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So, for a few days, I've been hearing the Salt Wyrm's voice as I think of possible dialogue. And I'm thinking that voice sounds kind of familiar.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Sean Connery (who's been my default dragon voice since Dragonheart). For a while, I thinking Alan Rickman?

But a little while ago, I realized that the Salt Wyrm is being voiced by John de Lancie. Which kinda makes sense.

Evil ancient dragon voiced by Will Arnett.

...This is why I should never be allowed to design campaign material.

Talking to dragons is for suckers. Drama gets you Dead. Carmen was foolishly thinking of talking to it, but Estaban's comments reminded her that the world is better off with this monster vanquished and slain. Her lightning bolt trick may have made for an anticlimatic final scene, and I do apologize for that. I just got suddenly worried that one or more of us might wind up dead and pulled out all the stops.

Looks like Mark was right. No need to worry about Guillaume surviving.

I only get a 503 error about 40% of the time these days, ugh! Better then 90-something percent.

Yeah, definitely glad Vibria's not there. I'm not sure how she'd react, but I don't think she'd be very happy.

Timing. The Drake Hunt happens right after the very first council meeting. Vibria didn't blip on his radar until after they're back from the Drake Hunt.

Every time any woman makes it obvious that she's not like Gemma, Vulc is going to think it's AMAZING AND AWESOME, until he gets over the ex.

Fedora had mentioned in the Redcap thread about possibly calling a council meeting, which is probably a good idea somewhere within the timeframe we're working in. Should we have a thread for that?

Good point. But I am going to defer that question momentarilly. I need you guys to take a look at the Resolutions & By Laws, especially involving how we conduct our meetings and the Officers of the Council. I nomonate Solomon as our Inquisitor :slight_smile:

So, if Fédora calls a meeting for three days hence, and has pages either hand-deliver summons to each member or nail it to their door, it's quorate if at least half the Council is there.

But if she wants a meeting now, she can have pages go ask the magi to meet in the Council Chamber or wherever, but if even one is missing, it's only a Committee Meeting, which can only relay their recommendation to the next summoned or regular meeting.

That about sum it up?

Sorry, that's waaaaay tl;dr

This is correct, yes. Ample notice prevents the council from making sneeky secret decisions behind a members back. The committe can also have their reccomendation heard the next day once the missing member returns from vacation or whatever. A member can also be a dk by forcing the council to remain in committee for three days and stay in his sanctum, but once three days are up and ample notice satisfied, they can proceed without him and vote that his new nickname is now "Sorceror Stinky".

I have no idea what that means :slight_smile:

tl;dr= too long;didn't read

Perhaps I need to offer an incentive to read it? Such as writing a quiz where you are awarded bonus pawns of vis based upon your score?
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It is your doub for our survival that made me panic and blow all of my Confidence points :laughing:
As it turns out, I only needed that first lightning bolt. I designed the creature a while ago, and handed it off to PB. (I also feel bad about robbing PB the chance to roleplay a dragon, but like I said, I panicked). I figured Guilaume could take it, but your doubt led to my panic :smiley:

I am getting almost zero errors these days. 99.9% smooth and solid on my end I would say. I am curious about the differing experiences.

I hinted at this when I mentioned it over in Bibracte. It's timing differences. There are either processes running on the Atlas website consuming inordinate resources causing requests to time out, or they are subject to a prolonged DDoS attack that runs at different times. Last Tuesday and Wednesday the site was largely unusable for me, I had to be extremely persistent to post any message, and most of them took upwards of 15 minutes, with two taking 30 minutes to finally get posted. Now, i'm not sitting there for 30 minutes trying to post, but over the course of 30 minutes, whenever I wanted to post I was unable to post.
If it works for you at the time you're available to post, great, but if it doesn't work for callen, for example, when he wants to post, what then?

Because of my job and nocturnal life style, most of my posting is in the evening/night time/early morning. But here I am in the middle of the day and I have no problems. I am thinking the problem isn't just Atlas anymore. In fact, Atlas' problem is relativly minor. I am thinking that maybe certain service providers have more problems with the site than others.
As for a "what then", there isn't any what then. I can't fix anyone's problems. We just have to have faith and paitience and hopefully soon Callen will be posting again. He is a veteran of this saga from the previous incarnation, so I pray it all works out for him.

This weekend and today have been very good. I'm not convinced that it will stay that way...

I am. And I am convinced that the forums will suffer another attack, and they will recover from that too. And it shall ever continue until our society develops ever improved IT and computer technology. Until one day where we are all playing in a virtual setting via interface jacks wired into the backs of our heads.