grogs of thermakopolis

Palaeologos currently is listed with 6 points in attributes on the wiki, though the linked google doc has 7.

Fixed that. One further thing needed for him is I need the Living Condition mod for Thermakopolis so I can make his aging rolls.

he has +1 from it being a summer covenant

Backstory on the "warrior-poet" is that his parent worked for the covenant but as a teenager his facility with spoken language was noticed by one of the magi planning to go travelling for an extended period, 10-ish years. The Poet thing came up from watching Troubadours in Toulouse and wanting to bring this amazing cultural artifact home with him. He is not going to be a particularly good poet. Sites he's definitely been and will have some area lores, covenant lores, and languages from:
-Provencal (Checked the dates, significantly before the Albigensian crusades so had to change the concept from a mercenary to someone travelling with a Magus)
-Valnastium (Is it cool if I learn their dialect of Romansch that's super close to Latin? I'm fins if not)

Those are all I'm definite about, if you have other suggestions for travelling with a wandering Jerbiton spending a year or two in many locations over 10 years please let me know.

Michael Trovadoúros has a backstory now, see his wiki page.

he seems to be 11 points short of his age- it looks like there are some discrepancies in calculating the affinity between your spreadsheet and mine: I have byzantine Greek costing 20 points (up to level 5 is free), and I have occitain at 34 points instead of 40... 40 points would give him level 4(10) rather than just level 4.

Not my sheet, my mind... I have a character with Linguist in another game and with linguist 40 makes level 4 so that's what I entered forgetting to check if I could go lower. But that only accounts for 6 pts so I'll try and track down the other 5.

I also have only 20 "real xp" in Byz Greek. The way the sheet works I would rather use the xp method but the xp I gave myself is only 50 instead of the 75 necessary for most characters to reach level 5.

apparently I missed alertness, so it's just 6

So that's it, Just need to spend those 6 points...


I put them into Craft: Poetry, doesn't raise my score but still more useful there than them hanging out in Occitan, which I will likely never use or have a chance to improve outside of teaching it.

Michael is approved

You know, on second thought I'd like to move those 6xp back... with that he might eventually get a score of 5 by teaching Provencal. If that's not cool let me know.

that is fine

Elpidios has 2 issues- 1st he is 10 points short of his listed age, second you have him with a 'covenant raised' background which doesn't fit the background of the character as written...

He is in work in progress. Not ready to be revised yet. I used another grog template I have saved in a word document to edit. Thinks why he has such issues. Will try to correct them in brief.

EDIT: Spyros (new name since we already have another Elpidia) is ready for review

I assume spyridon is ok?

There is not even aa page to look at for Spyridon to be approved... I click on it and it comes up with asking me if I want to make a page...

I think it is here, under Spyridon's old name:

Just needs a name change.

no, it needs to be relinked, because when you put the link in on the grogs page you didn't alias it, so now you have an orphan page...