General Table Talk

I'm going to be mostly out of the loop for the next couple weeks while I'm home for the holidays. I realize Vis Hunters is waiting on me and I'll try to address it no later than Monday.

No worries and no pressure. I am not expecting a lot of activity or coordination until after the holidays.

[size=200]MERRY CHRISTMAS!![/size]

Thank you marko! I know I'm late, but merry christmas to you and your loved ones too.

As warned a while back, I've been lost in end-of-the-year work disaster, but hopefully, it's coming to an end. I hope.

Happy Holidays to you all! :smiley:

[size=200]HAPPY NEW YEAR!![/size]

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year!!!

My life has been hectic, but I promise I will get organized and back on the game track after this weekend.

maybe sooner

Happy new year, andorra, I wish you joy, health, hapiness and chocolate!

Dearest Andorra,
I realize I have been neglectful of late, and for that I must apologize. The responsibilities of life weighed heavily on me and kept me from giving you the attention you deserve. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually strayed from you over the last few weeks. Three times, no less. But those games were one-shots, they meant nothing. Ars is still my one true love. As my life returns to normal after the holidays, I look forward to rebuilding our relationship and your trust. I also promise to refrain from accidentally killing any brother magi in the future.


PS - Belated Happy Holidays to everyone! :slight_smile:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I have also been vacationing. Well, not really. Lots of work, but my free time is been wasted on pure distraction (television, video games, saving the world, etcetera).
And Chicago is under siege by frost giants. 'Tis most distressing :frowning:
I promise I will catch up and post new responses in all the threads, then cut the old stories and start new ones. All this in more in the days and weeks to come! Stay tuned!!!!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: great post :smiley:

Yes, I thought a lot about you when they were talking about the weather.

Still here, too :smiley: Hopefully, things are getting better here :smiley:
I will be away last week, but may have an internet access (let's pray). And I sure hope to be able to post again once I get back

At this point I would like to mention I have recently suffered major flood damage. It was -40 one week, then rose to 40 the next week and ice melted all over and my room is in the basement. Sump pump burned out. Had to get a new power supply for the computer, and I have as yet to check on my sound system :frowning:
And my comic book collection is destroyed :imp:

But I am still here and will be on top of my game shortly :smiley:

Boy, "That sucks!" doesn't even begin to cover it. At least everyone's okay.

It is an opportunity for life renewal :smiley:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Man, that sucks. Glad to see you are taking it so well.

:frowning: sorry to hear that, Marko. You're right to take it like that, but still... Ouch. I hope you'll be well. Take care of yourself

Wow Marko, I'm sorry. That's awful. I hope insurance is going to cover the damages, but I can't fathom how you're managing the loss of your collection. Better than I would apparently, but still...

We just had an event where we had water, but couldn't use it for over a week. Still don't trust drinking it. Water is a powerful and dangerous thing.

Indeed, and it gets better. Problems with the landlord and insurance, my one flatmate is a dk, and he cut off cable and internet. On my phone which costs $$$.
Be paitient. I am working on moving outta this craphole and nback into the city. The burbs suck. Not enough pavment or 24hr spots.

So, how are things going?