Gloom, New Player few questions and expansions

Hello all, My wife and I have been playing this game and really love it. So far we have the unwelcome guests and unhappy homes expansions, with the expedition one on special order at our game shop. A few what I guess may be basic questions. When you play a modifier that has an effect on an opponents family do they react to what the card says on it like draw or discard so many etc. We had been playing that way but sometimes it seems off like the benefit might not be quite right with whats happening to the player.

Also with the unwelcome guest expansion, All the cards but the cat are easy to follow. Does he follow Bats as that is the icon on him? Because the others say what they follow in the text and some have a matching icon and some don't so we're a bit confused.

Thanks for your time.


Hi there. Glad you're enjoying it!

According to the rules "effects always apply to the person who controls the character to which the Modifier card is attached, not the person who played the Modifier."

Hopefully you've figured this out by now, but for anyone else visiting the forum...

Whiskers is unusual in that he DOESN'T follow anything. The only way to get him to join your family is to use a card that has a move-a-guest effect.