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Good to know, although I did nothing special. But it's great :smiley:

I've done some breadcrub indentation (See, for exemple, The Forge of Vulcanus), to ease up navigation and give a sense of hierarchy. It adds some text to the top, but I think that works fine nonetheless.

Fightmaster, I've done a slight edit to Micaela's page: It's Clair de Lune (Meaning something like "Moonlight"), not Claire.

Couple system questions, both related to Sigmundo's offer...

  1. Is it possible to invent a ReCo flight spell with Sun duration or is Conc duration necessary in order to control the flight?
  2. Are Profession: Scribe specialties applied when calculating how many levels of summae or lab texts can be copied per season?

Oh poop. I've backed myself into a plot-device corner. Only going to say the minimum necessary to avoid spoilers... suffice to say that as I was putting up a finalized character sheet for Ludwig, I realized I made two critical oversights in planning this adventure.

  • Melanthe could have some previously unknown power to... somehow meld with Arachne? In a way that would let Melanthe get past foreign Aegises. This would be great for the PCs, but if we can do it then that means NPCs can do it to us too, which is a whole can of worms I don't really want to open just to help me work in a couple plot points.
  • I could build Ludwig as a Companion (which also lets me make him a Dwarf, which suits his personality SO much better) and then have him be a general use character. He's a really cool concept and this would impact other people's characters the least, so I'd prefer this.
  • Could go for some kind of deus ex, but.... bleh.

I've always included them, yes.

The Deus ex Machine Gun would solve all our...well, somebody's problems.

Cannot say for certain. I would most likely not blink too hard at it, but others might.


Works for me :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, you can do Sun duration, but you would need to Concentrate to change speed and/or direction. So, you do Flight, bearing 243 mark 7 at 14 kmh, and if you want to change that to 327 mark 7, you'd have to make a Concentration roll.

(Not that I'm crossing the streams on my geekdoms or anything.)

I conccur. So let it be ruled!

Going to the hellfest wednesday, so don't expect me then.

  1. As I understand it, yes, but, although things are not always consistent, it seems you still need to concentrate a little to maneuver, change speed, to "give orders" to the flight spell. No check needed, just paying attention.

So, if you want, with a Conc spell, if you don't concentrate, you fall, and you'd need to concentrate for the entire flight. With a Sun spell, if you don't concentrate, you just keep going with the last command, so you could just go with "full forward" and sleep while flying. You could likewise reasonnably float about in combat.

  1. As far as I can tell, yes.

Haven't read the thread yet.

A priori, I'd say NO to Melantha having a special power. If she can't enter, she just stays outside, too bad for her. Note that what you fear should you open this can is... What demons can (sort of) do :wink: So yeah, it's frightening
Same thing for Deus Ex Machina. So I'd say, go for Ludwig. This is simple, this is by the rules (meaning it's coherent with the rest of the universe), go for it!

Ludwig has been converted to a Companion. He's really cool now, too :slight_smile:

I posted him to the wiki because the forums have been giving me trouble all day.

It was giving me trouble this morning also, but it seems smoother now. Michelle has done a lot to improve things, but I am thinking we have to wait for Wendy to get back from Guard Duty for a good solid fix.

Very nice. I especially like the shapechanging theme. I also appreciate you resisting what had to be an overpowering urge to name the pixies Franjean and Rool. :slight_smile:

For some reason, the first thing that came to mind was, "Tell me - does this walking corpse have a name?"


That is more Roberto style though. Carmen is not very intimidating, unless she is crackling with lightning. I mean really? Would you be afraid if Taylor Swift tried to stare you down? And would you not be afraid if she started tossing lightning bolts?

I'm still not sure about Guillaume in the Midnight in Duresca thread because I'm not positive he'll survive this dragon. While it's likely, I would rather not assume. That's why Guillaume has been silent in the other thread.

The rooms are not square; the tower is octagonal so all the rooms are at odd angles. It's... basically a rectangle with a triangle corner missing from it. I don't have a scanner, or I'd have posted the maps I drew. I could take a picture with my phone...? but then I wouldn't know how to put them anywhere.

If you want to email it to me, I've got a couple of picture-housing sites I use that I can put it on and give you the link for.

I emailed them to you. THey'll need a little editing before they get posted :slight_smile: Also, they are NOT to scale. At ALL. They are rough sketches so I could keep in mind where everything was.

Okay, got them. I'll tinker with them after work tomorrow and get them uploaded either tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.

I can fit you in whenever you feel it is best, worries. I had similar reservations when I first encountered bifrocated time-slots & this story style. What I do for Roberto in Bibracte is develop stats only up untim the point in time of his main story, and try to be reserved in action in furture side parts in stories.
And I myself am confident you will survive the dragon. You are in the company of some power hitters here. And you already passed the climax of the main part of that story, saving the village from ogres & goblins and resolving the problems the drakes had with the Brute (in that the faerie monster's story has been resolved for now and the drake now know they have to hunt with less ruthless aggression in the vicinity).

Still here, but enough work to keep me from the boards, and some unexpected shit that hit the fan. Hope to get back within the week.