Grand Tribunal UK 2014

Just a quick invitation to join us for Grand Tribunal 2014 here in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It will be the 8th UK Grand Tribunal, and will include the usual mix of games, more games, even more games and socialising. This year the Guest of Honour will be David Chart (all the way from Japan), and we will have delegates from six countries! A number of the authors also attend, and this is a real opportunity for those who love Ars Magica to eat, drink, talk, sleep, and even play Ars with a lot of like minded people. :smiley:

The event is not expensive, and we help delegates find accommodation to suit their budgets; getting to Cheltenham is fairly straight forward and the town is a popular tourist destination, but also very safe and friendly. We particularly welcome our overseas guests, and do all we can to help them enjoy their stay. There is a Facebook group at ... 1449536238 you can "Like", and where details are posted, but the main information is at the webpage

which will be updated as the event is planned. Some useful information is already there. There is also a mailing list for those coming, with almost no email until a couple of weeks before the event, unless people ask questions about accommodation or travel when there might be 3-5 emails a week.
Subscribe by sending email to or by messaging CJ directly here. It is worth joining the list if you plan to come, and the community there can tell you what to expect better than I.

We really hope many of you will join us this year for what we hope will be the best Grand Tribunal ever! Some write ups of past events - ... l-uk-2012/ ... tion-2010/

Grand Tribunal is held by kind permission of Atlas Games. “Grand Tribunal” and the “Grand Tribunal” logo are trademarks of Trident, Inc. d/b/a Atlas Games, used with permission.[/size]

Thanks to the ManfromOuterSppace and Doogy we have made a start on a French language version of the page -
Spanish will follow soon, so I'm now looking for volunteers for a German version.

I am making the other traslation, that will be on saturday probably. And if you want, you can post it on Holocubierta ediciones's Forum when you want it.

Thanks chaps! Here is my latest update from the Yahoo mailing list

"Although the primary language of the convention is English, we have always welcomed guests from other nations, and indeed Grand Tribunal would not continue to exist without the international hordes who descend each year. This year we have started to update the website, in the hope of making the content more accessible for those for whom English is not their first language, and to assure those who would come and join us that we are genuinely delighted to host you. We are very happy to have games run in other languages, and indeed may even attempt to play in a French language game, or a German one. (I won't try Danish - my Danish is legendarily awful!) We do have Spanish, French and German speakers among the con staff (Lisa, Andrew and Becky respectively) but bear in mind I don't think any of us are exactly fluent, mainly through lack of practice.

The first versions of the main page are now live in German (still in progress) at with the Spanish pages following this weekend. We hope to get the tickets and accommodation pages translated soon, along with the venue information. While it is likely our foreign visitors English is better than mine, it is still comforting when you go to a foreign country to be certain what the website says, and not fall prey to odd local idioms, slang or typos. You want to be certain that hotel is "highly commended" and not "likely condemned" before you pay out.

We would like volunteers to do one page each in any of the above languages, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Italian, Dutch or Greek. If we have a Welsh speaker or (Irish) Gaelic speaker so much the better, we would like those too, at least the main page. I think that covers all nationalities who have so far discussed attending, but if you feel an urge to translate the pages in to Greenlandic or Samoan feel free.

This initiative is not high priority, because our visitors tend to speak English as I say very well, but we felt it important to demonstrate we are a European convention not just a UK one. Since 2007 we have always had a very significant of international visitors, and we hope to see more than ever this year."

cj x

I'll do the Danish translation, if you still want one. I don't think it'll be used much, as I don't see how any Dane can play Ars Magica (or even know about it) without understanding English. And why Norwegian - aren't those blokes coming anyway, regardless of which language the wiki may be in? :wink:

What do I do? Is it a DIY project on the Wiki, or will you send me a text to translate?

I should be there, but due to linguistic deficiencies I'll only be appearing in English.

I, as usual, will be mostly speaking rubbish.

I booked plane tickets, so it stands to reason than I'm coming again this year as well. Fixed a ride from Heathrow as well as Hotel as well - thank you Norwegians. The specific people, not the airline or anything else. And if last year is anything to go by I'll be linguistically overloaded by speaking english most of the time but Danish to the Norwegians who speak Norwegian back to me - but only when there are no non-Scandinavians around.

So, that's what, a -2 from the language score when you do that?

-1 or -3, depending on the version of norwegian I believe?

To tell you the truth I really can't tell the difference, it all sounds like singing to me. Unless I'm mistaken there were representatives from both the southern part of Norway as well as the far north.

Main difference to me whether they were speaking to me or speaking among themselves. The latter is significantly more difficult to follow.

For some reason the number of pints ingested by either side of the verbal exchange did not seem to be a factor.

I shall practice. It is very important to greet Danes properly. I advise the following phease to be said to danes on arrival that will be appreciated. It is warm words of welcome in our tongue. Just say...

Tag Deres bukser ned. Jeg vil gerne have en prøve af Deres afføring. Du har hæmorroider.

CJ! That's very rude!
"Tag venligst Deres bukser ned. Jeg vil gerne have en prøve af Deres afføring. De har hæmorroider." :wink:

It's been 23 years since I was last in Danmark and I left when I was six. I'm not very good these days! Tak! :smiley:

Tellus is right, such a phrase certainly needs the use of the more formal word "De" (you) rather than "Du".
Nice use of the Danish letter "æ" though, do you have a keyboard shortcut for such an important character?

BTW I think this thread has degenerated into a load of awful nonsense. Can someone please pull it back into serious business?

Ok who is coming this year? I shall hopefully be there...

Certainly i will, we talked about that. I am going to get the budget and the transport.

We hope so CJ. And do you seriously want me to do a Danish translation of the page?

I'm coming as well. Transport and hotel is in order now. Maybe I should get an admission ticket?

I'll be there. Hotel and admission ticket booked, so I just need to sort out flights.

I will speak Japanese as much as possible.

In that case I hope you come with subtitles. Unless you plan to repeatedly count to 10 in Japanese I'm unlikely to understand it.

CJ: How do I buy tickets to the GT itself? Is it just me or is the wiki page not quite clear on how to sign up and pay?