General Table Talk

I just set up a new interweb connection today at around noon. So hopefully things can get going again.
Who is still with me? Where did we leave off and where do you wanna pick it back up?

I'm still here.

Excellent :smiley:

I'm still here. I think I needed a response in Vis Hunters.

I'm (hopefully obviously) still here.

More excellence :smiley:
Interwebz have been important for awhile, but it seems to me, having been without for over a month, that e-mail has become as essential (and ax expected/mandatory) as having a phone.
And I had to cut an unsavory deal to get this new connection.
Anyways, if I recall; Vibria and Solomon are in Barcelona. Shall we pick up there or wrap that up and start fresh?

Ahah! And Vocis too. Vis hunters. I will re-familiarize myself and start up with something tonight whence I return to my domicile.

Just posted a little irrelevance in the Christmas thread. Not sure if the other sub-threads need more resolution, but I think I'm ready for the next chapter.

I hope Xavi is still poking around out there too, as well as Fixer. And anyone and everyone interested in furthering new stories. I have a desire to run an expedition to the City of Brass.

Still here, yes :smiley:

Will see if I can maybe do something for Roberto.

Marko, are you still planning to the Mallorca sub-covenant idea?

It was a chapterhouse idea, not a sub covenant or a side saga. All that got messed up and confused and it was originally intended to be run by Ryu and it was the reason I imported Roberto. I don't know what I am supposed to do with it now, nor what I desire from it. I would rather place my efforts in a really cool City of Brass story and make it epic. We can use all the characters we created for this project instead.
But I suppose the question is what you guys want to do with it. I'll set it up if someone else will manage it.

I'm trying to think up and adventure for Roberto, but I have little time, so I dunno if I'll be able to do something.
I have the rough outlines, of course, but it is too straightforward.

Mallorca, IMO, we can have that just for background color, which allow me to have the mercurian summoner in here :smiley:
Like, we do nothing, but it expands on Andorra's history.

I am still around, even if other projects keep me less in the Ars loop lately.

What I cannot remember for the love of me is what is the current status of Arnau. Was he deemed kosher for a companion level character? Was he deemed too weak since the idea was that he should be a Magus character? Anything in between or not at all?... So, no idea if I need to redesign him or not, specially since character creation seems to vary a lot in Andorra compared to the established canon.

IIRC: As a companion, ok. As a magus, too weak, I suggest you make him into a mythic companion.

My idea was for him to be a companion. The idea of making him into a magus was from Ryu and Marko, that wanted to force him into the Order yes or yes. That was not my original idea for him, so I would have no problems keeping him at companion level. :slight_smile:

Mark had no ideas. That was me playing Roberto as a PC and freaked out by a cadre of hedge wizard mercenaries. Ryu was SG (or was supposed to be) and things got all confused.
Play whatever style of character you want. Power levels are not a big concern of mine. My intentions for Mallorca are either a chapter house or a simple single adventure, but not a separate saga or side story deal. And I have mentioned my desire to run a City of Brass adventure. Arnau and his soldiers will fit in perfectly with that, as well as Roberto and his crew. We just need a large enough ship, Johan VanHalen (Roberto's companion) can make it fly. We load up with our armed escort and fly across the Sahara :smiley:

My only....concern/issue/ what exactly Arnau's status is. The "leader" of this expedition to the City of Brass is going to be Solomon (at least that what he expects), by nature of the fact that he's the only one that currently knows about. Solomon is a pretty "by the book" quaesitor, and the idea of a hedge wizard who seems rather opposed to joining the Order strikes me as something a quaesitor would not be okay with. Now I am the relative n00b to Ars compared to the rest of you, so if there is precedent for the Order (specifically by the book quaesitor types) being okay with hedge wizards and using them on occassions like this, then I am all ears.

No, I was referring to you as Marko, not to Roberto: I vaguely recall a cry to turn Arnau into a Mythic companion, and IIRC that started with you and some other posters around here. I might be wrong pon who started it, though. I like Arnau as he is (flawed and all) and he not having Parma or any of those fancy things :slight_smile: so if everybody is happy I will play it at companion level, like he is now. I think the mixed perception arouse from the idea that he could cast some magics = he was a wizard. he is not in the same league as the rest of the magi in Andorra by a long shot. It is like comparing NFL to your local hiogh school football league. Same sport, different experiences.

I as Markoko was trying to ignore what you were doing and let Ryu handle it. :smiley:
Taking a step back and looking at it as an SG, I say do whatever it is you want to do. As long as it is playable and everyone can have fun, go for it. The mixed perception came from me blindly acting as a PC. As a player of a Flambeau magus, I view the world in terms of potential conflicts to be engaged in or defused. As an SG, I instead seek a way to mitigate the situation and view things from a more subdued perspective. Nobody truly has a power level too low or too high for there to be interesting stories. And Arnau is not any real threat to the Order. The SG knows that, the PC would not understand right away.

But put all that aside. I wrote the City of Brass for Tales of Power. I know what this mission entails. And I know that being supported by a cadre of elite mercenaries led by a warrior hedge wizard can make the difference between life and death.