Grand Tribunal UK/US Ars mini-con update

Just a quick reminder for those who may not have seen this before. Grand Tribunal UK is now reaching the "almost full" level and as it will probably not be an annual event in future, owing to all the work that goes in to organising it, I want to encourage as many of you as possible to attend, especially as tis year we have Line Editor David Chart at the uK event, and Erik Dahl is putting together an awesome event for Berkelye California for the same weekend.

Feedback is always useful - if you are coming, please say hi here, and if not suggest how we could make it more attractive to you!

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This years Grand Tribunal takes place on August 15th/16th 2008 in Cheltenham, England. The main events are on Saturday 16th but many delegates choose to arrive on the Friday night to cram as much in to the weekend as possible! The News page provides updates on how plans are progressing.

Plans are also in progress for a USA event, Grand Tribunal-California. We will be keeping you updated and that section fo this wiki will have full details for those who can't cross the Atlantic this year!

Grand Tribunal is a roleplaying game convention dedicated to Atlas Games RPG of magic in the middle ages, Ars Magica.

Mark Shirley made this for last years event!

The cost this year for an advance ticket for the whole convention is £8 - this is the early bargain rate, as we need to raise money to book venues now, so appreciate your early support. Email CJ for early payment options.

Check the News page for details of how the planning is developing. The first draft of the Schedule is now up.

Guest of Honour this year is David Chart, Line Editor, and we have confirmed Special Guests Neil Taylor,Sheila Thomas, Mark Shirley and Mark Lawford. More to follow!

Sadly Erik Dahl will not be with us this year, but he is hoping to host Grand Tribunal-California for those who can not make the UK this year. Further details to follow.

If you wish further details do not hesitate to contact
On signing up for the event you will be initiated in to the Mystery of the Yahoogroup, wherein the inner mysteries are discussed, and people thrash out lifts, flights and accomodation.

More content to follow shortly. Thanks to Pitt Murmann for setting up the wiki again! He is an invaluable part of our staff and his efforts are greatly appreciated. If you wish to add edit the wiki see Editing the Wiki for a guide.

Grand Tribunal is held by kind permission of Atlas Games. "Grand Tribunal" and the "Grand Tribunal" logo are trademarks of Trident, Inc. d/b/a Atlas Games, used with permission. Grand Tribunal is Atlas Games excellent board game of magic!

I'll be there. Last year's was a highly enjoyable event and I expect this one will be as good. Very much looking forward to it!

Finally it seems I will be going outside mythic europe at the time :frowning: My Rego Corpus is not strong enough to teleport to the tribunal, so I must decline the invitation. I shall give my voting sigil to an other magus attending the event. have fun (and solve load sof legal stuff) you all!



Sadly, there's no way in Mythic Europe (or otherwise) I'll be able to make it, so I'll likewise be forwarding a sigil in spirit...

BTW, any chance your webmaster/wiki guru can add an RSS feed to the site?

It makes it a lot easier to keep track of the progress IMO - I use it to keep track of the Ars Magica postings on the Atlas Forums and I find it much easier to skim through posts as if they were email than having to remember to check the Forums on a regular basis...

Just a thought.



I should hope you will be there! - you are a Special Guest, according to CJ!.

And yes, I'll be there for much the same reason...

That's an interesting idea. I'll see to it.

Many thanks to Pitt! We now have an RRS feed for interested parties!

cj x

With under a month to go till the event, a quick reminder. We still have spaces, and this is one convention no Ars fan should miss! Also a change of email for me - owing to continued problems with my blueyonder account, my email is now

cj x

Just sent off my email asking for booking info - I should hopefully get to meet some of you guys soon...

Excellent Brutus - hope you got my reply ok?

cj x

I'll be attending the California convention.

I was wondering... what is going to actually occur? While I've been playing RPGs for over 25 years, I've never been to a con.


There will be lots of small 4-6+ player games, a raffle for Ars Magica books and other cool stuff, and a lot of discussion and hanging out, getting to know each other the first night. So far we have about 15 attendees, which might be enough to run a freeform live-action game with all of us, and I have Fallen Fane prepared just in case, but more likely we'll have more fun splitting into groups and playing smaller games.

Did anyone write up what last year's Grand Tribunal was like anywhere?

Is the idea to come with pre-generated characters, ready to run?

Do you have your storytellers lined up?

I for one will NOT be able to run a game.... to much going on in non-mythic work right now....


If you bring pregenerated characters, the storyguides may or may not allow them in their games. They probably will, because it's not like a weird character will dominate the whole saga that much. Many of the adventures I have run or played in had pregenerated characters. But Mark Shirley ran a game where we all just took characters out of the front of the ArM5 book.

Several folks have volunteered to run things, but it's kind of casual. If anyone wants to run something, there will probably be players for it. I have several things I can run, I think Niall is preparing something, and I seem to recall John had something he could run too. Plus I can pass any of mine to other players, if someone wants something fun to host.

Thanks. I was wondering what was expected. Don't want to show up empty handed if I'm supposed to have a character or two.

Looking forward to the con!


For one, there's CJ's report in this thread. Another source of nostalgia is Neil's article in Sub Rosa Magazine issue #2, also featuring the beautifully painted lineup of some of the participants.

Most entertaining CJ! Thanks for posting that. My excitement mounts for the California tribunal meeting......

There, I'm all booked. :smiley:

Excellent! Well It's next weekend, so any last minute bookings? :slight_smile:

I have updated the wiki schedule with the first few games planned...

cj x

I am not sure how many delegates here in the UK, but indian food, pubs, David Chart spoke, Sivier gave a paper on flying ships and CJ was flustered and slightly drunk. Going well but no revealtions so far! :slight_smile:

Hope all is going well in CAlifornia too!

cj x