Hagar qim horrible?

This expedition finds the region around Hagar qui empty of any signs of human habitation, until they arrive at the site itself. The aura is roughly circular, 200 feet in diameter, and about half this area is taken up by an ancient structure, roughly 15yds by 15 yrds which is the level 10 aura with ruins of walls surrounding it that may have been other buildings in the same town or complex, where the aura drops to 6. The entire place is located 1500 ft from the ocean, where the blue grotto is just down the coast, 2000 ft from the ruins, with it's cave system of unknown size and an aura of 5.

Henri pipes up "hard to ask questions of folks around here."

Garcin is fine with that. "Unless we get jumped by feral rabbits, I guess I get the day off." He finds a rock to sun himself on and admires the stunningly gorgeous sea view. "Nice day for a swim?" he asks, hopeful.

one more detail that would have been recognized earlier- the aura is aspected towards intelligo or divination magic.

Just...wow. I had to read up on aspected auras, and this just seems stunning. I suppose the magi should check the other spots for aspects.

I just assume that there are some hidden problems. My gut feel is that this is a resource we want to be able to take advantage of, but not the place to put the covenant. Of course, I presume each possible location has some "interesting" hidden problems.

I will point out these are first impressions- you haven't actually explored the ancient building etc...

(good point). Henri looks around again. "Since we can't ask anyone here, I guess we go see what the building tells us." And with that, somewhat hesitantly, the small man walks forward towards the building.

I guess Garcin will actually do his duty, and accompany Henri. Sigh, that rock was very warm.

On the plus side, Intellego spells to look for stuff just got REALLY easy to cast.

You approach the house of standing stones, and sunlight pours in the doorway on the southern side. Right inside the doorway you spot a bundle of sailcloth and stacks of what look to be very large arrows, the size of a man's leg.

Garcin motions everyone to be silent and not move. Sailcloth plus ballista bolts plus an isolated, possibly cursed area spells pirates. Likely moored down in the caves. He listens intently for any sign that they are not alone, for he fears imminent ambush.

rolling perception plus alertness:
you do not hear the sounds of anyone else around.

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The sun is shinning bright in the clear sky and while the trip to Hagar Qim was uneventful, it was still somewhat tiring, and never has a swim in the ocean has been this tempting to Antonius. He respond while laughing to to Garcin and Henri :

" Garcin don't worry! All the caravan knows to be mindful of rabbit since that incident in Caerbannog...." An akward moment follow, as the caravan is no more.

"Well, Henri it would be a shame not to go for a swin when we are done investigating these ruins indeed."

As he says that, the two grogs discovers the harpoon and suddently, everyone gets more serious.

"Pirates ? It would appear so. Maybe fishermen... but they would need to catch large fishes to put these to use. Let me protect you against swords and knives. If there are pirates nearby, we will need to be extra careful."

Antonius then spontaneously cast the a ReTe to protect them against metal weapons. He then proceeds to investigate the presence of vis and regios in the temple ruins and in the vicinity.

ReTe 20: Base 2 (R: +1 Touch, D: +2 sun, T: Ind) +2 metal, +1 complexity of excluding the carried weapons. Deflect one blow that the target is aware of per combat round)

He finds no vis present, which with the bonus from the aura is effectively a guarantee there is none. he detects no region either, though this may just mean none which are accessible now...

"master, would you be so kind as to check if there are in fact pirates present? Or shall I scout ahead. Regardless, I suggest Henri keep an eye out for anyone coming up from below. Just a thought, but a ship and it's outfittings could bring a pretty penny in Palermo. And so could slaves, unless we wanted to milk the gratitude of freedom. Think you have what it takes to back me up?"

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Antonius turn his head towards Garcin, visibly irritated:

"Never mention selling slaves against in my presence, unless you would like spending the rest of your life as one. Do to others as you would have them do to you."

The mage spends a few seconds to regain composure and then continues:

"We are done here, let's see what is hidden in the grottos"

Pointing at Garcin:

"Lead the way"

Garcin blanches when Antonius turns his dire gaze fully upon him, and deciding that disturbing a ship full of pirates is safer than angering Antonius, he turns and heads toward the cliffs.

You find a winding path, if one is being generous, down to the caves, and a short ways in you find a sort of makeshift dock which is thankfully empty, and remnants of an old cook fire above the high tide lines.