. As soon as we saw the drake, I realized that it was my cousin Venkath. We tried to stop the battle, but Featherbottom was in waaay over his head and he was mortally wounded in a heartbeat. It was tragic.

(The whole story can be found here, but this is the version that Vibria will stick with forever and ever amen.)

If the girl is the one I'm thinking of, her name is Eva.

Got a new one set up for you here

I also miss using colored text. But you can quote by highlighting the text with the cursor, it then gives you a quote button right there.

I posted a character idea in the thread dedicated to that purpose

Indeed, for over 25 years. Not the only source of hobbies, but a strong influence there. :blush:

Tried building a Bjornaer magus, but he kept slipping towards an otter instead of a ram. I wasn't satisfied with the result. I think I'll go with the an atypical Verditius with a strong focus in Animal. I'll give that a swing and see how it turns out.

Ditto. Former Baronial Herald in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad (Austin, Texas) back around the turn of the century, but went I dormant when I realized I wasn't enjoying events anymore. Now that I've moved, I think I'll check out the group here, see what it's like.

I am happy to continue the many endeavours of Vocis of Tremere. Perhaps that will help with some consistency.

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Awesome :smiley:

The story Fixer is running for Roberto at the moment is in 1245. One of the side effects of the multi thread style we were using is that we tended to diverge in time a bit from each other.
If you want to run the Africa story in 1244, go for it. I will play as Roberto if you like. Peregrine is in on that one I believe. It may also be a good jump in point for Christian &/or Arthur.
I have a story idea for Fleur, based on that Alchemy text she obtained at Estancia Escarida (I like my alternate spelling of that name). It will also be a great jump on point for people. I will reach out to Jebrick and see if he is still interested. I can set it anywhere from 1242 or shortly after.
As for that Flambeau convocation I never ran, I think I am up to it now. If people are interested. If not, we can say that talks fell apart and it never happened. Not yet anyway. House Flambeau is in schism (sorta like Tytalus was back in 1220 according to Societas).

This is a special treat for Peregrine, and for the rest of you as well :slight_smile:
Inner City Wizard School

Archery marshal, thrown weapons marshal, brewer, chronicler, baronial seneschal, and even Baron of Havre des Glaces (Quebec City, Canada) for 3 years. I almost burned out because of the politics. Nowadays I only do about 2 to 4 events a year, to chat, see old and new friends, drum a few hours, etc. I spent the last 2 Pennsic Wars working at the forge with a master smith from Northshield (Minnesota) and built my own smithy (a small one) in my backyard.

Anyway, Vivas! :wink:

Fleur got dragged in on the Flambeau convention due it being an "all hands on deck" situation that she really felt mostly lost in. The idea of 'exploring' a 'lost' covenant (as she was unaware that others had already rediscovered it) was of some interest, but otherwise if we want to drop the whole situation I would be fine with it.

At the time there were people into the idea, and some players had voiced a desire for a more political/social type story. And right then in current history, real world politics got suddenly serious and ugly and I lost all motivation to do anything political.

So I am gonna say that right now, House Flambeau has no formally agreed upon Primus. But most Flambeaux don't care much. It has a limited social effect in Iberia & Provencal.

So are there two contenders? Or even more?
Even if most magi flambeau don't care much, many are bound to support one one another, I think.

While I like stories about Hermetic interaction, it does not need to be the House meeting nor about electing a formal Primus.

The two contenders are the filius of the late Garus (I had named him somewhere), and the venerable Archmagus Pietro of Flambeau (from Sanctuary of Ice). The main sticking point was (is) that Doisettep (Aedas Mercuri) refuses to back either one, and they hold considerable influence. They were always opposed to Garus (the Mithrite/Mercurian split), and consider Pietro an outsider (originally of House Tytalus). Carmen, our Pontifex Maxima, supports Pietro (he is her Mentor). He also planned (plans) to revive Val-Negra. There could be other contenders, the Libertarian and Green Party candidates, but no one takes them seriously. I was mimicking and mocking political events in the US in 2016 before shit got serious and dangerous. That real world event broke my spirit for a while and I just let the story die.

Yes, thank you very much!

And,@marko, I remembered what Arachne was doing at some point! Yes, for once, she was doing something, but it's personnal :rage:

There was this whole idea of luring Valden to Val-Negra and putting an end to him. I remember I had this whole "kill zone" plan, but it was all in my head and I've forgotten it :smiley: