Giant Spider -- stats?

Serf's parma... is there a Giant Spider of Virtue statted out in the RAW? Or any sort of supernatural spider affiliated with any realm?
If not in the RAW, have you created one? Would you mind sharing?

thanks in advance,

Monstrous Spider - TTT page 115. Also Spider Swarm on page 120 and the monstrous Inspiderwiht on page 130.

Idmon the Spider - MoH, page 99 is a familiar.

Sorry to be unfamiliar with all the abbreviations.
I know "MoH" is "Magi of Hermes" (from the Abbreviations used on this forum thread)
What does "TTT" represent?

Thrice-Told Tales, which took me a few minutes as well.

Probably a facetious question, but would Dav'nalleous be considered some sort of supernatural spider?

I have a little spider god here: ... -jeweller/

There are some spells and familiars about spiders in the Tremere House rules (see True Lineages).

Oh, yes, the Ethereal Fisherman swarms...I love those.

Don't meet them unprepared! Bring plenty of Grogs