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Just saying , i think a 12 year old is a better fit as a lab assistant than a 10 year old.
I know Reckless is a minor personality trait , so lab explosions are unlikely.
Most magi are not powerhouses of strength and dextrous as a theremin player.
But -02 in both would seem to be a bit of a drawback.

The reason her stats are so low atm is because at age 10, you take a -2 to all Characteristics (chart on p. 29). In about four years, she'll have Int +4 and Sta +1, with zeroes across the board on the others.

Ditto on the size...she's a child, so she's going to be significantly smaller than an adult. (I have her adult height/weight at 5'4"/163 cm and 130 pounds/59 kg)

I figured she would have been about eight or nine when she was apprenticed, have studied for just a couple of seasons, maybe a year tops before her master was lost at the Battle of Las Navas last year.

I might. This is a first draft, and first drafts never see the light of day.

This is pretty much what I had envisioned.


"Thats right Claudia , your Master hated you so much , he destroyed your Gift before he died."
"You aren't pretty or rich so no-one will love you , being clever wont get you a decent husband."
"The Church will torture you to learn the secrets of the Order , so you can never leave."
"You might have some use if your children are Gifted."

From a tractatus on 101 things not to say to your valued lab assistant.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Ravenscroft, that's awesome!

Yup, sounds perfectly logical and reasonnable to me.

About hyperborean descent, it's value will be determined by the pace and theme of the saga. But whatever those, if you like it, take it! :smiley:

None of my Sod_Ales have any fashion sense whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue:
(I mean , just look at those drab and tawdry off-the-rack outfits)

Therefore , Serrano will confine his efforts to garbing the Grogs in resplendent finery.
At no cost!
Sure , armor would be nice , and i think i can weave mail , with the right spell.
Not sure if any Sumptuary Law is in effect.
If so , it may only apply to non-Christians.

Okay, so here's my stream-of-consciousness on where Maria come from.

I was thinking, Okay, Cygna is traveling from England to Castile kinda the long but easier way, going water as much as possible 'cause that's how she rolls. But she doesn't speak Spanish. Nor does Terrence, nor Celestia. Hunh. And odds are that neither of the shield grogs that Riversedge sent with her to get her there safely and then come back do either. Wait a have an established (narrative) character who's Spanish. I had almost forgotten about her.

I kinda liked Maria...wonder if I should keep her or not? le browse the forum Whoa...the old geezers have absolutely no clue how to do guard duty. Kinda reminds me of the guy at the bank on The Andy Griffith Show who was like 102. Yeah...Maria sees that, she's going to want to stay. But why, in-character? If she had nothing to live for back in England maybe. le think okay...the incident was in 1179. She'd be in her late 50s now? No, wait...we're only in 1213. That' wait, Riversedge was founded in 1179...add 12 for when the imp thing happened, that's 1191 from 1213 that's 22, so, yeah, she can be like 38 or it 39, what the heck? le tinker with MetaCreator Okay, that works. Hope they let me keep her without making me pay points for her...should be able to since I don't think you pay points for actual characters. Okay, let's run it up the flagpole and see what happens, make sure they don't have a problem with her before I put her on the wiki.

Yeah...can you tell I'm tired and been reading too much Memebase lately? Night, everybody.

No, normally yu don't, although I see this as a kind of loophole "let us design all sort of wonderful specialists and über teacher without paying for it!".
I'm not sure Martial abilities alone are included in the list, so if it is a problem, just drop teaching.

But anyway, as I paid for things I wasn't supposed to, I guess the 2 even out :wink:

She looks fun, btw :smiley:

Just wanted to double-check something on the Jewish Inhabitants page before I made any corrections.

On the entry for Noland (Naomi) Sepharad...I'm assuming from the name that Noland Sepharad the blacksmith, whom everyone assumes is a guy, is actually Naomi Sepharad, a chick? (i.e. has the Transvestite Flaw). I'm pretty sure he is, just wanted to make sure because there's both pronouns in the entry and I have this urge to change one or the other. I'm pretty sure this is the case, but better safe than sorry...don't want to start an edit war :smiley:

You are correct. I have already conceded this pronoun-editing war to chicoazian.

Yah, sorry. Unless anyone wants to take over and covert him/her into a companion or actual statted out grog, that's the idea I had when I created her. With my original idea, she's secretly in love with Fati. Fati knows she's female, but refuses to marry her because she's a Jew. If anyone chooses to pick her up and would prefer NOT having her be a transvestite, then he's just Noland, a really good buddy of Fati's.

Nah, s/he's stat'd out as much as we need, but the wiki isn't a place to keep up secrets and pretenses. Next time I edit that page, I'll mark her as a transvestite.

No, I like it!!! :smiley: Keep it up!

Would I be correct in assuming that Captain Abdul speaks some least enough to be able to communicate with his Castilian troops?

Yes. At least 3's in Castilian and Latin, maybe even a 4 in Castilian, considering how long he's been out here. And a smattering of pretty much every language along the Mediterranean. The Saladin Malmut army conquered everywhere, but the Muslims were extremely tolerant, much more so than the Crusades that followed. Many Jewish communities actually prospered more under Saladin's rule than under the Roman Catholic Church's demenses. Even Christians (well, those not put to the knife) did well, although not as well as those of other religious persuasions. His primary is of course Arabic though, and prefers the musical cadence of it to everyone else's barbarian tongue. :slight_smile:

So would that be Well Traveled or Linguist?

Not that he needs a character sheet, just thinking out loud.

Due to Viscaria's interest in the Confraternity of Samos, she needs to learn Music 1 before she can advance to the next circle, so I am wondering if any of our Teachers play music.

Not like any of her sodales are musically inclined or anything. :stuck_out_tongue: Didn't see anything in the Teaching Ability description that says what level you have to have of an ability before you can teach it. So...hmmm....ponders

page 164

Ah. Got it. Thanks. Off to the practice-orium!

I guess the idea of a magi spending his season gaining Exposure xp to Teaching seemed waseful to me. ~shrug~

Fati can actually teach how to Teach. If you approach him with the idea he'll probably blink a couple of times in surprise, but he has the stats for it and could do it. Quality 18 one on one, Quality 15 if teaching two people, quality 12 if a "class", same as if he was teaching Single Weapon.