grogs of bentalone

by apprentices they may have Latin up to 3 since it is an ability their parents use routinely they may have it up to 1/2 (round up) the level of their parent.

You missed the other question in the same post, @silveroak

yes it does

Hey loke! Was looking at Francis, as I was going to create a Teacher from the Church, one of the poor ones excommunicated by the good Brother, and did not want to duplicate skills, but noticed he has 4 Com, but no Great Com? Is there something I am missing?

You are right. I must have forgotten to correct the Com. I suddenly realised that Baccaleurus requires another virtue to get access to academic abilities, so then great com went in favour of educated.

I had mixed up seasons, so I have changed Winter'99 to make use of Francis - assuming he becomes available.

I have added seasons up to Summer 1200 inclusive, assuming the vis hunt is in Autumn. If it is not, I reckon they be taught Artes Liberales.

I was thinking to have both stories in one season (winter) as hunting vis on the way to tribunal. But I don't mind being outvoted.

We don't need more vis that bad, I'm assuming it's just an excuse to do a story, right?

Timing. The boy is impatient, and the father decides. The boy does not have a clue as to how either, so you end up with the responsibility here; I am sorry. If you follow up on a rumour or gossip, the location may not be compatible with the tribunal. I do not object either way, but I want to hear @silveroak before I trust the decision to be final.

It is not really an excuse ... it is just me trying to blow some life into Jaufres ...

Need. I'd say yes, the sources are low for the long game. I think we are likely to spend more than we harvest quite soon. But I was not the one who brought it up originally.

No worries. I was just assuming a vis hunt is wandering around with magical senses active and hoping. If there's a more refined way, then yeah, maybe we won't be able to combine.

The more refined way pretty much relies on Gerard's wits and creativity ...

I would be interested in taking on the other twin as a gifted child the issue being that Alienor would like to go on the vis hunt and to the tribunal so was just figuring his gift manifests later if you’d lie me to begin shifting him to his own wiki page I can do that sooner rather than later.

I reckon they are going to do mirror advancement, partly by their father's design and partly because they depend on each other. Are you happy with what I have proposed, @dc444?

Whatever works for you is fine.

I took another look and now I see what you mean, only one big Vim source is not good enough.

I can't seem to find their page. I know I saw it before when they were only advanced to age 5 can you link it or tell me where it's linked from on the wiki?

Guillhelm will be along as npc anyway. Did Alienor have a vis-finding plan? As a player, I don't know what to do other than wander around or use divination. It's not about Gerard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rolling Magic Lore, Area Lore, or similar things can get inklings of where to look then, once you have an area to search, Magic Sensitivity and the like would be quite useful for finding the actual source so before we were going to do this the last time we were supposed to roll AL or Magic Lore. I would assume Faerie Lore might be helpful too if you're passing through a faerie aura.

Assuming Guillhelme's gift hasn't appeared I assume he would not be able to be taught Figurine Magic so that season would have to be something else but other than that I am fine with that advancement.

They do not study the magic, only the craft.