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Awesome! 8)

Just to let you guys know, I have had weekday work as of late. Worked yesterday and today and then my normal Th/F/Sa coming up. There are a lot of cool things I plan on doing when I get the chance, so hang in there gang :slight_smile:

Did we ever elect a Librarian? I need to know who to talk to about Mica having access to books.

Also, did we ever settle on who was responsible for mundane relations? I think the covenant could use the occasional services of a university-trained teacher or three, but Vocis isn't the guy to recruit them.

I have a teacher character I built a while ago but never ended up getting to play. I could dig it up and post it if you'd use it.

It depends on what you mean by 'use'. I'm not interested in playing a teacher as a character, but I'll exploit the hell out of one as a specialist. 8)

Here he is. It was a specialist I bought for a saga once, and rather than come up with an original concept I just built Filius Flitwick. Except with a much higher Com score than anyone with Flitwick's squeaky little voice should have.
If he's modified using Marko's cyclical advancement he can probably have the same skills and be a lot younger.

Fidelius, the Teacher
Age 42
Decrepitude 0

Int +2 Per 0 Str -2 Sta 0 Pre +1 Com +5 Dex 0 Qik 0

Magister in Artibus, Good Teacher, Strong Faerie Blood (goblin), Wealthy;
Black Sheep, Avaricious-Maj, Dwarf, Covenant Upbringing

Animal Handling (truffle pigs) 2
Artes Liberales (music) 6
Awareness (alertness) 3
Bargain (artifacts) 3
Charm (putting people at ease) 3
Civil & Canon Law 4
Chirurgy (binding wounds) 3
English free
Etiquette (clergy) 2
Faerie Lore (goblins) 3
Folk Ken (academics) 3
Greek 5
Guile (hiding emotions) 3
Intrigue (goblins) 3
Leadership (academics) 2
Latin 6
Medicine 3
Music (harp) 5
Order of Hermes Lore 3
Philosophiae 6
Profession: Gardener 4
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Teaching 5
Theology 2

Is Vibria's new helm functional as a battle-helm? The realist in me says "No," but the Epic Fantasy/Game of Thrones fan in me says "Frack yes!"

It's Toledo steel, of course it's battle worthy :slight_smile:

Toledo steel is for swords :slight_smile:
Then again, Toledo Steel is also a catch all referring to the style and technique of superior craftsmanship. But the iron ore of Spain itself is not superior. It is the secret ingredient of Vandium :slight_smile:
I suppose I need to do more research. AFAIK, Vandium allows for a sharper sword, but I do not now if it is stronger. And I may have it backwards, vanadium makes it stronger and the technique makes it sharper.
Toledo style is still practiced by artisan in Spain today, selling knifes & such to tourists. No vanadium in them though. The world has run out :frowning:
Metalurical examination on Tizona, the sword of El Cid, reveals that it was alloyed with vanadium.
Off to research!!!

Yeah, that's important. I made Vulcanus' and Vibria's armors out of Toledo steel because the material has more vis capacity than inferior alloys. It's not relevant for Vulc's armor anymore now that it's his talisman, but it IS still relevant to Vibria's.

Toledo steel alloy is famous for being harder and lighter than other alloys, so it makes sense you'd want to use it for armor if you can, and not just weapons.

How do we pick up virtues in play? Tiana would like to pick up Good Teacher before Semyon starts his apprenticeship, if possible.

Mysteries, Twilight, or a Magic Realm Adventure

A little research has opened my eyes to the unknown!
The world is not out of Vanadium. It is being produced industrially all the time for hardened tool steel and stuff. I also learned that it can occur naturally mixed with other mineral formations, such as the iron ore of Spain. Further, I learned that Spanish steel was famed for it's superiority since Roman times. I theorize that Spain had/has superior iron ore in its soils, which in turn encouraged and attracted developers of superior techniques. Hispania produced much of the weaponry of the Roman army, and in the game period of the 13th century, Spain produces and exports weapons throughout Mythic Europe.
So that bursts a few of my previous notions of Toledo steel, but further confirms my crediting Toledo steel to be a combination of superior material and superior craftsmanship. Ferrovanadium is slightly superior than base steel, therefore deserving of having a base pawn value of 1 point higher than common iron ore.

After a few moments, a man with almost comically large lips comes out of the castle. He shakes his fist at the sheep and yells, "Hey! Ewe! Get off of my cloud!"


You know, when I picture Fedora and Semyon, I see Gillian and Jimmy Darmody, of Boardwalk Empire...

That will come in handy in case anyone ever gets dismembered again. Too bad you can't learn from Casting Tablets.
That can be arranged. I was going to have him drop off a mix of stuff. Carmen spent 4 pawns for 100 levels of tablets and texts she thinks we need
Just looked it up. We do have that spell in the library. Carmen will just buy the Casting Tablet, which costs us two pawns of vis (Carles will take one pawn of Intellego as payment).
Carmen pays for that and the cost of the ritual out of the slush fund, ruling that medical care is one of the basic rights to be afforded all members. More on this latter. In another thread.

Can a mundane scribe with MT copy lab texts? I think the answer is no, but I'm not seeing an answer in the core book.

"A character must have a score of at least 1 in Magic Theory in order to copy a book about the Hermetic Arts or Parma Magica without corrupting it." I'd think Hermetic lab texts would fall under that too, but you're right, it never says anything about LTs specifically.

I would tend to agree

Years of watching Doctor Who and Torchwood with my ex-wife have convinced me that there is no man alive more attractive to women than John Barrowman.