Good Magic Items and Specialists for Medium-Powered Covenant

I talked about the covenant I'm designing in this thread:

At this point, I've worked out Boons and Hooks, Income, and most of the Build Points for the covenant by fleshing out the library (summae, tractatus, lab texts, with a larger number of summae than recommended for medium covenants) but I can't decide on what useful around-the-covenant enchantments the previous inhabitants would have made. There's a sort of mixture of option paralysis and questioning how useful most options even are.

Normally, since there's the whole heating and plumbing stuff going on, I'd be able to cover most of it on that, but that's already being covered as a Major Boon so it's really already being accounted for. There are defensive enchantments for sealing Chronos, but it's sort of hard to enchant defenses onto an intangible weakening in the barrier between a magical prison and the mundane world...

So basically I'm sitting here thinking of little magical trinkets to throw in. If you have anything ingenious to spend points on, that'd be great, but as it is I'll suffice for trinket ideas. They already have several of the ones described in that one part of Covenants about replacing covenfolk with items, but vanishingly few of the things listed there really apply to a treetop covenant in a Faerie forest.

Any help appreciated.

Did you look at Gwidion of Verditius' section in MoH?

I have not, as sadly I have yet to purchase that particular supplement. Thanks for the recommendation, though.

A first thought after skimming the covenant summary - a way to get around efficiently. Walking between platforms and branches is darn cool, but if you're in a rush a floating platform under the direction of the user is better. Could also be handy for moving freight.

Or make it a device which causes the branches to move and form walkways as the wielder desires. And certainly let the tree itself be used as a defensive weapon to repell attackers (swinging branch effect, or temporary sentience).