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Hereis a blank thread for people to discuss character ideas and post their concepts.

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“The Woad” always refers to himself in third person, and insists other people do the same.
Born, raised, and apprenticed in Hibernia Tribunal the Woad has strife in his blood. Trained in House Flambeau he has acquired some skills in this, in the School of Apromor although in a variant.

His first Parens was a maga from Cliffheart, his first touches of magic was from House Merinita. The Woad had little interest in pleasing the Fae, and his mater was unpleasant, to the point suffering frequent Wizard Wars. Eventually she was killed by a magus Flambeau from Circulus Ruber, who took the Woad as his own apprentice. The new Parens believed that Metinita’s Bloodline magic could be utilised for terrible cursed.
[Design question: Is this mix of Houses ok? It’s not vital to the concept, I just had some idea that Bloodline Target would be useful for developing spells for the Mercere]

The boy had a mind of his own though, and a knack for great, violent destruction by manipulation of elemental forms. He wants to be know as the magus to call in to level a castle or ruin the countryside.
[Design note: I don’t want a Perdo Corpus type Apromor Flambeau, I want to use Perdo spells like Blunt the Viper’s Fang, Rusted Decay of Ten Score Years, Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier. But also Rego spells like Creeping Chasm, Wrath of Whirling Winds and Water. I’m looking for a minor Focus to cover at least the Rego Terram/Aura/Aquam ‘natural disaster ‘ spells and maybe some of the others. It caa as my be too broad, just minor, since I’m thinking my Major Hermetic Virtue to be Cththonic Magic]

The Woad is a rugged, rough looking character, he often comes across as sinister and brooding. The magic he practices is fuelled by the old gods of the underworld ( Chthonic) and views them as just as good as God to revere.
[Design note: not vital to the concept, just a way to be dark and sinister, and get some power out of it as well]

But he can also be jovial and kind hearted towards animals, horses especially. He tries to breed and train horses by mundane means. He is saddened by how his Gift harms his social abilities, and is therefore not a people person. He works on ways to mitigate the effects on animals.
[Design question: If people are ok with the Merinita origin, how about having been initiated into Binding the Gift? It’s an Inner Mystery but not down any of the ‘paths’ of the house. It allows adding Bronze Cord to rolls to interacting with mundane animals. I think this has more character than just taking Inoffensive to Animals, since it is an ongoing process rather than a once only, binary fix.]

No Chthonic/Infernal magic. We have had bad experiences with that. I do not mind a mix of Houses though. Hibernia, eh? I have that book on PDF, have yet to give it a good read. Any pointers as to what I should pay attention too?

Right, no Chthonic Magic, no worries. I’m not sure about it myself, that’s why I asked.
That leaves room for a Major Hermetic Virtue. Maybe I’ll take a broader focus.
Maybe combine with Potent Magic.

I’ll do a design ‘at Gauntled’ and then advance him a couple of years because I want both a familiar (maybe a spirit?) and a talisman - both of them will be weak and under developed though.

I want the Woad to be a bit wild, paint himself with blue dye before battle, and be able to fight with a great spear. The spear haft is to be his talisman (staff) to avoid having it be Resisted and to use Touch range spells discreetly in combat

I think it’s a great book for a great tribunal.
Read the Hermetic Culture section. It totally sold me to that tribunal. I also like the covenant of Lambaird

If he doesn't wind up sounding like The Rock, I will be very disappointed. :smiley:

“The Woad shall do his very best. Perhaps he shall cook up a suitable finishing move?”

The Woad would like to possess some power where he can mitigate the negative effects of the Gift on horses he trains.
He is not sure Bind the Gift (Merinita mystery) is the way to go. It adds Bronze Cord score to rolls to interact with mundane animals. So it can reduce some of the -3 the Gift gives. But I think the other part of the Gift, the unquantified effect of unease, is not affected. Also knowing a mystery but not being part of the cult could lead to enemies.
Easiest is to just take Inoffensive to animals but that’s too easy and leaves no reason to want to train the horses.
Now, a grog can get used to get Gift of a specific magus over time. The Woad would like to be able to train a horse to get used to his Gift in considerably less time than it takes for a grog to do this naturally.

The Woad is also going for Flexible Formulaic Magic and learn his spells at R: Voice. He can flex them form to Touch, poke with his spear haft, and cast them discreetly. Or he can flex them up to Sight.
He will make do with a narrow Minor Focus. And maybe have Magic Blood of some kind. He wishes it came in a Major version like Faerie Blood

The Woad intends to have these custom spells, in addition to some standard spells:

*Rend the Wyrm’s Scales PeAn20
A variant of Blunt the Viper’s Fangs. Rips and tears an animal’s hide, scales, or other natural armour. The rent armour has its total Soak halved. Affects animals up to size +4.
(Base 5, +2 Voice. +1 size)

*Rust, Rot and Ruin the Soldier’s Kit PeTe20
Spell weakens all metal, leather, and wooden components of a fighter’s weapons, shield, and armour. Casting requisites may apply. This halves total damage (including Attack Advantage) or Soak Total (excluding contribution from Stm, Tough Virtue, Bronze Cord). If the victim Botches an attack, defense, or Soak roll the item used may break.
(Base 2, +2 metal, +2 Voice, +2 Group)

*Shattering the Sword into Seven Sharp Shards - Perdo(Rego)Terram15 Voice/Mom/Ind
Shatters a solid inanimate object made of metal, stone, or clay, plus wood or bone (with casting req.) showering the vicinity with jagged fragments. Affects individual objects up to 1 cubic foot metal (400 lbs), 1 cubic pace stone (5000 lbs), 1 cubic pace wood (800 lbs). Damage +10 to all targets within 60 degrees and 2 paces, x2 for holding/wearing.
(Base 3,+2 metal , +2 Voice, req free)

it occurs to me that there is a virtue by where your gift does not affect animals, and a bit in societies under ex miscelania about converting virtues to operate with an ability score- this might be possible, though the background of it is up to the player and GM in this- especially since such an ability is hypothetically teachable and thus potentially unbalancing...

I don't carethat much as long as other players don't mind. But I do thing you are pouring too much gravy.
Anyway, I may have a gift for you! A magical reign that controls the horse. Roberto used to depend on it, but he is not much of a horseman and has no need of it anymore. Just go without the horse, and maybe he will give it to you as a gift if you earn his favor. Or bind a horse familiar at some point.

It is actually not an important thing, it was meant to be a hobby for The Woad, to train horses to use when traveling.
The travel bit is easily solved by just forking out the 1 Virtue point for Inoffensive to Animals and cursory training in riding. Or simply ignored, and just walking like most other magi. And eventually inventing teleportation spells, like a lot of other magi.

Consider the matter dropped

The Woad has some design issues he wishes to hear a second oppinion on

His focus is on becoming an interesting character.

Background is more or less worked out:
Originating from Hibernia, apprenticed to an unpleasant maga Merinita, who was killed in WW by a magus Flambeau, who took the boy for himself.

Sinister and brooding. Suddenly explosive if offense is taken, but quick to be satisfied, agression is dealt in correctly measured doses. Often a rebel, not afraid to challenge authority or tradition. But ready to accept his place or the way things must be. Prefers figthting alongside and as one of the grogs, although augmented by magic.

Immediate Goals:
Relocate to Iberia and fit in. Seek adventure and recognition, develop and improve skills for the new locale.

Grand Goals:
Learn great magic capapable of devastating cities, armies etc. And become known for having this capability.

The Woad will be designed at Gauntlet, but he may be given a year or two post-Gauntlet. Primary reason is to have created a talisman, although not one with many effects in yet.

Initially focus on Perdo, secondarily Rego, along Terram, secondarily Animal, Corpus, Herbam.
In time, the great spells he wishes to cast are Creo or Rego, plus Auram, Aquam and Terram

What is the general attitude about custom spells, especially at Gauntlet ? I know some people insist on apprentices only being taught 'standard spells' i.e. those from the published books. And custom spells can be developed during play. IMHO, if the parens could reasonably have known that spell the apprentice can learn it too, if the rules for max spell levels are obeyed. What is the oppinion here?
The bulk of the Woad's are standard, but a few custom ones have been designed. It can easily be changed to only standard.

Flexible Formulaic Magic plus a Minor Focus on violent destruction and manipulation of elemental forms.
And them what? Virtues which just give bonus exp or study bonus are boring. Itøs more fun to be able to do stuff!
If the Woad is going into clich with warriors and monsters, he'd better be durable. Tough comes to mind. Improved Characteristics and Selv Confident are also handy. But all that is minor, the Woad would like a Major virtue to flesh him out.

Maybe some kind of Magic Blood, just for the heck of it, but there really aren't any really useful ones, and they are only minor. The Woad would like some stone-skin effects or other Soak boosting. Magic Thing allows a Lesser Power? Or the Woad could just go full on with the Major Supernatural Virtue 'Greater Power' from Rop:M. What is the oppinion on that?
Also, using MuCo guidelines for granting soak, and adding a Te requisite should be able to yield quite a bonus, because it doesn't matter if it looks unnatural.

Marcellus Theodoricus of House Verditius

Filius Honorius of House Verditius


Age 26 (right after Gauntlet)

Int +3, Per +1, Str 0, Sta +1, Pre -2, Com 0, Dex +1, Qik +1

Virtues: The Gift, Magus, Verditius Magic, Major Magical Focus (wild animals), Ways of the Mountain, Affinity with Art (Animal), Affinity with Ability (Magic Theory), Inoffensive to Animals, Inventive Genius

Flaws: Difficult Longevity Ritual, Optimistic (major), Nocturnal, True Friend (Regulus Aquilius of House Bjornaer), Weak Parens, Weak Scholar

Abilities: Animal Handling (goats) 3, Area Lore: Béarn (legends) 1, Artes Liberales (astronomy) 1, Athletics (climbing) 3, Awareness (alertness) 2, Brawl (knife) 2, Concentration (spells) 1, Craft: Leather (treating hides) 2, Craft: Iron (tools) 2, Hunt (tracking) 1, Language: Occitan (Gascon) 5, Language: Latin (Hermetic) 4, Magic Theory (enchanting items) 3, Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (history) 1, Parma Magica (Corpus) 1, Philosophiae (Verditius Runes) 1, Survival (mountains) 2, Swim (in cold water) 1

Magical Arts: Creo 3, Muto 4, Rego 5, Animal 8, Vim 5

Wizard’s Sigil: A feeling of restlessness, which requires at least a slight movement to relieve it


  • Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15) +13
  • Soothe the Ferocious Bear (ReAn 10) +14
  • Panic of the Elephant’s Mouse (ReAn 15) +14
  • Viper’s Gaze (ReAn 15) +14
  • Rise of the Feathery Body (ReCo 10) +6
  • Wielding the Invisible Sling (ReTe 10) +6
  • Gather the Essence of the Beast (ReVi 15) +11


Coming up the last flight of stairs as quickly as his weary legs allow him, Honorius tries to speak, between gasping breaths. “Is he still…”

The old woman waiting in the antechamber nods. « He hangs on still, » she says with tears in her eyes. This was the end, she knew. Honorius' presence meant that, at last, the old mam within would soon be able to let go of the pain, to slip finally away into eternal rest. “He was waiting for you.”

His head bowed in relief and sadness both, Honorius takes a deep breath, then nods his thanks to the serving woman. Then, steeling himself, he walks to the door and pushes it open gently, before slipping inside.

There are only a few Sun Globes alight, filling the bedroom with a soft golden glow. On the bed a thin shape lies, covered by a linen shirt, his chest rising and falling in time with wheezing breaths.

As the door clicks shut, the rhythm of the breaths change. A hand rises slightly towards the younger man who has just entered. “Is that you, Honorius?”

“Yes, father, it is me. I came as soon as I got word, and as quickly as I could.”

“Good, good. You were always a faithful son. I am glad you are here now, before I pass away.” Each word comes slowly, filled with the efforts to draw one breath, then one more.

Kneeling besides the bed, Honorius takes his pater's hand, which grips his with surprising strength. “What happened? I thought that last longevity ritual was supposed to last you for a decade or more, provided you didn't over exert yourself.”

“I had to do it, my son. To keep a promise; you now I always kept my word. Gabriel and his family have given me so much service over the years, spilled so much of the sweat, their blood. I had to pay them back for their loyalty, when the time came. I thought I would be able to. But now, now! To die with my oath unfulfilled…” Each word is weaker than the previous one.

“What is it, father?”

“You… Will you do this for me? Finish my work? Keep my honor, one last time? Only you can…”

“ I will, father, I will. But what is it that I must do? Father? Father!”

Later, when Honorius comes out the bedroom, the old woman is crying. “He be gone, isn't he?”

Honorius nods, his own eyes filled with tears. “Yes, Maria. He asked me to complete his work, but he… he slipped away before he could tell me what. Do you know what he meant for me to do?”

“Oh, you’ve not heard, have you?” When he shakes his head, she adds, “He took in a new boy, one of Gabriel's nephews… Perric, he be called.” As the implications of the old woman’s words set in, Honorius looks at her with consternation.

“An apprentice? But I'm not ready, I don't know enough to teach him properly! How will… How will I teach it all?”


Thus is it that Perric, at age 11, became the apprentice of Honorius of House Verditius upon the death of Octavius Maximus, who had taken the boy as his apprentice, to fulfill his promise to his trusted custos, Gabriel, that he would train any family member who manifested the Gift for magic.

The boy had been increasingly making even members of his family ill at ease, and several magical disturbances had occurred already. He’d been sent away from home as much as possible in the last year, mostly watching the family’s goats in their summer pasture. The goats apparently did not mind his burgeoning abilities, but boys from other families were another matter.

Octavius had opened the boy’s Gift before succumbing to illness. Longevity rituals had never worked well for the aging magus; a problem the he had passed on to Honorius and now Perric. Honorius struggled to train the boy. His promise to his dying pater precluded him from passing the boy to a more experienced magus, so he did his best. Even using the full 15 years allowed to him, this left the new magus weak in several areas. Perric was given the name Marcellus Theodoricus when he passed his Gauntlet by the smallest of margins.

At Honorius’ covenant, Marcellus shared his time as an apprentice with another, under the covenant’s Bjornaer maga. The two youngsters became inseparable, sharing a passion for wilderness and building a deep friendship over the years. The first non-Verditius to welcome Marcellus as a new magus was Regulus Aquilius of Bjornaer. After celebrating, they swore to keep in touch and visit each other as often as possible. This may initially prove easier for Regulus to do, as his Spanish Eagle heartbeast makes travelling easy for him. But Marcellus is doing his part as well, trying to find a covenant in the Pyrenees that will accept him as a member.

Design note and questions:

  • Weak Parens is particularly harsh for a Verditius, as they have many useful abilities that act as xp sinks (Magic Theory, Craft, Philosophiae) in addition to what all magi need. So it will take a few years before he shows a reasonable level of power. This could be done before the introduction into the saga, but this would feel like cheating since this comes as a result of a Flaw. Will that period of low power be a problem for the saga?

  • Major Magical Focus (wild animals) is intended to only exclude animals that are domesticated. I specifically wanted it to cover Bjornaer heartbeast, which shouldn't be a problem since HoH:MC (p.20) states that domesticated animals cannot be selected as heartbeasts. It should also cover most magical animals, although those that are intelligent (such as sentient dragons) may be excluded. It would also apply to any wild magical animal that Marcellus might bind as a familiar. Does the troupe agree with this?

  • Viewed broadly, the Focus could even apply to transformation spells that change a human into a wild animal (such as Shape of the Woodland Prowler), or grant him abilities of a wild animal (such as Sure-Footedness of the Crag-Leaper from MoH p.85). Is this too much of a stretch?

Andorra's on the border between Iberia and Normandy Tribunals. Is that close enough? (Although Vibria is from Iberia, she'd probably be happy to chat you up, tell you how much better things are here.

Oh, and Flambeau! Woohoo! (Seriously. Vibria knows that Flambeau is Best House.) And as the former Marshall, she may have some ideas for The Woad.

In the past, I think we've been able to use spells from the Net Wizard's Grimoire (with the caveat that the math there is too often wrong, so it's best to build the spells from scratch using the information there as a guideline), but I'll let Marko tell me if I'm wrong

You can include a few original spells and say your parens taught them to you. Don't go crazy, but I am fine with it.

Make sure you guys are using the simple CharGen HRs. You start with Native Language 5 and Native Area Lore 2. You get 20xp a year before becoming an Apprentice. Training grants 300xp and 150 levels of spells. After gauntlet you average 10xp a season (40 per year).

The Woad will limit himself so a single custom spell at Gauntlet, effectively just a variant of Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier. The other two he had in mind are also just variants of Blunt the Viper's Fangs and Rusty Decay of Ten Score Years respectively. He'll just grab those two and invent the custom ones later on.
All my custom spells will be designed from scratch, with design notes, references to existing spells, and a line of reasoning as to why. And I'll post them for moderation and comments. Just like we did in the "More Magi of Hermes" threads.


*Shattering the Sword into Seven Sharp Shards - Perdo(Rego)Terram20 Voice/Mom/Ind
Shatters a solid inanimate object made of metal, stone, or clay, plus wood or bone (with casting req.) showering the vicinity with jagged fragments. Affects individual objects up to 1 cubic foot metal (400 lbs), 1 cubic pace stone (5000 lbs), 1 cubic pace wood (800 lbs). Damage +10 to all targets within 60 degrees and 1 pace, x2 for holding/wearing.
(Base 3,+2 metal , +2 Voice, +1 Rego to fling shards, casting req for Form free)
This is a vairant of Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier, but that spell seems omewhat suboptimally designed. Especially when compared to Crystal Dart and Earth's CArbuncle, however these two have Muto components. Anyway, this spell affects a smaller volume/mass than Obliteration... but works at Voice range. Damage is the same, but with a doubling for shattering an item worn/held, with references to the rules for fire/corrosion and the amount of body area exposed.

Maybe. Looks good so far. It depends on what the others think. Expecially The Fixer. He hold special status as Rules Shark. Which means that, as far as RAW is concerned, he can over rule me. My rules authority comes from the power to set House Rules (with input and approval by the Troupe). I actually want to cut the fat and trim the HRs, but no one seems that concerned so I just let it ride. It is a checks and balances system which you now get to be a part of :slight_smile: