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Just trying to understand what his objectives are. Finding and befriending the fox for a potential familiar? Catching it to study it before releasing it? Killing and harvesting the raw vis? Just the hunting challenge, testing his abilities?

I am just trying to assess the type of challenge he is looking for to build around this kernel.

The Woad’s goals would be a combination of hunting for the sake of practice as well as studying the animal to learn more.
He wouldn’t catch to kill and harvest vis, the Hibernian way is to not harvest to hoard. But if he learns the potential of green animal, he might do that one day if he needs the vis.

The familiar angle is not the main point .

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I'm still here and healthy. How is everyone?

I'm still here, I'm good.
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I'm still reading off and on; Aus is in a good place overall covid-wise, however rest of life is smashing the family at present.

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Today's "Final Jeopardy!" question (6 May 2021)

I should have known the question to this. The answer was: "With words written by a bishop of Urgell, its anthem praises Charlemagne & says it 'was born a princess...between two nations'"

The question was "What is Andorra?" (I was thinking Luxembourg, because France and Germany, but I guess not.)

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@Christian_Andersen are you still interested in the hunting story? If so, start a topic for the story indicating who will be coming with The Woad.

Following his adventure in the summer of 1246, Marcellus thinks that a lesser item that would provide an easy way to at least stabilize any wounded. This could be useful to grogs mostly, but also to junior magi who cannot spontaneously cast Bind Wound and don't know the formulaic version.

Would the covenant advance the 2 pawns it takes to enchant such an item so that Marcellus can make it as a season of service?

Salve @Arthur

I’m ready for an adventure with The Woad. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have the rights to start a new topic. The button is gray’ed out for me, in this sub forum

Just realized I had created it back in March! :roll_eyes:

I actually seem to remember seeing a notice about this, but I couldn’t actually find the thread, and then I forgot

I wrote in the Fox Hunt but I still can’t find the thread in the Light of Andorra sub forum ???

It is the first topic that isn't pinned.

Anyone available to approve this?

Carmen approves

I shall pin the first unpinned topic...

A not-as-random-as-you-might-think Parma question.

Can you extend your Parma over an animal? Say, a mule?

My gut says "no" because the rule says "person" and "with their consent," but it never hurts to ask.

I can be liberal in my interpretation of the word "person". But consent requires cognizance which implies sentience and is thus what qualifies the subject as a person. So an intelligent animal that you can speak with, my inclination is to say yes.
But I say double check with The Fixer!

I'm going to be on the road for the next few days, moving Mom to Missouri to live with my sister. We're leaving Saturday morning, and I expect to be back home Wednesday afternoon/evening. (Tomorrow night's probably going to be shot with renting and loading up the truck with what's still at the apartment and in my storage unit.)