Hearing and voice, translucent and sight

I understand you need to perceive a target to affect it, except with Intellego right?

So say I have a noisy animal, say a boar, rooting around in my garden.
I get up and look out, but I can't directly see it, I can hear it, smell it and I know where it is, say to within a half metre.

Can I affect it with a voice range spell?

Would it make a difference if I knew which bush it was in, by the shaking of the bush?

Say the same boar is trapped in a block of ice, but I can clearly see it through the ice, can I affect it with sight range?

You need to sense the animal to affect it with a R: Voice spell (ArM5 p.80 The Limit of Arcane Connection). This does not imply that you need to see it: see TMRE p.94f New Range: Line for an instructive example.

So if you can locate it by hearing, by seeing plants move at its location, or by seeing it through a block of ice, you can always affect it with R: Voice spells. But if a spell has R: Sight, you need to see the animal to affect it with that spell.


Thanks, that clears it up.