Greetings + Map Question

Hey, everyone! New Magical Kitties GM here. :slight_smile:

First of all, I just got this game for Christmas and am LOVING IT already! I'm a longtime D&D/other RPGs player, and my daughters got me this game thinking it was cute and funny. Little did they know I'd open it up and actually fall in love with it.

We start our very first scene this coming Friday night!

Although I definitely understand this game isn't designed to require the use of maps and miniatures (another plus), I am interested in playtesting standard RPG map environments with miniatures to see if it's viable for our household games. My daughters play D&D as well, and they might really think it's fun to play with maps and minis. I doubt I will do a full transition to maps and minis and will likely prefer to keep it strictly audible storytelling and gaming, I do at least want to test it.

So my question is: Does anyone know where I could get some tabletop maps that would fit a "modern urban" environment like River City?

All the maps I find are either fantasy, sci-fi, or apocalyptic in some way. It'd be nice to find standard RPG grid maps with scenes like a regular neighborhood street, an alleyway, a shopping mall, etc.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

I think all I've ever seen are the fantasy maps. You may be able to put together a DYI map by grabbing street maps off of Google Maps or the like and using a clear grid overlay (example: CZYY Acrylic Game Mat ) I've also been trying to collect maps that business districts put out, since they have points of interest labeled, but those maps are typically small and the grid overlay wouldn't work.

Hey, that's definitely a good start, Tammy! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey, just this morning I came across this seller on DriveThruRPG who is selling pdf map packs of urban buildings. It looks like he may have some of the stuff you are looking for. It seems like most of the packs include a "modern city" version of the maps. I saw an urban square map pack and a city park map pack as well as specific buildings, some which looked suitable for Magical Kitties Games - high school, library, mall, etc. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a preview option on his products, so don't know how good the maps are. - KidneyBoy - The Largest RPG Download Store!

That is AWESOME, Tammy! Thank you!

I'm definitely going to look into this. We never found a solution!