Help finding an Ars group, or advertising one!


Where in Virginia are you? I am in Wiliamsburg and would like to get back into playing. Also Mad Irishman is in Northern VA and was looking for a group.

I am also in Williamsburg, not far off from colonial williamsburg...

Would you like to meet up at groovey gecko's sometime and see what we can come up with?


Would love to. My schedule is crazy right now (new home, new baby and lots of work). But we can make plans. Do you live over near Monticello or the gradplex?

over on merrimac.
Send a message to me here as to what times/days would be good for you and we'll narrow down a time to meet and work out some scheduling.

I moved to South London recently, new job and all that. Looking to hook up with ArM 5th players in the area. Either to join a group or start one up.

(as i'm not sure everyone goes to the "GM looking for players" section, neither the "players looking for GM" section, i think it's good to say, i, as SG, search for players... read here.

Okay, I've recently moved to Louisville Kentucky. Which puts me far to far away from my friends I was playing with in Williamsburg Virginia (hi guys).
Does anyone know of an Ars magica group in Louisville that would be willing to take on another player short term. (I'm leaving in february or march of 2011).


In the unlikely event that there are any Aussies in NSW reading the Forum.
I have a monthly Ars Magica game at Good Games in Burwood.
Would be happy to run more often if i could get extra players.

Hello there!

Any games in the newport news/williamsburg area?

Looking for an Ars Magica group in Metro area, Minnesota. I just realized that Atlas is here... fitting since I bought 2nd edition Ars at the Source so many years ago. Regardless, I'm interested in a good group of mature players. I am definitely intrigued by Troupe style since I am the primary GM for my TT group (non-Ars). So I would be open to being a Beta SG but am really interested in playing.

Work regular hours M-F. Available weekend days (some nights depending on frequency) and weekday nights.


I'm in East London (Beckton) - did you ever start a game?


Hey, I just moved to Berkeley(CA). Any troupes here in the Bay Area interested in another player?


Hey guys, we're seeking players in the Muncie / East Central Indiana area.

I have one or two open spots in my new Saga.

We meet in Riverside, CA but have a player commuting from LA, so carpooling is workable. Once a month on a Saturday chosen by players.

You can email me direct at

Hi all!

I'm looking for players and/or an GM for a saga of ArM5 in Berlin/Germany. Just PM me if you're around this area!


Hi all!

I'm looking for players and/or an GM for a saga of ArM5 in Berlin/Germany. Just PM me if you're around this area!


Is anyone playing Ars (or any other RPG) in Düsseldorf, Germany?

I'm looking for a new group! :slight_smile:

I am looking for a game in the Metro Detroit, MI area. I would also be interested in playing an online game over Skype/Vtt/Roll20/Google+/Inferno or the like.

I am not interested in a PbP at this time, as I have had back luck with them in the past and don't like the pace.

I only have a little bit of experience with the game, but have many of the books.


Anyone have a spot in an online game or happen to be in the Detroit, MI vicinity? I am preferably looking for a Skype/roll 20/inferno/Vtt type online game and not a Play by post.


I'm not sure what the hit rate is on this thread, but here goes...

Come the new year, I intend to start a brand new saga. Setting and theme to be determined, but I'm anticipating it being fairly briskly-paced with plenty of opportunity for players to develop their characters with Mysteries, Integrations, Research, and all that good stuff if they want to.

The intention is to play weekly and I am based in Eastbourne, Sussex, in the UK.

Send me a DM if you're interested.