Gruagachan: Conversation Range

Can a gruagach affect himself at Conversation range? How about Voice? Or is he absolutely unable to cast Blessing and Curse spells on himself?

Well a magus can affect himself with a Voice range spell, if he wishes, so I don't see why a gruagach couldn't.

Well, to some degree it would make sense that you can't bless or curse yourself. :wink: (Especially considering that these Forms specifically lack a Personal range.)

It's explicitly states that Gruagachan are unable to Bless themselves except via Tattoo Magic (serf's parma as to the page reference).

I can't see any reason he couldn't Curse himself though I'm also not sure why he'd want to...

Found it: "A gruagach may never cast a Give Blessing on himself." (HM, p.66)

Well, it's still relevant for Take Curse spells.

Just so. That should settle that.

There's no reason why this couldn't be done at R: Conversation.
Don't you ever talk to yourself? :wink: