Getting rid of 4th Edition stuff

Just curious,
It appears as if Atlas Games and the 5th Edition of Ars Magica is getting rid of non-AG terminology and happenings, what stuff has actually been removed this far which was canon when WW published the game?

[x] Mistridge will fall in Faith and Flame.
[x] Tremere did not become vampires

Anyone know other things?

I don't know about Mistridge, but I think that was a WW idea to begin with. And stand or fall, its existence is unaltered. There is a 23 year gap between WW and Atlas.
The Tremere, some fundamental conceptual changes, yes. Vampires were not totally banished. Just greatly reconceived.

The most painful change of 5th edition, however, is the loss of Reculed Seneca, the original Flambeau.

I found the downplay of the war against Davnalleus (and the use of an original Celtic name for him instead of the Latin transvestite name) saddening as well. Not removed, just ignored. Best villain ever. I also preferred when he was not blatantly infernal: made for a much more tragic figure fighting against the imperialism of the order. However, I found the rewrite of Sub Rosa claiming that he was actually Tytalus the founder to be just amazing revisionism. We have embraced that theory in my troupe as canon.

Tytalus was the Spider?!?
I have got to steal that idea :exclamation: :smiling_imp:

Get Sub Rosa 13. Amazing ideas there on the add on letter attached to the ezine. Whole alternative rewriting of the early history of the order that is just plain awesome. Flambeau is also around instead of Ignes Festi. Now THAT is a duel. :wink:

Just a point of clarification, White Wolf published Third Edition. Fourth Edition was released as an Atlas product.

Other things that are gone since White Wolf:

  • Grimgroth
  • Covenant of Doissetep
  • True Reason
  • OMG demons!

The first two were in ArM4.
The latter two are like the second Highlander movie. Never happened :mrgreen:

Yes. This. For all its flaws, the ToH:Iberia book gave me a Flambeau origin story I'm still using IMS.

Ah, Issue 13. My favourite. With the possible exception of issue 16.

What are you talking about? There are only 2 entries on that list? :wink:

Boy, I found True Reason a hard sell even back in the day when 3rd edition was the current one. I think we all just kind of ignored it in my old 3E saga and that was from players with no vested interest in previous editions.

I saw one list with 100 things on it.

REASON (TM) is OK as long as you accept you're playing Mage:The Ascension and reality is one giant consensus but people looking for underlying patterns can create a reality that people latch on to, and create technology as "magic for the masses". It's an interesting idea and works well in Mage, but in Ars it does mean the medieval paradigm is on very shaky ground and could disappear to be replaced by something else.

How about the transformation of the Order of Hermes from an illogical coalition of warring psychotics, bound together by an oath literally designed to be impossible for characters to not break, into an organization of slightly competitive misanthropes with a somewhat logical non-angst driven legislative method.

And democracy is the worst form of government. No wonder Tytalus wanted a democratic Order.

I guess they figured out that a society which had supposedly existed for ~400 years had to be basically functional.

It is the very basis of my own saga :slight_smile:

From what I recall of the discussions, Doissetep may have gone, but there is a covenant in a suspiciously similar location, which has resemblances. Makes me wonder what sort of embarrassments might cause a covenant to rebrand in the same manner as a corporation :wink:

I seem to remember (serf's parma) a note on the inside over page of ArM4 saying (among other things) "Doissetep is a trademark of White Wolf..." I haven't seen Faith and Flame (didn't playtest it) but I suspect this is a retcon rather than a rebranding. We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Though your idea of the covenant changing its name and logo, er, I mean, sigil, is entertaining. Did the Pontifex leave suddenly to "spend more time with his family"? :smiley:

I read in some fiction book some passing blurb about Doissetep being a temple or sacred city in Thiland or Cambodia or something.
Does anyone know anything about this and could they enlighten me?