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oh definitely

Looking at he recap that Marko posted, it would seem that a good idea would be for the Balearic sites to split from the main covenant and form their own. Not necessarily as an opponent or enemy covenant. It could be a friendly parting. The portal would remain, so that does not mean losing that site as a source of stories, but it would weaken the covenant a little and help justify a dip into winter or a drop of unnecessary hassles

For me Andorra has always been the marvel cinematic universe. A power level I have learned that I do not enjoy playing, but nice to look into from time to time.

But a random fact I learned in the train a few minutes ago.

In medieval Barcelona Jews had their doors painted yellow. Prostitutes painted red.

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I am going to use that in the future :slight_smile:
What if a person is both?


Probably red. For a number of reasons, part of that being that a woman working as a prostitute was probably not being "recognized" as being part of any religion in particular.

Barry gules and Or.

From what little I know about linguistics, Danish had a lot of influence on early English. Words like skirt and hug. Some people say English is derived from German, but that is clearly false. English & German are derived from "proto-germanic". They are siblings. If my understanding is correct, Old English was heavily influenced by Norse when the Danes ruled England. Then a lot of French vocabulary words were added under Norman rule, leading to Middle English. (I watch Lang Focus on YouTube). Some say English is actually Romance or creolized, but I think that is an exaggeration. With a good vocabulary (and a bit of creativity), one can write extensive paragraphs without using any Latin/Romance words. There is no real good point to doing so, other than as an interesting exercise.

As for the David Chart influence, I totally get that. When writing for publication, there needs to be a consistency of word style. I also had to conform to format. As a side effect, in casual writing for this game, I finally stopped using the ArM4 (adapted) convention of using +1/+3 for Minor/Major Virtues.

That reminds me of my high school English teacher who once had us write a short essay in which he said we couldn't use any form of the verb "to be." Again, no real good point for doing so except as an intellectual exercise.

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On a different topic, I want to discuss how we are going to proceed. I have seen it before where, after a period of being slow, we suddenly fill up with an over abundance of players. Some stick around, some don't. Some older payers drift away, some come back for another go at things. I have no way of knowing what people will do in the long run, so I leave the door open and let things evolve naturally.
But the question is how do we handle what we have now. I want to divide us up into two or three story groups. Maybe four. I have an idea for one, Trogdor has a good one, and Silveroak has a good one as well. I don't want to get as branched out as we did before, but maybe just a little. Realistically, I am only expecting a few story posts per week. More than that is asking for disaster.
So at this point, I want to do a roll call for all volunteer storyguides. I will set up a thread for each of you, and we can proceed from there.
As for the new characters, I will give you each personal threads exclusive for that character. I ask that no one else but that player write in that thread. I will do that tonight after work.

Well, I'm good with running the Ancient Discovery story line. I've even still got the thread set up from way back when. It looks like I was just a little late to getting back to the forum to get involved in the other Africa story line. So I'll have to find something else to keep Lucas busy.

I can storyguide short stories for young magi. At least until I am more familiar with the saga, I'd rather not get involved in anything too far-reaching.

I need to review Ikelos to remember the entire concept.

Has anyone tried doing tables yet? Are html tables the way to go on these forums?

In reply to my own post...Yes, HTML tables work well

You can use [less than] font color="red" > some text [less than]/font>

I can talk in red
I can talk in green

Vibria talks like this
Guiverna talks like this
Who talks like this?
And Lucia talks like this

Okay. Let's see if I remember this after I wake up :smiley:

I'm going to pass on story-guiding for the foreseeable future. I've got one story I need to get written for a December 31 submission deadline, and I would like to get the one or two stories finished that I've missed the deadlines on (just to be able to say I've finished them) and probably post to my Wattpad. Plus, I'm still working on my sequel to Where No Witch Has Gone Before that I started a year and a half ago or something, plus getting practice/world-building stories written for my main #Superverse character so I can start getting that publishable.

So. Yeah. Wee bit on the busy side. (And that's not even counting my slowly increasing caregiver stuff for Mom. And the job I have that actually pays me money.)

The other Africa storylline never happened. Yet. It is up to Silveroak if he wants to pick that up again.

Dibs! I wanna use that for Roberto.

You do not have to limit yourselves to old colors :slight_smile: Try new ones...

Like Coral
and SpringGreen
and BlueViolet

Realise that some colors are close to others. i will claim this one for Ikelos. Chocolate.

I will use teal for Marcellus if no one objects