[Gloom] Unwelcome Guests Houserules

And right onto the next expansion...

The rules here are not very detailed about bringing Guests into play, except for those chosen to be on the board from the start.
So first I want to ask the designers, are the remaining guests meant to be shuffled into the deck, or should they just be put aside and not used?

However, I also got an idea to how you could use the guests. I'd say you deal out on the table as many guests as there are players, to keep the number of characters balanced.
The remaining guests are put in a pile next to the playing area - these guests start out of the game. The out-of-game guests can now be brought into the game with Unfashionably Late, while Suspicious Departure and Body Thief will add cards to the out-of-game pile.
Good or bad idea? And is it somewhere near what was intended in the first place? Please comment on this...

Regards, Artur

The guests you choose not to use in your game are put to the side and not used. They're not shuffled into the deck.

Personally, I usually play with two guests. The more guests you use, the longer and more complicated a game will be. Furthermore, by only using two, you make each game a little different. A game with Unhappy Holmes and Whiskers is going to have a different flavor than one with the Loathsome Uncle and Poor Relations. If you always end up using all of them, you don't get that variety.