George Polani

before going into further detail, your social status does not work. Simply writing a back story to explain it does not change the situation- a trading post in Malta is not something that would support a wealthy merchant.
What you have described for the characters background is partner, which is a major social virtue.

Ok have to think about how to change him. Probably I will replace his educated and merchant social with the social status clerk. From the story it would be that he complete withdraw at the age of 60 from the family business and now try his "luck" as teacher and translator.

given that he looks 30 at age 60 and has family members looking to move up that is probably a good idea- maybe even fake his death

The story is still missing but I made the change to Social Clerk as suggested above and added Philosophiae and Awareness what in total increased the age by 4 years.

I'm not so keen in a full cut like a fake dead as this would mean he no longer could add his former contacts as customer to his teaching and translating services and so most likely can no longer keep the wealthy.

Did go with the missing at sea end for his old live and for now he live at Malta because it is far away from Venice. As private teacher I assume he mostly will have to teach at the home of the clients so he need no class room at his house.

Keeping in mind that the definition of wealthy means he only works one season a year, he will have a modest house where he teaches most years and probably makes up the difference with scribal work on off years (if a decree needs to be published over the island, for example, it is easier to bring one copy to the local scribe).
It is worth noting that he will not fit in well on the island since he does not speak maltese...

Sorry that I tried to attach the character to the active played covenant but if it don't work then it don't work.
If you see it that my character should own a actual school and not just give private lessons then I agree that Malta is to small for it.
Also I missed that it is the Semitic and not the Romance group, although a substituted 4 (from Hebrew 5+2) is still not that bad, its not good enough for a teacher. Will have to look for good place on south Italy for where he live and have his school then, at last assuming Latin 6+2 is good enough for you to substitute for i.e. Sicilian. Looking at a map from 1494 at the Wikipedia I think Siracusa could also be a fine city for him, although it is sad that the player of the mage there is no longer active.

The easiest approach to become associated with the Malta covenant is to say he has been living in southern Italy for a while but heard about this new community of scholars that was not associated with a church when their agent was recruiting armsmen, and the fact that scholars would require armsmen suggested something worth looking into joining up and so you approached the covenant. Unlike a great many companion characters this one has obvious interests that would make sense for them to seek such an association.

Ok sound like George will visit the covenant during spring 1200 to introduce him self. He want to check out if this scholar group going for a archaeological digging where the chance is that interesting documents for him could be found or if some other cooperative work would be possible and interesting.

For the last nearly 9 year I hink Siracusa is a interesting place for him because of the Africa trade route that looks like going from there.

As there was no complain any more I made the changes mentioned in the post above now in the wiki as well.

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