grogs of bentalone

My understanding was the whole discussion about playing Gerard’s sons came about as he offered them to help on the vis source hunt story Alienor was proposing so that would be a story opportunity if we go ahead with that story. That said, that story idea seems like it may have gotten lost in the discussion and I’m not sure that I was gonna push it.

That, I am sure, is your choice. If you want the story for your maga, you have to push it. Sooner, rather than later. Otherwise, it is rather unlikely to happen. Playing a seven-year old, I am not going to push it I think.

Or maybe. «Daddy, daddy! When will you take us vis hunting again? We never go. All the other wizard's kids do.»

Something like that :smiley: But the vis hunt morphed into the Paris trip, and Gerard ended up not going.

In terms of design phase, I think they are approved, though they need to add Covenant Upbringing and a virtue to match. @silveroak can you confirm?

Part of the reason their stats are flat is that Gerard has made sure their minds and bodies are both fit; also when I built them I was having a change of mind, that flat stats are actually better than extreme (IMO). Plus I didn't want to make them too predetermined in role. (Though from the ages of 6-10 they are going to get trained in fighting - though I assume that will just be "15 xp/year" rather than going through actual seasons of training.

I agree that there are many good reasons to make them the way they are. As active player characters, however, they have few quirks to roleplay on ...

yes, they need to add covenant upbringing and a matching virtue

Due to the popular demand for a teacher, I have made Francis. Could he meet or find Jerome, and see in him a possible escape route from the city?

Francis is approved- should the meeting be arranged by way of Mr. Gardner or some other method (for example, perhaps he is offered an introduction to Mireilla if he is looking to sneak out of town quickly...)

Anything is possible. Jerome might meet him by chance in a tavern attracting scholars, possibly a month or two before Francis needs to flee. Francis might have hear rumour about the scholar from the South, and desperately seek him out for an opportunity out of town. Mr Gardner might splice them. Similarly, Mireilla might make the chance encounter. Whatever you find most appropriate.

@silveroak am I right in thinking that the boys should have a virtue to gain access to martial abilities, rather than spelling out their seasons in specificity and not needing any virtue, between 5 and whenever they become apprentices? I was thinking Turb Trained can fit; Covenant Upbringing makes equal or better sense, but Gerard is having them taught to fight, so then they'd need Warrior too.

Not if they enter game in 1198 and learn martial in game. They are too young to take xp granting virtues anyway.

Maybe? I don't want to make assumptions about how Silveroak wants to handle this. Things he's said before imply that he wants virtues for anything pre-apprenticeship.

once they are in the game they can learn anything they are taught, no need for virtues (unless it is supernatural, etc.)

ok, cool.

Are they considered in game starting Spring 1198? Or only from when they first actively take part in a story?

  1. While they did not in fact enter play they were available for anyone to bring to the table at dinner...

Will you create a thread for Jaufres? I reckon @Plot_Device and I have to agree on the 7-8 seasons before the vis hunt. Not sure what to do with the other twin ...

If all else fails, he's a natural shield grog for Jaufres.

Gerard will hook him up with a LR.

Sure. I was more referring to whether he would be managed together with Jaufres or separately. Anyway, I split out Jaufres' sheet in its own page.

Question, @silveroak/@Plot_Device, the twins have 15xp from early childhood in Latin. Is that right? It is not kosher by RAW, but does make sense nevertheless.

Question, @silveroak, does Apt Student apply to training as well as teaching or only to teaching?

They are supposed to have covenant upbringing per silveroak, I left it off because I didn't know what virtue to take

I added it. For Jaufres, I'll correct the balance on the first chance to add/swap virtues and flaws; when he is eight, I think.