Gerard de Flambeau

to begin with there is no way dispelling is a minor magical focus, in my opinion it is too broad for a major magical focus...

Counterspells, likely more limited than dispelling, is mentioned as a Major Magical Focus often taught to Followers of Pendule (HoH:MC p102).

May I ask why? I am curious. It isn't my character so I only want to understand how you think.

It seems to me that what you can do with focus dispelling is only a subset of PeVi effects. You cannot use it to destroy beings with might (Demon's eternal oblvion); it only applies to destroying magical effects. Why is it different from an mmf like destroying stone?

Are you reading it more broadly than I am, maybe?

secondly I have no idea how you calculated the parma magica skill/bonus point value...

dispelling is not, as I read it, simply a question of PeVi, but anything which eliminates a spell or spell effect. Which would include counterspells.

I intended dispelling as a subset of PeVi. It's also a canon focus, GotF 59.

Parma should say 4|2.5, my mistake.

Counterspells would include PeVi, ReVi, and MuVi effects, making it Major.

You can counterspell by dispelling, but you can also counterspell by suppressing or altering the spell. (Or turning it into Glamour, if you're of Pendule's lineage.)

Counterspells includes all forms and all techniques but the spell must be fast cast as the other spell is being cast, and because of that they almost always need to be spontaneous cast. CrAq can be used as a counterspell for CrIg, for instance. Dispelling is PeVi but it can affect any spell ongoing or as it is being cast.

First of all I do not consider sample characters to be canon examples of the rules- they seem in most sourcebooks to have been inadequately vetted and frequently violate rules that they appear within a page of.
secondly the dispelling as applied in that example has been applied to all PeVi spells, including those targeting creatures with might...
finally the term dispelling is simply overly broad, both compared to your usage and the one in the example- I can see where a troupe might have settled on that definition, but I do not see any reason not to be more precise- spell unraveling, for example, I can see as a minor focus.

That's all I wanted it to apply to; unravelling spells with PeVi, either as a fast-cast defense or to target ongoing effects. So I will rename the focus to Unravelling Spells.

okay, I also show Gerard being 85 points over on abilities and arts

Are you accounting for Flawless Magic? I did it mechanically as 5 free xp and doubling further xp spent. I meant to put a footnote but I forgot, sorry.

unlike affinity flawless magic does not increase point values at character creation, only study totals during the game.

At the end it says:

"Further, all experience points you put
into Spell Mastery Abilities are doubled."

It was errataed, I think the first printing has "study source" language that wouldn't count at chargen.

okay, you should note, by my calculations, that mastery for wizards eviscerating glare is 2.5 points over what is required for the score...


I don't get how that could have happened, but noted.

Thank you.

level 1 mastery was free, level 4 mastery is another 45 points, which comes to 22.5 points when doubled, and based on how the math came out you put 25 points into it. You could consider it 5 points over depending on which side of the math you like to do your accounting.

I see. I was thinking you meant 2.5 after the doubling.

BTW, I built Gerard's sons as grogs, didn't farm them out to play yet because they're still little kids, but open to that later (and now, if someone really wants to).

How do we determine whether either of them is Gifted?

when they are old enough, if someone wants to use a companion slot for them to develop the Gift they may. Otherwise, they don't.